Best Mario & Luigi: Dream Team Luiginary Works

Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story + Bowser Jr's Journey is coming out on January 25th of 2019 so I will be making a lot of Mario & Luigi related lists until then. This time it's time for Mario & Luigi: Dream Team lists, and this is my favourite of the series of the three games in the series I currently have (Superstar Saga + Bowser's Minions, Dream Team and Paper Jam) so this list was quite fun in a few ways to make. I'll be looking at the best luiginary works found in the game which are basically objects Luigi can posses in the dream worlds and be able to do different things. Without further ado, let's start!

The Top Ten

1 Luiginary Stache Tree

Who would've thought my favourite luiginary work was the first luiginary work you find in the game? Well I certainly find this one to be the best in my opinion. Basically Luigi posseses a tree and the leaves are his mustache, and by tapping Luigi's mustache on the touch screen you can slingshot yourself to higher parts, now that is such a genius and creative idea it honestly makes the rest of the luiginary works in the game look underwhelming, and this is the first one in the entire game as well, and it's my favourite - darthvadern

2 Luiginary Antigravity

This work basically gets you swim in the dream world because there will be no gravity and I really like that, one of the best luiginary works of the game! Although swimming can be annoying as it usually takes forever I found this work to be quite cool if I do say so myself - darthvadern

3 Luiginary Formation

This one surely would make it to the list. This luiginary work brings a bunch of Luigi clones and you can turn into a stack that can super jump and ground pound, a cone that can hover in the air and make a tornado, and a ball that can roll very fast, shoot Mario into a "zipper? " and basically swing it to destroy objects. It's quite unique, although I found the stache tree to be a bit more enjoyable to use - darthvadern

4 Luiginary Propeller

Basically the sneeze wind but way better because instead of sneezing towards the screen and making mario stop, Luigi turns into a propeller and kinda works like the sneeze wind but the air pushes things on the side instead and makes objects move forwad and I find it to be much better - darthvadern

5 Luiginary Speedometer

Luigi will take control of a clock and you can affect mario's speed and jumping height. You can make Mario go slow but be able to jump high, or make him go fast but be terrible at jumping. This isn't like super original but it's quite fun if you ask me honestly - darthvadern

6 Luiginary Gravity

It's nothing too original but it's quite fun in my opinion though. You switch gravity, making you able to walk on ceilings and walls and although this can get a bit frustrating at times it's overall quite fun in my opinion if you ask me - darthvadern

7 Sneeze Wind

This one isn't really that awesome. While I think the idea of sneezing onto the background to switch positions of certain objects it kinda gets annoying when Mario always have to stop whenever he sneezes. However I think it's cool anyways - darthvadern

8 Luiginary Ice

You basically control weather here, switching between summer and winter. I found it quite annoying honestly constantly switching back between warm and cold because you do it a lot and it takes forever somtimes. However I found it to be quite cool anyways - darthvadern

9 Luiginary Cylinder

This one isn't that mind-blowing honestly if you ask me but rather irritating. You grab a drill and must spin it to get to the other side. Sometimes I will accidently jump back and it getes irritating. Not a fan of this one, and pherhaps my least favourite luiginary work - darthvadern