Most Emotional Bollywood Songs

Bollywood has got a lot of emotional songs. Here is a list of my favourite emotional songs. Please vote for your's.

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1 Jab Rulana Hi to Hasaya Kyu

Really a heart touching one

Really heart touching song...awesome

Most heart touching song..

Heart Touching song
Atif is best singer in whole world no one can beat him
Keep. Rockinng. Atiff

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2 Tu jaane na - Ajab prem ki gazaab kahani

This song is sung by atif aslam and it is damn awesome! - g916

This song is very awesome. Whenever I listen this song I cry


I agree with tu jaane na... Other songs are also emotinal such as main jaha rahoo and loadz but I like atif aslam.

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3 Tujhe Bhula Diya - Anjaana Anjaani

This is a superb song. This song is very heart touching song. It is also deserve in no 2. This is best forever song.
This is very beautiful song. This song is also very emotional song. Good song and my favorite song

Crooned by the most versatile Bollywood singer of today's time (since Nigam don't sing often) - Mohit Chauhan invokes pain with his vocals while the Sufi Alaaps by Shekhar and Shruti's soulful deep vocals makes this song mesmerizing and unforgettable.

I love this song when I heard this song I miss my friend a lot this is my favorite song forever


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4 Abhi Mujh Mein Kahin - Ajay-Atul & Sonu Nigam

A superb song... Fells like
Crying although quite a good 1

Great compositon & also phenomenal acting bu Hrithik in the song made it even more heart touching!

I love this song, song is so good

Touches my soul...

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5 Tune Jo Na Kaha - New York

Awesome song by atif aslam...
Hats off

Brilliant, heart touching song

Its an amazing song and the movie was also brilliant.

Very super

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6 Tum Hi Ho - Aashiqi 2

Its great song, best song...

It deserve 1st no
Yes the best song in history of Bollywood

It deserve 1st no...

This song is really a heart touching song I never feel bore when I listen to this song...superb tune and is sung with too much of feeling..i remember someone when I listen this song it sometime hurts me as I started crying when I listen to this..

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7 Jag Soona Soona Lage - Om Shanti Om

I like shahrukh sir the most in the world I want to meet you sir please

Its really wonderful song I like it very much...
Its very very sensitional song

Its really really really very heart touching song, I feel like crying after listening this...

Amazing song

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8 Bhare Naina - Ra One

Very nice and awesome song I love it

A very good song

This is the best dong ever listened by me

Lovely song full of emotions everyn it lovely
one should listen it.

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9 Emptiness - Rohan Rathore

It touch my heart...

Superb song I love it

Ossam song... Love it... !

I love this song... And I've been crying
Listening to this song. This song reminds me of someone
I will never forgive him, he did very bad to me I will never forget,
And listening this song I remind him and his all things :'(

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10 Maa - Taare Zameen Par

Its like one of the saddest songs about the bond of a child with his mom... Vote for it!

Every single time- and I mean EVERY SINGLE TIME- I watch taare zameen par this song breaks me down and gets those tears rolling on my cheeks

I don't think there is any Hindi film song more emotional than this one.. Think yourself..

Its fantastic, it shows the caring nature of mother's for her child

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The Contenders

11 Tere Liye - Veer Zaara

Beautiful heart touching song

Best heart touchi song for true lover

FirstI will hear it and then give any opinion

Awesome and I think it is very precious in Bollywood history

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12 Dil de Diya Hai - Masti

Love this song.. It tells us never betray your love one.. not it any situation

I love this song because I makes me remember 1 whom I loved very much

I love this this song is my world best song


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13 O Re Piya - Aaja Nachle

Rahet fateh ali khan sung this song. This song is very beautiful. - g916

This song is amazing feel

It is very nice song from aaja nachle

Amazing song I like this very much and I very impress to listen this song so Liston this and write your ideas to relate with this song. Amazing say again and again listen please listen.

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14 Do Pal Ki - Veer Zara

Unbeatable song all time hits

I have no words to say something about this song... Simply heart touching

Good song please listen it

A beautiful love song I love this song

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15 Jane Kyon - Always Kabhi Kabhi

A very nice song. - g916

It's a must listen song...

This song is oosam song this touch to heart

Mind blowing sing

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16 Pehli Nazar Mein - Race

Awesome Song

It directly touch our heart

I love this song since childhood. Brilliant piece of music!

Ranveer singh I like you

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17 Ishq Wala Love - Vishal & Shekhar

Superb emotional song felt like crying.

Wow its a awesome song

Surprising that it even exists in this list

Very loving song

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18 Tadap Tadap Ke Is Dil Se

This song is the best emotional song in Bollywood.

Nice song I like

Should be in top 10... one of the best of KK

One off the most emotional song in Bollywood history

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19 Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gayi - Ghajini

One of the Best songs given by A.R. rehman and Amir in the exceptional film of Ghajini. A song that communicates truly to the depth of ones heart. Unforgettable and Most Beautiful song.

This is an great song.just can't stop hearing it

Sooo much soulful

This song is very sad and Heart Touching... I LOVE MY

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20 Saans - Jab Tak Hai Jaan

This song is very much heart touching it should be in top 5

This is the best song ever! shreya Ghoshal is one of my favorite singers

It's a very heart beating song ossam song!

