Top Ten Reasons Why sloth21 is a Great User

Thank you sloth21 for being the great user you are today
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1 He has 15 featured lists

This is really good he is going to get a record for most featured lists soon

Update he now has 22

Now he has 19 featured lists.

2 He Inspires Me

Sloth21 has inspired me to make a featured list. And I got one.

Great to know I did, you definitely have talent and when you want to get something, you can

3 He helps me out with lists

He helps me find out whether the list is already taken or not

no problem! I'll be happy to help you with any lists you need in the future, too

4 He’s nice

He is a very nice user when band didn’t work for me he sent me the power rankings

I was going to make this list. But I still agree, Sloth21 is a fantastic user. In contrary to his username, he's extremely fast.

Dang it, I was going to make this list. But still, I agree with this list. Sloth21 is an excellent user.

Thank you so much for this amazing list! It completely made my day. You're amazing, Technoblade

5 Almost all of his lists are a hq list

He takes a lot of time into the lists he makes

What makes Sloth21 the best gen 21 user in my opinion is the fact that he is a chill guy who makes excellent content. He created lots of high quality and featured lists with a lot of variety and creative ideas.

other than the animated movies one. We never mention the animated movies one.

6 He got 3 featured lists in a day

This is a record on the top ten

It's true, that was something very surprising

I thought you could only make 2 lists a day, but that’s still an amazing accomplishment!

7 He takes his time making lists

He not one of those people that doesn’t leave comments on his list.

I do take a long time making them and I'm really happy you just acknowledged that

I used to rush my lists quite a lot, but taking your time is quite important to do.

8 He has at least 4 records on TTT

His 4 records are: most featured lists in a day, fastest time to 10 featured lists, most featured lists in a month, and most comments in a week.

He just joined like three months ageo

9 He takes his time to check out other people's lists

He has checked a couple of my lists, and he has voted on them and remixed them.

Indeed! He does.

10 He made over 50 lists

He has made a lot of lists

I did just hit that milestone

Only joined in December-Januaryish!

The Contenders
11 He is a great person to message