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101 Reasons Why Johnny Test Is the Best Show Ever Made
102 Top 10 Lists That Should Be Removed from TheTopTens

Why does this even exist in the first place if this is removed?

Shots fired! - Cesium

103 Top 10 Animes Whose Characters Should Be Used In a Goanimate Grounded Series

Anything pertaining to GoAnimate! and its Grounded videos is 3rd degree cancer. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

104 Reasons Why The Lego Batman Movie Is Better Than Zootopia
105 Top Ten Things on TheTopTens that Deserve the Hate They Get (Excluding Rock and Metal Songs and Artists)

Some dumb animated movie and a cartoon princess everyone's argued about enough already do not deserved more hate than an evil dictator who got away with mass genocide and cause a world war.

106 Reasons Why Trolls Is Better Than The Secret Life Of Pets
107 Most Evil Muslims

This list is fine it all criticizes muslims like Osama Bin Laden

108 Top 10 Most Unlikable Cartoon Characters Ever

This list is made by a person with no account talking about cartoon characters he doesn't like and because he thinks they are awful yet people like them, they are overrated. Most of the reasons are because they are dumb and annoying. That's really it or that he just wants to punch them in the face.

109 Reasons Why American Cartoons Are Better Than Anime

Why should this list be removed? Is it because you can't accept their opinions?

This lists doesn't attack otakus. All it said is American cartoons are better and that's it. Why do you otakus always assume that if someone is saying anime is bad or something is better than it then it attacks you to. The American cartoon fans were the ones attacked because then some anime fans came over and called us names and said we were wrong for liking them better.

This list should be removed because it is one of those lists that attack Otakus. - aarond90

110 Best Justin Bieber Songs

It's just a list about Justin Bieber and you're asking this to get removed? It's not offensive at all - Neonco31

Yeah, It's definitely removed, we hate him! - 05yusuf09


111 Reasons to Hate Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door

A list involving fanboys of Super Paper Mario bashing a great game. They hate it just because they think it's overrated, Princess Peach is on the list too many times, (as much as I hate Peach's voice, that game is still awesome) and they don't even respect the opinions of people who like the game. Yes it was kind of overrated on e, but with all those Super Paper Mario fanboys hating on that game, it is becoming underratd now.

112 Top 10 Members of Your Family You Wish to Go Out With
113 Reasons to Hate Arthur

Arthur is awesome why does it get a lot of negativity but hey it also gets a lot of attention

114 Top 10 Worst Things About One Direction
115 Top 10 Worst Cartoons
116 Top Ten Reasons Why Rock Is Better Than Pop

Always Rock&Metal is better, pop has gotten worse over time. - 05yusuf09

Few weeks earlier two lists were submitted. and pop/rap is better than rock was submitted before. so its obvious that rock is better than pop/rap will be submitted. so either all genre comparison lists should be removed or none. - zxm

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117 Top 10 Best Things About Islam

Uh, the only bad thing about Islam is those stupid Islam Extremists and Jihadists. There's pros and cons in every religion. There's extremists on every religion - SirSkeletorThe3rd

Shouldn't be removed. This is good list. Plus, I'm Muslim. - 05yusuf09

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118 Top Ten Reasons to Hate Uptown Funk by Mark Ronson

Uptown Funk is so annoying and overplayed. I hate that song. - 05yusuf09

119 Top Ten Reasons Why Super Mario 64 Sucks
120 Best Nicki Minaj Songs
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