L (Myung-soo)


This guy is so adorable and extraordinary. He's so talented and cool. He's amazing and so charming so no one can reject him. L is so handsome and his eyes are so attracted and I love him so much.

There's no words to explain about L. He is absolutely perfect. He is eye-catching. Adorable, hot... He must be at the top. He took my heart away from the first site.

He can act, sing, dance, play the guitar, you name it. And I love his nunchuck skills

You are handsome and cute you handsome without plastic surgery. You more handsome than jaejoong.

Perfect Eyes. The type of guy who can make people head turners and mouth watering.

You are the most handsome man in the world. You handsome without plastic surgery

L is perfect idol for me! And he's totally got my heart.

It's because I have fallen for him.. And It's because L is L. That's why I like him

He has good looks and he is talented that's why I love him

Myungsoo is perfect! He has a golden ratio face

I love you L. Nomather what I'll support you :-*

L is everything a girl would ask for.

He's a true definition of charming!

L is cute, charming and admirable.. ,

When I first saw him in T.V... I already melt haha he is so talented but when I saw him in reality shows my goodd he is such a dark. He's d reason why I've became fan of infinite.

He is literally perfect, he has a beutiful face and personality. He is good at acting and playing guitar and he wants to be a photographer (same as me) he is such an inspiration for a lot of us. He basically have everything that I want from a guy. I love him so muchh

L is so handsome and so unique,I'll always be his fan..I love myung so oppa...hope that god bless him


L is quite person but he is adorable and cutess person in Infinite. He just like Luhan (EXO) because he has anice smile that can make his fans impress hi.. His voice is too good.

Only one word that I can say to L." PERFECT "
That all I can say to L because I really adore him!
I really love L

She is in Top 2 in official so don't worry guys. HE is the most handsome guy in all kpop members. So don't worry. haha. We love you L. Remember guys,this is not the official.

I love L so umch he shoul ne number 1 I think he is the handest guy I had ever met! L fighting

L is truly handsome. He is totally fully packed.. DAEBAK. !
Kim Myungsoo Nae go haja!

I like him so much...more than other singer.He's so handsome,cute even sexy.His smile can make all fans melt in him...I like his smile too.I'm L oppa's fan.

L is handsome and he is so very long on kpop group and I wish l has a number 1 because camarin caloocan city all has infinite members all of school of caloocan infinite and L has a most handsome kpop group he is a king handsome