Best Mario Party 7-8 Player Minigames

The best 8 player minigames of Mario Party 7. I hope you enjoy this list!

The Top Ten

1 Unhappy Trails

Number 1 and 6 are my 2 favorite.

I love this one, the fact that we have peace by a minigame really makes me happy.

#1, Don't be misleaded by the game title. It is actually pretty happy if you get good at it rather than unhappy. The only unhappy part is if you fall in the water. You and your partners have to work together to cross narrow paths to open a treasure chest and bring the jewels back. - Ragingcow11

2 Gimme a Brake

#2, A very addicting game where you have to get as close to the edge without falling off. The challenging part is that there is different weathering such as snow or rain. - Ragingcow11

3 Shock Absorbers

#3, A game where you have to push your analog stick where the light is pointing. I always get nervous and get out if other people get out. - Ragingcow11

4 Bumper to Bumper

#4, A game similar to bumper cars where you and your partners are put on a platform, and you have to knock the other people off. It's harder than it looks. - Ragingcow11

5 Rope a Dope

#5, A very challenging game where you and your partner have to carry a rope to the finish. Probably the most challenging game on this list. - Ragingcow11

I am pretty good at this one! To make it easy it to set your partner at the hardest level!

I love this game! I am quite good at it. - MusicGirl

6 Grin and Bar it

#6, A game similar to jump rope. You have to jump over a bar, and if you miss, you'll be out! - Ragingcow11

7 Bob-Ombic-Plague

#7, A game very similar to hot potato, except the potato is a bomb, and it is to the death! - Ragingcow11

8 Duct & Cover

#8, A game where you and your partner have to rapidly push a certain button to fix leaks in a pipe. - Ragingcow11

9 Hammer Spammer

#9, A game that is challenging. You have to dodge hammers thrown by hammer bros. Every once in a while, some very large hammers come and try to smash you. I wish it was harder because when I play, it always ends up in a tie. - Ragingcow11

10 Chump Rope

This minigame is fun. Just a little more jump roping time and this would be a blast! This is my favorite minigame

The Contenders

11 Synch-Row-Nicity

#10, A pretty good game. To win, you and your partner have to row your way to the finish. It is harder than it looks. - Ragingcow11

12 King of the Thrill

This an a Mario Party 8 mini game your idiot!

13 Real Smoothie
14 Spin Off
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