Top 10 Best Mario Party 4-7 Boards

These are the best Mario Party Boards, or maps in my opinion. I really hope you enjoy this list.

The Top Ten

1 Mario Party 4 - Goomba's Greedy Gala

#1, Why I like this map so much is the casino feeling. All the different spaces are an adventure. - Ragingcow11

2 Mario Party 5 - Toy Dream

Very fun board! Nostalgia for not only people who grew up with it, but also nostalgia for people who played with toys during their childhood! - darthvadern

#2, A very creative map that reminds me of my young childhood. I love playing on this map. - Ragingcow11

3 Mario Party 7 - Grand Canal

Not as good as the other boards in the same game, but very fun! - darthvadern

#3, An average map that I think is fair. I'm not sure why I really like it, but I do. - Ragingcow11

4 Mario Party 5 - Future Dream

Eh no, this board was super stale and boring, probably the second worst of the fifth one in my opinion - darthvadern

I don't like this so much because its more space than future

#4, An amazing futuristic map that uses futuristic props to advance the board. - Ragingcow11

5 Mario Party 6 - Clockwork Castle

#5, Besides the background, this map mixes day and night to bring DK and Bowser to actually play on the board! - Ragingcow11

6 Mario Party 7 - Neon Heights

Very cool board that reminds me of New York - darthvadern

Best Mario party gimmicks ever. Shooting koopa kid on a movie set for the old west, hitting baseballs out of the park, aliens, memory card game, that's amazing.

Very creative. Awesome theme, very cool layout. Probably best board in Mario Party 7.

#10, but you know... It's pretty good. - Ragingcow11

7 Mario Party 5 - Rainbow Dream

To be honest it was the worst of Mario Party 5 - darthvadern

#6, Another creative map that uses rainbows to advance your way across the map. - Ragingcow11

8 Mario Party 7 - Pagoda Peak

This board is so exciting and the chinese feel is incredible! definitely one of the best! - darthvadern

I love the atmosphere and having to go all the way up the mountain for a star is a nice feature

9 Mario Party 6 - E. Gadd's Garage

#7, A very technical map that is very creative. - Ragingcow11

This board has good music and is very balanced. Plus, it's creative. It's my favorite.

10 Mario Party 4 - Toad's Midway Madness

#8, A very interesting Mario Party 4 map. - Ragingcow11

The Contenders

11 Mario Party 7 - Windmillville

I love Netherlands! And this board inspired one of the best mario party boards that was in Mario Party 8! - darthvadern

I love the show it was a Dutch-Themed board! It seems so cool! And it's fun to play on! I love how you have to buy WINDMILLS! It's amazing! This ties for best Board from MP7 with Neon Heights!

12 Mario Party 7 - Bowser's Enchanted Inferno

Nah, I don't like it, it wasn't that good - darthvadern

#9, My favorite Bowser map. Pretty fun. - Ragingcow11

13 Mario Party 5 - Pirate Dream

This is the best from Mario Party 5! - darthvadern

14 Mario Party 4 - Shy Guy's Jungle Jam

I love the atmosphere, the events, and the music. It all blends into something magnificent.

Look out for the creepy crying shy guy statue!

15 Mario Party 7 - Pyramid Park

Very underrated, inclusion of Chain Chomps was unique and they do cool things for you - darthvadern

16 Mario Party 6 - Snowflake Lake
17 Mario Party 5 - Sweet Dream

I love this map it is so cute and makes me hungry for dessert.

18 Mario Party 6 - Faire Square

I got 34 stars on this map once

19 Mario Party 6 - Castaway Bay

Love the boats and scenery.

It would of been better if use DK at daytime and Bowser at nighttime

20 Mario Party 5 - Undersea Dream

In my opinion the second best from the fifth one, it had a good athmosphere and the overall setting was great (I stil prefer Pirate Dream over this one) - darthvadern

21 Mario Party 4 - Boo's Haunted Bash
22 Mario Party 4 - Koopa's Seaside Soiree
23 Mario Party 5 - Bowser's Nightmare
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