Top 10 Beyblade Burst Seasons 1-4

The strongest bladers out there, let me know what you think about the list and if you agree.
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The Top Ten
1 Drum and delta/ master diabolos

they both defeated gwen with master dragon and its super strong.

Delta? Why is he on top?

2 Gwen/bigbang genesis
3 aurther/prime A

lol it's spelled Arthur not Aurther

4 arman/bushin asura

you might be saying arman sucks and I agree but at the end he defeated aurther and became powerful. - blader1234

5 Blint/ultimate bahamut

at the end he came back with an insane combo. - blader1234

6 aiga/union achilles

I have a really powerful bond with my union Achilles as well it is the strongest Bey I have aiger and achilles deserve first third or second

why does nobody care about achilles like I have a really powerful bond with achilles

7 Free/fafnir
8 valt/slash valkrie

Why is Valt so low?

9 shu/spriggan

He is truly strong

10 phing/heaven peguses
The Contenders
11 lodin/zwie longinus
12 phi/dead phonix

Should be a bit higher

13 fumiya/fafnir,he sucks i dont know why hes on the list