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Mario and Peach

Mario AND PEACH TOGETHER FOREVER! Everyone that dislikes this couple should shut up and stop complaining! It's the main couple of the series so your hate isn't gonna change it!

Yeah, Mario and Peach DESERVE each other. And for all you haters, give some space! Like that is not gonna change. So don't be talking!

Mario and peach are my number one why they are not married I don’t know but peach and kibidango must be divorced but Mario and peach I approve

Age gap. Mario is 39 while Peach (aka the girl you love) is like 19

Luigi and Rosalina

I love Luigi and Rosalina! I just love it! Why? Because they look cute together and if they got together in an official Mario Game, no characters would get angry with each other. Also, both of them are somewhat tragic. This would be an empathetic relationship. Luigi is always in Mario's Shadow and made fun of, Rosalina has a tragic origin...I JUST LOVE IT!

Sorry shippers, but this pairing isn't going to be happening any time soon. First off, it's been confirmed that Luigi has feelings for Daisy. Now, now, before you start accusing me of being a Rosalina hater just because I ship Luigi with Daisy instead of her, there's more proof. In MKWii, there is a course named Daisy Circuit, and in the course there is a statue of Luigi and Daisy dancing, as well as one with Baby Luigi and baby Daisy. Still not enough proof? Okay then. Give me three reasons Luigi has shown affection for Rosalina, and vice versa. Sorry, I've got 3 words for you. It's not Canon. So stop rubbing it in our faces.

They aren't a couple luigi and daisy are

I really think luigi should date rosalina instead of daisy

Luigi and Daisy

Luigi and Daisy is an okay couple, not my otp but it's better then most ships.

I do ship Luigi X Rosalina, but I do have to say, Luigi and Daisy are really quite cute in the games as well. They have been shown several romantic moments in the games and they're great.

Daisy can help make Luigi more confident. She is very optimistic and knows how to kick butt really well! Luigi is also very sweet and can kick butt amazingly! I love it!

Best couple in Super Mario, and no, Luigi isn't with Peach or Rosalina.

Yoshi and Birdo

I like that these two don't care if they are completely different species from each other. As long as they love each other they don't care what people think.

Yoshi and Birdo are the sweetest mario couple ever, in my opinion. They accept each other for who they are, as long as they love each other, there is no limits.

Yoshi and Birdo are perfect for each other

Yoshi and birdo are basically meant for each other

Wario and Captain Syrup

Better her than miss Mary sue (aka mona)

YES OH YES THIS IS ONE OF MY FAVORITES! Captain Syrup messing with Wario and flirting with him, HILARIOUS! I JUST LOVE IT

Actually now I don't know...I think that they're rivals and probably WON'T get together... - DCfnaf

Mario and Pauline

They broke up though...

Cutest couple ever

I love this couple

Best couple ever

Toad and Toadette

Since Hayashida confirmed they're not siblings, I ship this a lot. It's so cute.

I thought they were siblings.

Why do my favorite character shave to be genderless and not in a relationship? People ship Daisy and Waluigi all the time even though they despise each other. Makes no sense.

Cause they have diapers

Chestnut King and Eclair


Wario and Princess Shokora

THANK YOU! I love this couple!

He smirks real big when she kissed him...unless it was in her fugly forms


Goombario and Goombella

The problem is that Goombella's into Mario! That just ain't right!

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Geno and Rosalina

Cool, but I see it as more of a mother and son kind of relationship.

Call me crazy but this one is kinda cool lol

What a doll & a goddess what in the world?


Wario and Mona
Wario and Coins

His one true love

This one made me laugh so hard!

This made my day LOL

this actually made me laugh so hard

Diddy Kong and Dixie Kong

Even though I they are more donkey kong series than Mario, I love this couple! They are cute, awesome, & smart!

This seems to be the only good couple I found, other than Toad and Toadette. Anyway, they would make a cute couple, after all, they both like to wear a shirt.

Antasma and Cackletta

They could actually be a cool couple!

Hmm, this one could be interesting


both evil >:D

Bowser and Clawgirl

Doesn't exist

Clawdia isn't real!

Peach and Mario

Why is this on here twice?

Rosalina and Miles "Tails" Prower

Ew whoever ships this doesn't realize it's beastiality

Bowser and Rosalina

Just because they're both single parents doesn't mean you have to ship them.

Bowser has a crush on Peach.

Bowser deserves a princess too and Rosalina seems like the one for him

They are both single parents, so it could work

Luigi and Pauline
Paulina and Donkey Kong

I would only want them together if Donkey Kong was a person not an ape


Mario and Daisy

Game Theory fanboys support this couple, but the thing is, Daisy and Mario clearly aren't interested in each other anymore.

Guys, not all Game Theory fanboys like this couple. At least, I don't.


F this ship only people who hate peach FOR NO GOOD REASON and want her out the series ship this crap. And they dated before or do u morons forgot that? Mario land anyone?
Mario: daisy, oh daisy!
Daisy: Mario!
/end hearts coming in between them

They BROKE UP for a reason. Mario was tired of daisy's childish, whinny, bratty attitude. Why do you want to force him to get back together with her?

Rosalina and Samus

1000% more sexier than peach and samus

Both beautiful girls who protect the galaxy so why not?

Might as well ship Rosalina and Peter Quill

I don’t really ship it. (Or hate it, I just didn’t know about it till just now.) I only came here for the joke: The REAL Guardians of the Galaxy

Yoshi and Mario
Link and Rosalina


They seriously would be a perfect couple but for real come on vote them πŸ‘©β€β€οΈβ€πŸ’‹β€πŸ‘©πŸ˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜πŸ˜˜

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