Top Ten Mary Sue Warrior Cat OC Names

Just a bunch of Mary Sue OCs that people have created as their OC, and I'm just saying the name. The theme is Warrior*cookie!* ;D

The Top Ten

1 Sparklegold
2 Twinkleglitter
3 Starrystar

I died of laughter and cringe at this,

Okay... The cat's prefix and suffix are basically the same and are both forbidden so this is perfect. She was born to leaders but they spent their last life protecting her sisters instead of her. They never cared about her so they sent her to another Clan to die. She was always singled because she was not from the Clan. She is also a pale pink she-cat with eyes just like stars with violet patches and swirls. But there was one tom that accepted her named Superkillingclaw, the deputy. But he was evil and killed the leader. When Starryheart found out she killed him just by wishing it. She learned she had magical wishing powers and could fly into the skies to wish upon the stars. Anything she wanted came true. Soon she became leader and killed any cat who threatened her Clan. She was also praised for being strong, pretty, nice, special, awesome, cool, a good leader, beautiful, loving, caring cat. She also had the powers that StarClan didn't even have and could kill anything in one swipe, ...more

4 Rainbowstripes
5 Moonbeamstar
6 Prettypelt
7 Pearlygalaxy
8 Glitterblast
9 Diamondsilver
10 Stargleam

The greatest Sue of them all. - PastelFlowers

The cringe queen. - Cancer

The true name.

Like from Gleamstar’s prophecy, darkroses added this, perhaps.

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11 Galaxyflower

I flicked through the list, and this is the one. The other ones just sound funny, but this name and alike is actually USED. When I see a name like this, their characters are probably just as bad as the name is. Just. No.

Let's just pray that she was trolling.

I was roleplaying with my bff.. We aren't bffs anymore.

She was like:
Name: Moondustsparklegleamstargem
Gender: FEMALE
Parent: Dovewing and Scourge (what the freak? )
Back story: When Moondustsparklegleamstargem was only a kit she was the mystery kit of Dovewing and Scourge. She had all powers and was unable to be killed. She was mates with no tom but firestar, Graystripe, Bumblestripe, Hawkfrost, and Jayfeather liked her and wanted to be her mate. She chose Jayfeather and she's a Queen with 1biy kit named SUPERNOVAGEMBOMBKit. So her and Jayfeather were forbidden they ran away and had the kit.

._. I kicked her out of the roleplay. Also,she was one of the three because "Dovewing needed her daughter to be in there" and she has the power to never die, she can read minds, teleport, shape shift (._.) And *sighs* THE overused fur changer. She originally has a pink pelt with galaxy eyes and flecks of purple and moon prints all over her and a star on her forehead. ...more

12 Beautifuleyes
13 Stargalaxy

As a kit her mother disowned her because her dark purple pelt was more beautiful than her own, and she had to leave and she found thunder clan where she was made an app and trained by bramble star, and when she was made a warrior bramble star left squirrel flight to be with her and she became the new deputy and had 6 kits whos names were Prettykit, Sweetkit, Strongkit, Tallkit, Clawkit, and Bramble kit, after bramble star. she was given strong star powers and can't be killed, and killed any intruder that dare enter her new clan.


14 Edgecry
15 Perfectawesome
16 Beautifulgalaxy
17 Starstarstar
18 Brightsky

I disagree with this this is a real name she's Mudfur's mate I think

19 Princessgalaxy

What!? cats don't know what princesses are

20 Amethystsparkle

Personally when cats are named after gems( they don't even know what gems are) that's just what I personally believe - sorry if I have offended. And also with the sparkle... I cannot stand names that only represent how "beautiful" the cats are. Warrior names are supposed to represent personality traits as well.

Only surviving daughter to UM Jayfeather and Mapleshade! (what) She was born with the powers of time-travel to visit Jay's real crush, Half Moon. At night, she glows purple and loves to sing. She has super strength that lasts forever and defeats the DF just by thinking about. When she found an amethyst crystal in a deep cave, she was really scared but UHH TRANSFORMED INTO a... purple dragon! " W-What's happening to me!? " Amethystsparkle screeched and was teleported back to the ThunderClan camp! She saw that her Clan was being attacked by Twolegs! Immediately, she activated her dragon powers and killed all the Twolegs in the world! Then, ShadowClan attacked! Amethystsparkle thought- I must destroy them for the safety of my Clan! Just like that, ShadowClan was destroyed and everyone thought Amethystsparkle should be leader of all the Clans because she was half-fairy, could fly, and HAD LIT DRAGON POWERS. She became Amethyststar and became mates with... Scourge and Bone and Tigerstar ...more

21 Perfectstar

This sounds like a fake OC in a joke story

22 StarlightGlimmer

Isn’t this My Little Pony? �"Stormfire of RiverClan

23 Scarkill

JFC why did I add this?!?!?

24 Meowwish

This is the funniest thing ever because:
TyhoonFur is a SHE FAT!
Oh my StarClan I cracked up! Sincerely, Fox the Rogue

When I was playing a Warriors Roleplay game somebody was named this

Mother:HurricanePelt: She was half hurricane/Cat and she hated him she was the worst MOTHER
sidlings:TyhoonFur:SHE FAT
LiliTail:Pretty nice likes herbs
Back Story Parents:
GodHeart:HE GOD
HurricanePelt: His grandmother FlowerWish was nice and cute But she fell In love with a hurricane and mated after HurricanePelt was born she was bullied she was FAT and looked like a hurricane with fur and other cat STUFF
MEOWWISH was born and his mother hates him well he had SUPER POWERS WHICH WAS EVERYTHING
And he kill EvilCLAWS
MATE:LOTS ...more

25 Mistdiamond
26 Diamondecho
27 Rainbowpelt
28 Beautfullstar
29 Harmonysparkle
30 Twilightsparklekit
31 Shimmeringmoon

Wow. Just WTSC.

32 Starmoon

Both prefix and suffix are sacred. I think this is super- Mary-Sueish

33 Glittersparkles

This is my torllfic oc. Sorry I just had to add it here.

34 Glitterprincess
35 KawaiiStar
36 Starstar
37 Unicornheart
38 Brightshine
39 Perfectprettyfur
40 Meanguystar

Must I explain

41 Princesspuppy
42 Scarletshimmer
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