Top 10 Mario Games That Should Be Made Into a Movie

The Top Ten

1 Super Smash Bros Brawl

Just get the cutscenes use real people and make them talk and you got a moovie that will get you tons of cash.

2 Super Mario Bros

Do some more research holywood. heres some tips bowser is a mutant turtle-ox monster, goombas do not have arms, yoshi's are green dinosaurs with red spikes. Toad is a mushroom person not A... singer? Mario and luigi is Italian. there!

Hypothetical Performance
Name-Super Mario Bros
Runtime-137 Miniutes
Rotten Tomatoes-91%🍅👑
Box Office
Domestic-$329 Million
Overseas-$636 Million
Worldwide-$965 Million

3 Super Smash Bros Melee

It will be like a sequel to super smash bros it will be like we need more help to defeat master hand and crazy hand
And giga bowser

4 Super Smash Bros

You can make this like the avengers but with master hand instead of loki and the 12 nintendo characters instead of the avengers

5 Super Mario Bros Special

This will be a sequel

6 Super Mario Bros the Lost Levels

This will be a sequel to the sequel

7 Super Mario Bros 2

This will be a sequel to super mario bros the lost levels

8 Super Mario Bros 3

This will be sequel to super mario bros 2

9 Super Mario Galaxy

The Visuals Would Be Jaw Dropping

Awesome choice

10 Super Mario World

This will be a sequel to super mario bros 3

The Contenders

11 Super Mario 64

This will be a sequel to super mario world

12 Mario & Luigi: Partners In Time
13 Mario Kart 7
14 Mario Golf: World Tour
15 Super Paper Mario
16 Super Mario 3D Land

It would be amazing to have a 3D platformer become a movie.

17 Super Mario 3D World

It would be good to have a 3D platformer become a movie.

18 Super Mario Sunshine

A tropical version of a Mario movie.

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