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1 Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story

This game rightfully deserves the number one spot. The story is amazing, the villain is both perfectly easy to love and hate, the whole idea of playing as Bowser is wonderful and the giant battle mechanic is lots of fun. People keep comparing this to Partners in Time, so I'll throw in my two cents as well. I find it kind of petty that people like PiT more because you can play as 4 characters rather than 3. First off, Bowser hits harder than both babies combined ever did, and I hated how the babies always did barely any damage by themselves, despite at one point being a higher level than the adults. Also, I personally found it annoying to always have to rely on the babies to use the hammer and to collect beans, and also to solve most puzzles. While it is a bit weird having to wait so long to actually walk around in a 3d environment as the brothers in this game, it still holds up much more than PiT, having better graphics and a better soundtrack. But hey, that's just my opinion.

Partners In Time is much better than Bowser's Inside Story. Here are the top 1 reasons.

Top 1: The graphics, animation & visuals are much better.

Top 2: Much better music.

Top 3: You get to play as 4 players while in Bowser's Inside Story, you only play as 3 characters.

Top 4: Better worlds & levels.

Top 5: Time travel.

Top 6: Much more of a cause of nostalgia.

Top 7: Partners in Time is much more original.

Top 8: The Baby Mario Bros.

Top 9: The bosses are much better than in Bowser's Inside Story.

Top 10: Not as much of a tough game,

I love partners in time but I like this better. Bowser's inside story's graphics seem slightly more advanced to me, and although the game is tough, partners in time is MUCH tougher! - HeavyDonkeyKong

Amazing game, clearly the best Mario and Luigi game out there! The game has a amazing soundtrack, challenging mini games, unique bosses (etc) it's the best Mario and Luigi game I own.

This is my first Mario and Luigi game. I played it 7 times. This is the most original of the 5 (or 6 with bowser’s minions), because you can be bowser and final boss’s music is awesome.

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2 Mario & Luigi: Dream Team

This game is great! Look past the graphics and see it for the more important stuff. Antasma was a good villain, and Bowser was great in this game. The gameplay is original and immersive, the music is great as always, the story is interesting, the bosses were really fun, and the dream world was a great new concept! The game is pretty long, especially compared to the other Mario RPG's and it's not perfect, but it's so creative, original, and fun, and it had me entertained from start to finish!

I don't get why everyone hates this game so much. It has great graphics, music, and Antasma, who has become one of my favorite non-Bowser villains. You haters could at least admit that Mario & Luigi Dream Team is better than that hideous game known as Paper Mario Sticker Star.

I really really wanted to vote for bowser's inside story but when you take a look at this game... you're like " do I have the choice between those? "

The final boss in this game is basically bowser's most powerful form, dreamy bowser

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3 Mario & Luigi: Partners In Time

First game I owned and a great simple introduction to RPG's. I recently re-played the game and it hasn't lost any charm it had originally. I couldn't get through inside story again though, the long winded story and bowser easy fight style (copy&paste of Mario and luigi, if they have spikes or shield flame otherwise spam punch and bro attacks) just ruined the exited mood I had going back to it.

This game has the best graphics ever! And you get to play as 4 players whilst in Bowser's Inside Story you only get to play as 3. This should be top 1 on the list.

Hey, this game rocks! I can't believe people are putting down this game in favor of Bowser's Inside Story & Dream Team!

Its just great!

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4 Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga

I know everyone loves this one, and I do too, but I think it is the weakest of the four Mario and Luigi games (excluding Paper Jam since that may or may not count and is a little worse in my opinion anyway even though I like it). I never had the nostalgia for this game or appreciation of the innovations it made like most people do, since I played Bowser's Inside Story first out of this series. When I look at the series from a more unbiased perspective, I happen to like this one a little less than the others, but I'm sure others have different opinions, which is fine. In my opinion, the story was a little lackluster and anticlimacitc at the end, even though it had some fantastic and original characters and moments. The gameplay was just a little less fun as well, although it was still a blast. The music is pretty good but has less standout tracks to me than the other games. Overall, I still love it just like I love all the other Mario RPG's, but it didn't have as much appeal as some of ...more

This game rocks due to beautiful visuals & great animation, but why is Princess Peach being defenseless & incapable of taking care of herself?! She is putting us in trouble at Teehee Valley because we have to rescue & escort that bad-tempered princess of the Mushroom Kingdom from many minions. That ruined the whole game! Nonetheless, the whole game is awesome! But the text? It is confusing. The story? Average. This game is overrated, but it is nonetheless the best Mario RPG, especially in that segment where Mario & Luigi encounter Kirby & Wario on posters! This game is beautiful, & the music is beautiful! I would give this game a 6.8. Ah, the good old days...

This should come in at least top 2! Seriously, the first two Mario & Luigi games are much better than the second two ones & beyond.

Mario and Luigi:Superstar Saga has wacky dialogue, the tutorials weren’t long(in case you were a Mario and Luigi veteran), and the music is on point! The villains were funny and creative! It was also pretty new, with Mario and Luigi exploring the Beanbean Kingdom instead of exploring the Mushroom Kingdom, like usual. If you were a Earthbound fan, this would be a great game for you. Overall, my conclusion is, if you have the chance, try this game out!

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5 Mario Luigi Paper Jam - 3DS

Mario and Luigi Paper Jam is the best game in the series. This game has the best bosses, music, and gameplay. Paper Mario makes the battle system a lot more interesting and this adds more strategy to the game. The weakest part of this game is its story. Bowser kidnaps peach for the billionth time and Mario, Luigi, and Paper Mario have to save her. Another thing some people don't like about this game is the paper craft battles. If you can get used to the controls than its not as bad as people say it is. Overall Mario and Luigi Paper Jam is definitely a game Mario and Luigi fans should check out.

Paper Jam has by far the best boss battles in the game, but the story revolves around Bowser kidnapping peach once again but this time Bowser manages to keep the bros away from his castle. Only Bowser and paper Bowser are the villains, which is just a con for me. The story matters the most, which places this at #5 for me. - djrhodyn

I love this game the second most. Mostly because of its boss music and the time being with paper Mario. I also like the paper craft battles.


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6 Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga + Bowser's Minions

I'm not sure if this counts as its own game, but I prefer it over the original. - MrLoser

Just the best in the series for me, even after playing all the other games though.

I love this game so much

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