Top 10 Movie-Making Apps

It seems like every single day unveils a new round of movie-making apps guaranteed to make your mobile videos better than ever. Take a look at our guide to the best movie-making apps on the market.

The Top Ten

1 Creatures FX

In this versatile app, you can add weather effects, explosions, creatures and more! Add ghosts or dinosaurs and cast your friends to make them the stars of your movie. Creatures FX allows you to create epic dinosaur or combat battles and is a universal favorite for a special effects guru.

This app is awesome!


2 Movie Effect Creator

Be the star of your own action movie with Movie Effect Creator. With an easy to use design, use Movie Effect Creator s unique strategies to evolve your video into a high action show.

3 Reverse Movie FX

Quickly reverse your videos with Reverse Movie FX s magic effects. Create your own action world by using tools in your own pocket. Turn your home videos into professional editions for your friends and family to watch.

4 VideoShow: Video Editor & Maker

An Android app, VideoShow turns you into a superb director. VideoShow is extremely user-friendly, and you can even add stickers to your videos.

5 FxGuru

FxGuru provides awesome sci-fi effects on an easy to use mobile app. Designed for Android and iPhone, you can create high-quality movies quickly on your smartphone.

6 60+ Video Fx

True to its name, this app has over 60 special effects. Add a zombie attack, alien invasion, or another thriller.

7 iMovie

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IMovie is a popular choice for editing videos. It’s perfect if you’re shooting more realistic videos that require a higher level of detail and editing. Shooting more realistic videos that require a higher level of detail and editing.

8 Pic Perfect Movie Sticker Camera

This app has endless possibilities. Add an explosion, aliens, or demons to control your own movie.

9 Extreme Movie FX Sticker Edition

You can choose from a variety of effects to create a cool photo. Your friends and family will think you re starring in the next blockbuster!

10 Photo FX - Funny

Style your photos with funny filters and silly effects. This app only works for photos, but it s a good strategy if you want to add stills to your video.

The Contenders

11 Action Movie FX

This app is awesome! you get a good amount of stuff to start with and the special effects look amazing!

12 LumaFusion

A great application for movie editing for iOS. Lots of options here!

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