The Best Dancers for K-pop

Vote here!!. Who the best dancers for k-pop Entertainment. ..
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1 Kim Hyun-joong

KHJ is a very talented dancer. Watch his dance in As before and Please (he show his talent of actor and dancer in it), Breakdown and Unbreakable (he is great), Kiss kiss, Lucky Guy (a little musical and the difficulties of the dance in it), etc...

2 Shinee Shinee is a South Korean boy band formed by SM Entertainment in 2008. The group is composed of four members: Onew, Key, Minho, and Taemin. Originally a five-piece group, vocalist Jonghyun died in December 2017.

Their choreography is really one-of-a-kind. They are always in sync and the movements of a member always compliments the movements of another member. Taemin especially is one heck of a dancing machine. Key is also a very impressive dancer (#1 girl group dancer! ). Their dances also have good variety, from spontaneous and fluid dances like Juliette to more complicated and technical like Lucifer to the "shadow" effect dance in Sherlock. Their dance in Dream Girl with the microphone stands is also amazing!
Also, despite this intense and difficult choreography, SHINee still manages to sound amazing during their performances which really shows how hard they work to sing well while dancing like there's no tomorrow. Other groups also have some relatively intricate dances, but I find that those groups often lack in vocals and attempt to cover up what they lack in dance. SHINee has the best of both worlds!

SHINee has great dancing spirit and energy .they always enlighten up the stage with their moves specially LEE TAEMIN who is the best dancer in kpop industry SHINee never fails to pull a great surprise for their fans and always masters hardest cherography

SHINee's Choreography is amazing as it is complicated. But Nevertheless SHINee manages to pull it off smoothly even if a member isn't present. They're dancing is really unique, going from smooth dances (like Replay, Juliet) to extremely complicated and electric dances (like Lucifer, RDD, Sherlock).
One does not simply talk about best dancers without dragging Taemin into it. He is without a doubt SHINee's ultimate dancing machine. While the other members aren't as good as Taemin at dancing, they're still pretty damn amazing. Even with all the complicated moves and fast beats they still manage to dance without screwing up.
LIVE PERFORMANCES - It's really hard to sing perfectly while dancing. Specially with Lucifer like dances. But once again, SHINee shows their amazing Vocal abilities.

To be honest, Super Junior has good dancers, but compared to SHINee, their dances are really simple. Suju's dances are really good since their in sync, but once you look at the moves, they're pretty simple moves. SHINee's dances involve more body movement and are REALLY difficult. What I think makes them the best dancers in SM is how all of them are in sync while doing impressive dance moves. Their dance for Sherlock won best male group dance of the year at MAMA 2012, and was one of the most complicated dances they've done.

3 Girl's Generation/ SNSD

SNSD may not be the best dancers, but they have talent. It is very clear that in their dance they give 100%. The 9-member South Korean girl group tries to make their dances in sync, beat, and together with so many members that have to keep up with each other. They do their best in every performance to make their fans happy, and that's all that matters. ~SONE

Though their dancing skills are not much showed in their singles, they're really good. Especially in Paparazzi. They really showed their real ability.

! Some members of SNSD is talented with dance example our powerful dancin! G queen Hyoyoen, sexiest dancer Yuri, also our perfect dance! R Yoona they three for me is really petfect if they be one life!

They are remarkable every song or choreography become a trend immediately

4 Super Junior/ SuJu

Super Junior are always the best, each band has about 5-7 members but super junior are 13, controlling 13 members to dance at the same second is much harder to control 5-7 members, and its also hard to get all 13 members to practice dancing in the dancing studio. In all of these super junior are the best.

They're very amazing. It's impossible. But if you really search about their song. You will find all of music genre. Super Junior can sing that live! All of music genre god! They're real king and real legend. With dance of course

I love the power & aggression in their dancing, & especially how they can co-ordinate an amazing dance with so many members.

I know all and I almost memorized it. Her dance is very cool and great, I love it. I also really like the song

5 2pm

2PM is Beast when it comes to Dancing! You know why? They are always doing their best and stepping up to the stage when they don't feel good! I love them just as they are!

6 After school After School, stylized as AFTERSCHOOL in Japan, is a South Korean girl group formed by Pledis Entertainment with an admissions and graduation concept.

After school with kahii means, no kahi no the queen, koreo not too good

7 Miss A Miss A, stylized as miss A, is a South Korean-Chinese girl group based in South Korea formed by JYP Entertainment in 2010. Their group name stands for Miss Asia and the highest rank, A.The group consists of three members: Fei, Min, and Suzy.

Miss A is a great kpop group especially to dancing like their main dancer Min and also to Jia and Fei. Suzy, well Suzy is a good dancer yet she is lack in fire on dance stage unlike the other three. But I know Suzy will improve just how Dara of 2ne1 dances now.

I love Miss A because they are very talented in dancing and singing at the same time and most of all I love all their beauty especially Suzy, she is very petty in every circumstances.

Strongest of all girl groups. The rest are just dancing sexy but lacking the oomph

I love miss a and they're the best dancers in kpop

8 BigBang Big Bang is a South Korean boy band formed by YG Entertainment. The group consists of 4 members: G-Dragon, T.O.P, Taeyang, and Daesung.