It's my favourite song

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21 Chahun Main Ya Naa - Aashiqui 2

I love that song heart touching song

I really love this song it's heart touching.

This song is suppose to be in top 10 guys...

Awesome song

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22 Phir Se - Rahat Fateh Ali Khan

Very best song


Beautiful song

so good

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23 Saiyaara - Ek Tha Tiger

Great song I like it so much

Its very heart touching song

It is the great song and I dedicate this to m s

I love this song

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24 Chaha Hai Tujhko - Mann

Wow! Great song! It makes me remind of my love..

I love it so much because it is really heart touching

I like this song very very much.

Myself mazhar I love some one

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25 Piya O Re Piya - Tere Naal Luv Ho Gaya

It makes me think of my first love...
It gives me a lot more memories back.
With heart I love it.

Best dong ever. Heart touching song.

Very emotional song truly

Than the lyrics music is so melody

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26 Phir Mohabbat - Murder 2

I love this song

Soothing song.. NICE TUNE.. Please vote..

Its really lovable song I lo54ve it

When I first heard dis song, it remembers me my beloved

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27 Tum Ho Toh - Rock On!!

Most soulful song as I think.. I love this song

I think its not about the favorite song.. Sometimes you don't know the heights of the feelings about that song.

Best emotional songs

Nice song..

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28 Bhula Dena - Aashiqui 2

A heart touching song... It takes you to an another world.

So sweet... So awesome... So touching... Just love it!

Dud really heart taching song...

Love this

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29 Noor E Khuda - My Name is Khan

Good meaning and too good music.

Great... I love this song... Sankar mahadevan rocks

Great song and great film

nice song

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30 Agar Tum Mil Jao - Shreya Ghoshal

Just wow

My sad songas well as shreya ghosal is my favourite lady singer

I love this song

Very fab song

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31 Raabata - Agent Vinod

One of the most meaningful lyrics in recent songs.

I always prefer lyrics over music.. But this song have both.. Awesome..

It is very nice song my heart filled with this song.

Superb song

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32 Ye Jism - Jism 2

This is the very best song..

Really love this song... One of my favorite

It is my favorite song in my life

This is very romantic song

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33 Tu Hi Re - Bombay


Awesome heart touching song

Its like a drug, feels like listening 100000... times a day

Its verry nice song this song is lovers touches

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34 Dooriyan - Love Aaj Kal

One fantastic soulful music along with awesome singing by Mohit Chauhan. It touches your heart sincerely...

Ya is a very good song

Nice song
Heart touching song
Whenever I'm sad I always listen this song after listening this song my mind become fresh

Best song if your going throught that emotion.

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35 Kahin to Hogi Wo - Jane Tu Ya Jane Na

Awesome song...

Make feel amazing...

My all time favourite song... Its an awesome song.

Has to be in the top fifteen if not top ten

I love that song

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36 I Love You - Bodyguard

Full of love

I just love this song

My most favorite song and always no1

This song brings back my childhood memories

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37 Mein Tenu Samjhawan

Heart touching song

I love this song...

So emotional very close to me

Outstanding I love this song

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38 Jeena Jeena - Badlapur

Always gives me goosebumps

It is sooo wonderful song sung by atif aslam and I feel so emotional whenever I heard it

Love this song

Amazing song

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39 Tum Ho - Rockstar

Just love the song yea so good

Awesome and slow song, beautiful lyrics

Very nice

It's my favourite song... I like that song very much...

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40 Sunn Raha Hai - Aashiqui 2

One of the best heart touching song I have ever heard!

I like this song

best song

This song is touching my heart

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41 Awari - Ek Villain

Love this song when someone breaks your heart but you still love her with broken pieces

Awesome song ever...


42 Chahun Main Ya Na - Aashiqui - 2

Awesome heart touching song!
Must listen!

It is very nice song

Love song fils good and I mis my love

Heart touching song! I love it

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43 Aisi Deewangi - Deewana

Prettiest heroine of Bollywood How early she came and how fast she left

Sd card

44 Tujhe Yaad Na Meri Aayee - Kuchh Kuchh Hota Hai

I love this song so much...

It touch my heart

It touch ma hrt

I love this song so much

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45 Sau Dard - Jaan-E-mann

This song its really awesome just like a reality of my life is like very much this song...

It's very good and feel Hart

I like this song... This song is a very nice

It is a very best song

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46 Gumsum Gumsum Pyar Ka Mausam - Rahat Fateh Ali Khan

Very very emotional song

My mama likes the song 2222222222222 much anyway a nyc voiced song

Really beet of heart


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47 Piya O Re Piya (Sad) - Tere Naal Love Ho Gaya

Heart touching song just feel it

Heart touching

This one is the very nice song

Very nice song ever...

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48 Maula - Jism 2

This song is truly remarkable.. Love it..

Really, If a heart can speak it will speak like that..

! LOvE thIs SOng...

This song is sung within the heart what a song!

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49 Bin Tere - I Hate Love Stories

This is just an awesome song!

Reprise version is more touching... Love this song!

Its really lovable song

Really a good song...

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50 Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna

Nice song... Emotional one.

The most emotional song in the world

It's a heart touching song...

Best emotional song

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