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1 Mario and Peach

Mario AND PEACH TOGETHER FOREVER! Everyone that dislikes this couple should shut up and stop complaining! It's the main couple of the series so your hate isn't gonna change it!

They are just so perfect.

Although Peach usually kiss both Mario and Luigi,she disregard Luigi by several times and there are much interactive between Mario and Peach

Mario peacj

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2 Luigi and Rosalina

I love Luigi and Rosalina! I just love it! Why? Because they look cute together and if they got together in an official Mario Game, no characters would get angry with each other. Also, both of them are somewhat tragic. This would be an empathetic relationship. Luigi is always in Mario's Shadow and made fun of, Rosalina has a tragic origin...I JUST LOVE IT! - DCfnaf

Sorry shippers, but this pairing isn't going to be happening any time soon. First off, it's been confirmed that Luigi has feelings for Daisy. Now, now, before you start accusing me of being a Rosalina hater just because I ship Luigi with Daisy instead of her, there's more proof. In MKWii, there is a course named Daisy Circuit, and in the course there is a statue of Luigi and Daisy dancing, as well as one with Baby Luigi and baby Daisy. Still not enough proof? Okay then. Give me three reasons Luigi has shown affection for Rosalina, and vice versa. Sorry, I've got 3 words for you. It's not Canon. So stop rubbing it in our faces.

They aren't a couple luigi and daisy are - YOSHIA2121

Cutest couple in my opinion. They're both shy and underappreciated, they would make a great couple! :D - RosalinaX

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3 Luigi and Daisy

I do ship Luigi X Rosalina, but I do have to say, Luigi and Daisy are really quite cute in the games as well. They have been shown several romantic moments in the games and they're great. - DCfnaf

Daisy can help make Luigi more confident. She is very optimistic and knows how to kick butt really well! Luigi is also very sweet and can kick butt amazingly! I love it!

Best couple in Super Mario, and no, Luigi isn't with Peach or Rosalina.

FRICK TO THE YEAH! This is such a campy theme but it’s such a GOOD campy theme that I ship it a LOT. By that I mean awkward-guy-ends-up-with-cool-girl-and-develops-self-confidence-and-a-crush clichΓ©. πŸ’šπŸ§‘ - ShipWarStarter

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4 Yoshi and Birdo

I like that these two don't care if they are completely different species from each other. As long as they love each other they don't care what people think. - DCfnaf

Yoshi and Birdo are the sweetest mario couple ever, in my opinion. They accept each other for who they are, as long as they love each other, there is no limits.

Yoshi and Birdo are perfect for each other

I ship it

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5 Wario and Captain Syrup

Better her than miss Mary sue (aka mona)

YES OH YES THIS IS ONE OF MY FAVORITES! Captain Syrup messing with Wario and flirting with him, HILARIOUS! I JUST LOVE IT - DCfnaf

Actually now I don't know...I think that they're rivals and probably WON'T get together... - DCfnaf

6 Mario and Pauline

They broke up though...

Cutest couple ever

I love this couple

Best couple ever

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7 Toad and Toadette

I thought they were siblings. - HeavyDonkeyKong

Why do my favorite character shave to be genderless and not in a relationship? People ship Daisy and Waluigi all the time even though they despise each other. Makes no sense. - RosalinaX

@HeavyDonkeyKong: Nope. They're not siblings, they are just adventure pals. Hayashida also confirmed that Toad and Toadette are genderless. They have also been confirmed to not be a couple. Kinda boring if you ask me. - DCfnaf

It's the cutest ship~ - ACKREIK

8 Chestnut King and Eclair

Huh? - DCfnaf

9 Wario and Princess Shokora

THANK YOU! I love this couple! - DCfnaf

He smirks real big when she kissed him...unless it was in her fugly forms

10 Goombario and Goombella

The problem is that Goombella's into Mario! That just ain't right! - DCfnaf

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11 Geno and Rosalina

Call me crazy but this one is kinda cool lol

What a doll & a goddess what in the world?



12 Diddy Kong and Dixie Kong

Even though I they are more donkey kong series than Mario, I love this couple! They are cute, awesome, & smart!

This seems to be the only good couple I found, other than Toad and Toadette. Anyway, they would make a cute couple, after all, they both like to wear a shirt.

13 Bowser and Clawgirl

Doesn't exist - Randomator

Clawdia isn't real! - DCfnaf

14 Wario and Mona
15 Wario and Coins

His one true love

This one made me laugh so hard!

This made my day LOL

this actually made me laugh so hard

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16 Paulina and Donkey Kong

I would only want them together if Donkey Kong was a person not an ape

Guys...bestiality. - DCfnaf

17 Antasma and Cackletta

They could actually be a cool couple!

Hmm, this one could be interesting

Interesting... - DCfnaf

18 Rosalina and Miles "Tails" Prower

Ew whoever ships this doesn't realize it's beastiality

19 Luigi and Pauline
20 Peach and Mario

Why is this on here twice?

21 Bowser and Rosalina

Bowser has a crush on Peach. - DCfnaf

Bowser deserves a princess too and Rosalina seems like the one for him

They are both single parents, so it could work

Best ship ever ❀

22 Rosalina and Samus

1000% more sexier than peach and samus

Both beautiful girls who protect the galaxy so why not?