Big Bang doesn't just dance. They dance in style. Most of the group like to sync their dance move and it would be very boring if all the group did that so I think big bang is really different and unique. Their comeback this year is really good hope everyone enjoy Bigbang's song and become a VIP like us!
VIPs, YG jjang

BIGBANG's dance move is not famous at all but it's kind of simple and easy for everyone if they try (trust like me, I dance it everyday =] ) I'm a VVIP. When I go to BIGBANG FanClub in Vietnam, I saw them dance BIGBANG's song everyday, like "Fantastic Baby". It was awesome!

Taeyang the best dancer in big bang.. but other still great... just look at their expression when they dancing woooho! Love them... go BIG BANG GO! SARANGHAE

Supposed to be, bigbang is the top 1 and also 2ne1...
Tanga and gumawa nito

9 f(x)

For me f (x) is the best because of victoria's flexibility and special ability in dancing.. I love f (x)

F(x) has the most complicated dances among girl groups example chu, nu abo,la cha ta and danger

I love f(x) and I love Krystal the most!

Victoria's flexibility is the best in the Kpop industry

10 T-ara

They are really talented, every dance is unique and entertaining.

T-ara is a great really great group

The Contenders
11 Infinite

In my opinion, Infinite should be in the first place. They are really hardworking and they practice for more than 10hrs a day from what I have read. They came from a not so well-known entertainment so you may not notice them a lot. But watch them perform, and you will fall in love with their dancing skills. Synchronized dancing, together with live vocals. They are really awesome!

They have the best synchronized dances in the whole Kpop community. In BTD, their scorpion move was so amazing and fluid. When they did it was like a wave was moving through them. Whenever they dance, they dance so well together and communicate with each other.

There's this one group which will always stay on the first place in my dancing skills list that's definitely Infinite!
I also like Double A's, NU'EST's, MBLAQ's and Teen Top's dancing, but Infinite will always be my number one here!

They dance very well. Hoya is very good at his solo dance in their new song.. But this is only my opinion. They can go higher than snsd..

12 TVXQ TVXQ, also known as Dong Bang Shin Ki, is a South Korean pop duo that originally debuted as a five-member group in 2003. They are one of the leading figures in the Hallyu wave and have immense popularity both domestically and internationally. TVXQ's musical style is diverse, spanning genres like pop, R&B, and electronic dance music. They have broken several sales records and received numerous awards, solidifying their status as icons in the industry.

I'm voting TVXQ: as 2 (plus the dance team) they have delivered some of the most intense and impressive dance routines of the past couple years. When they were 5, even though two members struggled with dancing, the quality level of choreography was set by the best dancers in the group and the routines were always intricate and high powered. These days many groups have one or two good dancers, but it isn't showcased because songs are choreographed to match the skill level of the worst dancer.
I'm looking at some of the top ten thinking people must be joking. Is this a popularity contest only or do voters even think about skill? Because a few of the top do very little dancing.

Their dances are always one of the hardest to master. My favoutrite dance would most likely be 'Maximum'. The dance itself is so complex not even considering the fact that the notes are high. All in all, TVXQ combined with their experience and crazy talent, makes them dancing kings of Kpop for me!

13 2NE1 2NE1 was a South Korean girl group consisting of Bom, Dara, CL, and formerly Minzy. The group was formed by YG Entertainment in 2009.

I will vote 2ne1 because there are my idols

Because imma black jacks

14 BTS BTS, also known as the Bangtan Boys, is a seven-member South Korean boy band formed in Seoul in 2013. RM is the leader and the other members are V, Jimin, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, and Jungkook

Bts is really the top in dancing..their cheorography are so cool and hard to dance but still they completely attract our mind with it. I am a exo-l but still impress of bts's teamwork and determined souls. They're vocals are also nice yet dancing skills are perfect. Indeed, they should be the top 1 in this chat

Okay, BTS deserves to be a lot higher. I'm not saying them as individual dancers are amazing (Disincluding the J-line), but their choreography and teamwork is really what caught my attention.

Their dancing skills are amazing!

15 Wonder Girl's
16 Beast/B2st

The most consistent dancers with the best choreo for their style, seriously. The choreo for "Shadow" is super fun to do.

A group without a hole. Always support B2ST. Fighting!

B2st the group with outstanding singing ability.

17 EXO-K

Kai is the BEST yes he is no one can say he is not a good dancer not just him but when he teams up with sehun they rock D. O is a good dancer too ohha and suho the leader has a cute smile I like Kai because he's Taemin's best friend!

I'm surprised they are not ranked much higher. Their dance moves, formations, and artistry are quiet intricate and mesmorizing. After School over Exo?! Puh-leez!

Kai ist the sexist dancing machine

18 Sistar

I like sistar baceause there dancing is so sexy and more nothing them dancing

19 Brown Eyed Girl's (BEG)
20 Jay Park

He got a good talent too

21 Bi Rain

His dance style, charm and charisma is unbeatable.

He's the best K-pop dancer


Smoky girl, mona lisa, cry, oh yeah... So much skill, and so much passion in their dancing!

23 B.A.P

Hahah suju and girls generation in first three are people CRAZY?
Those votes probably came from people who don't know more than 3 kpop groups.
Bap is way above them when it comes to dance and singing in general only reason they aren't high in this list is because they are from the smaller company if you look at the list you will see that on the top are sm and yg artists

24 4 Minute

4Minute is the best because of the way they dance; very energetic. They also have charisma. Even though Gayoon and Jiyoon are not lead dancers, they try their best to dance.


Kara's every song is complicated and they are my favorite girl group. My favorite person in KARA is Seungyeon.

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