Most Exciting Baseball Players to Watch


The Top Ten

1 Ricky Henderson
2 Ken Griffey Jr.

He is the best

3 Barry Bonds Barry Bonds

In my opinion, he is the second greatest of all time. But he is the most exciting of all time. Even in both halves of his career. 90's: Speed, defense, and the homer. 2000's: Power, Power, Power, batting title even, the man made walks exciting. The only other player to make walks exciting is Ricky, and he stole bases!

Not to take away from the PEDs, during those years when he was dialed in, NOTHING got past him.
Dodger game: 1st inning, man on first, intentional walk
4th inning, bases EMPTY, intentional walk.
7th inning, bases EMPTY, they throw one pitch to him and it's out of the park in a big hurry.

4 Mike Piazza
5 Randy Johnson
6 Aaron Rowand

He's a five tool player and makes crazy good catches! - crazyeyes56

He makes crazy good catches! - crazyeyes56

7 Dan Uggla
8 Derek Jeter

This man is one of the best if not the best player to ever step on the baseball field and your gonna tell me he isn't even in the top 10 come on man

Best yankee ever besides babe ruth

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9 Ryan Howard
10 Jimmy Rollins

The Contenders

11 Torii Hunter
12 Will Clark

Played hard! Sweetest swing ever! Love the facial expressions... So intense. Met him in real life. Even cooler than I could have expected.

13 Joe Crede

So clutch and makes amazing plays at third base. Possibly the most underrated player in the Majors. - crazyeyes56

14 Willie Stargell
15 Curtis Granderson

In my opinon best met ever

16 Alex Rodriguez Alex Rodriguez
17 A.J. Pierzynski

Love him or hate him, he's always thinking one step ahead and is always giving people something to talk about. - crazyeyes56

18 Felix Hernandez
19 Justin Upton
20 Prince Fielder
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