Top 10 Mario Games That Should Be Made Into a Movie

The Top Ten Mario Games That Should Be Made Into a Movie

1 Super Smash Bros Brawl

Just get the cutscenes use real people and make them talk and you got a moovie that will get you tons of cash.

2 Super Mario Bros

Do some more research holywood. heres some tips bowser is a mutant turtle-ox monster, goombas do not have arms, yoshi's are green dinosaurs with red spikes. Toad is a mushroom person not A... singer? Mario and luigi is Italian. there!

Hypothetical Performance
Name-Super Mario Bros
Runtime-137 Miniutes
Rotten Tomatoes-91%🍅👑
Box Office
Domestic-$329 Million
Overseas-$636 Million
Worldwide-$965 Million

3 Super Smash Bros Melee

It will be like a sequel to super smash bros it will be like we need more help to defeat master hand and crazy hand
And giga bowser

4 Super Smash Bros

You can make this like the avengers but with master hand instead of loki and the 12 nintendo characters instead of the avengers

5 Super Mario Bros Special

This will be a sequel

6 Super Mario Bros the Lost Levels

This will be a sequel to the sequel

7 Super Mario Bros 2

This will be a sequel to super mario bros the lost levels

8 Super Mario Bros 3

This will be sequel to super mario bros 2

9 Super Mario Galaxy

The Visuals Would Be Jaw Dropping

Awesome choice

10 Super Paper Mario

I'm surprised Super Paper Mario is so low on this list. Say what you want about its gameplay, but you can't deny that this game's plot is simply fantastic, offering a set of intriguing and unique characters and some of the darkest moments in any Mario game.

The simple quest of retrieving eight pure hearts in order to prevent the destruction of the entire mulitiverse is appealing enough on its own. Add a mysterious prophecy involving the four main leads from the Mario franchise and you have a marvelous stand-alone outing to represent the series (especially with the charming moments of self-awareness lovingly mocking the franchise's usual clichés). I would stick to animation though, and possibly a T.V. series instead of a movie in order to fully explore each chapter and the message behind them (see Super Paper Mario: A Tale of Love, an excellent analysis on the game's main themes).

The Contenders

11 Super Mario World

This will be a sequel to super mario bros 3

12 Super Mario 64

This will be a sequel to super mario world

13 Mario & Luigi: Partners In Time
14 Mario Kart 7
15 Mario Golf: World Tour
16 Super Mario 3D Land

It would be amazing to have a 3D platformer become a movie.

17 Super Mario 3D World

It would be good to have a 3D platformer become a movie.

18 Super Mario Sunshine

A tropical version of a Mario movie.

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