I don’t really ship it. (Or hate it, I just didn’t know about it till just now.) I only came here for the joke: The REAL Guardians of the Galaxy

23 Yoshi and Mario
24 Link and Rosalina

They seriously would be a perfect couple but for real come on vote them πŸ‘©β€β€οΈβ€πŸ’‹β€πŸ‘©πŸ˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜πŸ˜˜

25 Princess Daisy and Knuckles the Echidna
26 Mario and Daisy

Game Theory fanboys support this couple. I hate it! Daisy is a terrible character and Mario does not want her! - DCfnaf

Okay, she's not AWFUL (this comment is like months later). But this couple is. - DCfnaf


F this ship only people who hate peach FOR NO GOOD REASON and want her out the series ship this crap. And they dated before or do u morons forgot that? Mario land anyone?
Mario: daisy, oh daisy!
Daisy: Mario!
/end hearts coming in between them

They BROKE UP for a reason. Mario was tired of daisy's childish, whinny, bratty attitude. Why do you want to force him to get back together with her?


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27 Wario and Egghead

Both fat, like inventions, greedy, and have unique mastashes. They're perfect for each other

FAAANTASTIC. Please kill me right now. - DCfnaf

28 Yoshi and Mew

Both cute, powerful, and unique

29 Blumiere and Timpani

Although Peach and Mario form the series' main couple, it's hard to deny that Blumiere and Timpani's story is far more beautiful and touching. They are Romeo and Juliet done right

I can't believe that this wasn't on here - Antifi

Kawaii lol - ACKREIK

30 Waluigi and Rosalina

This couple is so STUPID and overrated! Just because they were the same height in Mario Kart doesn't mean they should be together! Plus, Waluigi and Rosalina have NO INTEREST IN EACH OTHER! Luigi has shown plenty of hints that he may have feelings for her. - DCfnaf

Since when has Luigi shown his feelings for Rosalina? Give me at least THREE OR FIVE examples

I HATE THIS COUPLE! Waluigi and Rosalina have NO CONTACT EVER! Waluigi is irrelevant and Rosalina should be with one of the Mario Bros. - DCfnaf

Right. Some dumbass is just going to whine about ''obsessive Rosalina fans' because they can't backup this peice of crap ship that did not deserve to be popular or even liked at all.

If you've actually played Super Mario Galaxy, you would know that Luigi has showed interest in Rosalina a few times.

1. After you obtain the Green Star in the Battlerock World, Luigi says "Just make sure to tell Rosalina I got that one." He's obviously trying to show off for Rosalina.

2. After you collect all 121 stars when playing with Luigi, you get to see a picture of Luigi and Rosalina together with some toads. - RosalinaX

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31 Waluigi and Daisy

I don't mind this couple at all! Mario X Daisy is totally game theory's fault. Luigi X Daisy sucks. - DCfnaf

So much better than waluigi x rosalina or luigi x daisy

Luigi and Daisy is cruel and so is Waluigi and Daisy! Choose Mario and Daisy! PLEASE?!

32 Waluigi and Amy Rose

...I see what u did there, lol.

After months of seeing this couple on the list, I finally get it too lol

33 Waluigi and Link

Poor Link - ParkerFang

34 Luigi and Nana (Female Ice Climber)
35 Wario and Tails
36 Luigi and Palutena
37 Prince Peasley and Luigi

Why did this become a thing? Prince Peasley isn't gonna return. - DCfnaf

Whyyy? I honestly hate this couple. Prince Peasley only showed up in like one game and left. End of story. - RosalinaX

So cute ^ ^

38 Waluigi and Pauline

If that useless, rude, dumbass, has to be with someone, let it be this useless broad. He doesn't deserve no princess, or the goddess, rosalina.

Nah, let him have Daisy. The top 2 worst Mario characters can date each other! - DCfnaf

Nah, shut up old me. The top 2 characters I don't hate anymore will NEVER date each other. - DCfnaf

Nah, let him have Daisy. The top 2 worst Mario characters can date each other! - DCfnaf

Daisy doesn't deserve Waluigi.

You are actually right. This is months later now and I want to say that I don't hate Waluigi and Daisy anymore. Daisy has actually shown Waluigi that she DESPISES him. You're right, this couple sucks. - DCfnaf

39 Donkey Kong and Bowser

Both animals at least. And dk can help Bowser down the right path and can understand him with having his butt kicked by Mario and kept away from a girl he likes.

40 Mario and Bowser

Well... Some people are pretty convincing that Bowser likes him

41 Blue Toad and Toadette

Well, at least THIS isn't incest, right? RIGHT?

No relationship - DCfnaf

42 Blue Yoshi and Light Blue Yoshi

Yoshis are awesome & so is the color blue

Because Yoshis are just awesome k

43 Wario and Peach

Game theorist had it ALL WRONG! It wasn't link OR luigi who was the father of peach's child (aka rosalina). It was... Wario! Blue eyes... Well, he could be left handed. Uh yep.

44 Luigi and Samus

Luigi deserves an awesome and strong girl like samus, not a dumb, useless, childish brat like daisy.

Daisy can fight really well and is very confident, she can make Luigi better and more confident. When have Luigi and Samus ever interacted? Never!

45 Brock and Rosalina

I think he'd be a perfect man for her. He can help take care the lumas, cook clean, and say sweet things to the amazing woman!

Say what? - ParkerFang

46 Wario and Queen Merelda
47 Blue Toad and Yellow Toad

Both brave and actual HELPFUL toads

48 Daisy and Misty

Both selfish posers perfect for each other

LOL IKR - DCfnaf

49 Luigi and Link

Link would be good for Luigi

50 Mario and Ariel

Mario would put her in line

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