Top Ten Mary Sue Warrior Cat OC Names

Just a bunch of Mary Sue OCs that people have created as their OC, and I'm just saying the name. The theme is Warrior*cookie!* ;D

The Top Ten

1 Sparklegold
2 Twinkleglitter
3 Starrystar
4 Rainbowstripes
5 Moonbeamstar
6 Prettypelt
7 Pearlygalaxy
8 Glitterblast
9 Diamondsilver
10 Stargleam

The greatest Sue of them all. - PastelFlowers

The true name.

This name is like Star Flower in dawn of the clans bleh! - Songwind

The true sue. - UselessReptile

The Newcomers

? Amethystsparkle

Personally when cats are named after gems( they don't even know what gems are) that's just what I personally believe - sorry if I have offended. And also with the sparkle... I cannot stand names that only represent how "beautiful" the cats are. Warrior names are supposed to represent personality traits as well.

The Contenders

11 Beautifuleyes
12 Galaxyflower

Let's just pray that she was trolling.

I was roleplaying with my bff.. We aren't bffs anymore.

She was like:
Name: Moondustsparklegleamstargem
Gender: FEMALE
Parent: Dovewing and Scourge (what the freak? )
Back story: When Moondustsparklegleamstargem was only a kit she was the mystery kit of Dovewing and Scourge. She had all powers and was unable to be killed. She was mates with no tom but firestar, Graystripe, Bumblestripe, Hawkfrost, and Jayfeather liked her and wanted to be her mate. She chose Jayfeather and she's a Queen with 1biy kit named SUPERNOVAGEMBOMBKit. So her and Jayfeather were forbidden they ran away and had the kit.

._. I kicked her out of the roleplay. Also,she was one of the three because "Dovewing needed her daughter to be in there" and she has the power to never die, she can read minds, teleport, shape shift (._.) And *sighs* THE overused fur changer. She originally has a pink pelt with galaxy eyes and flecks of purple and moon prints all over her and a star on her forehead. ...more

13 Beautifulgalaxy
14 Starstarstar
15 Stargalaxy
16 Brightsky

I disagree with this this is a real name she's Mudfur's mate I think

17 Edgecry
18 Perfectawesome
19 Mistdiamond
20 Diamondecho
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