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21 Sai x Ino

The handsome and The beautiful

Should be arleast no.5

Haha! Its canon baby! They're just too sweet! Even they shipped Ino with Shikamaru... Ino doesn't have interest in Shikamaru nor Shikamaru doesn't have interest in her... I mean that Ino and Sai is so kawaii~! Ino and Sai may not have many moments but I can say that Ino had an interest on him since they met! Too perfect~! They even had a son, Inojin. So kawaii~!

22 Yahiko x Konan V 3 Comments
23 Sasuke And Ino (SasuIno)

Agree with the comment which say they look sexy together.

Ino is better with gaara and sasuke I don't care

For me, Sasuke and Ino are the greatest couple in 'Naruto'. They look great together. And they also match each other.

They are cool.

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24 Kiba x Hinata

Nah... Kiba knows better than anyone that Hinata likes Naruto in the show

I think Kiba and Hinata have more of older brother, little sister relationship than a romantic one

Stop being bitter guys. It's a good and cute couple. It will be better if Kiba ended up with Hinata. They are on the same team, they cared for each other, and Kiba is jealous at Naruto right? If it was developed it will be one of the best. And I think Narusaku is better than Naruhina(As a Hinata fan) And Kiba is like Naruto. If Hinata felt that Kiba was always there for her than Naruto then it will be better. - Roguella

It's really great ship, even tought that's impossible...
I mean, Kiba acts like he is or was in love with hinata, but she (obviously) choses naruto.. I think that they would make cute couple.

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25 Naruto x Ramen

Beautiful. Sasuke move out of the way ramen is here.

I 100% think this a great ship

This ship is truly a piece of art.

Best ship 10/10

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26 Jiraya x Tsunade

The perv and the woman with giant breasts... What can go wrong? I think they would be good together just by even looking at their names. In a mythical Japanese story, they are married.

Unrequited love of jiraiya to tsunade and the hidden feelings of tsunade to jiraiya. The tears of tsunade when jiraiya went to fight pain its breathtaking and its ironic how does jiraiya the womanizer has one and only lobe and that is tsunade,

"I have already given my heart to a woman, but she has had her heart broken so many time she now rejects love." Jiraiya about Tsunade

Tsunade and Jiraya would've been cute together. It's too bad Tsunade lost too many loved ones after putting her whole entire being into trusting and loving them only to lose them right away.

Including with Jiraya when he convinced her to let him battle pein.

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27 Boruto x Sarada

I like this pairing. I mean, Sarada even stalked him, just like Hinata did, and what did that lead to? Marriage!

Just saying there parents ARE Sasuke and Sakura not stupid Karin

For the new generation


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28 Sakura x Lee

I always thought that Sakura should have said yes when Lee asked her out. I mean he's so devoted to her, even more than Naruto is.

Lee and Sakura is a VERY good couple even though Sakura and Sasuke are a better couple.

Although I ship SasuSaku, when Lee was in the hospital and Sakura brought him flowers, I was so happy.

I personally feel like Sakura didn't really do anything to deserve him. Lee is such a great guy. Sakura on the other hand values superficial details more than what's truly inside (Everything about Sasuke and her, and even her true respect for Naruto as a friend only coming after he got strong)
So in my opinion this isn't a good shipping because Lee deserves to get as much respect and love as he gives out, and Sakura just couldn't give him nearly enough respect.
The flowers she was giving were nice, I'll give this ship that much, but her extent of caring for him enough for me to see this as a good couple stopped after he got better and had his surgery.

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29 Sasori x Deidara

It was just adorable how they fought like a married couple

Don't mind the homophobic thumbs down folks. This pairing is awesome and they are adorable together.

They are like the best couples ever they are so cute!

I've always loved these two together, and I always will. SasoDei/DeiSaso for life!

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30 Kakashi x Hanare

If you don't remember this episode, you should watch it again. I was literally crying when she jumped of the cliff, I mean poor Kakashi! He lost a girl who he really loved. (naruto shippuden episode 191)

No no no, this couple should have been re-introduced back to the show because they're relationship and connection was so strong. And they are both good looking so they can make nice babies together. And they should be higher too.

Hanare... She's so beautiful... And they're a perfect couple... - archiesweirdmysteries

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31 Karin x Suigetsu

These two might fight a lot, but I still think they would be perfect if Karin gave up on Sasuke and realized how much of life she missed.

They are just perfect, like, seriously

They are quite cute together...I head x shark boy (lol)...yes they fight and piss eachother off but I think they haven't not their feelings towards eachother

They're perfect. The cutest thing in this romance is that they HATE eachother with passion! It's my otp, seriously.

32 Lee x Tenten

These 2 have always made me happy, ever since he caught her after Temari threw her off her fan at the chunin exams

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33 Kakuzu x Hidan

Why is this not up here yet?

I love this so much!

WOOT! This ship is awesome. :3

And if you're gonna hate on, then go ahead and hate!


One of my favorite yaoi ships! 😎Although I ship Hidan with Jashin! 😎

34 Dan x Tsunade V 1 Comment
35 Choji x Ino
36 Tsunade x Dan
37 Gaara x Hinata

These two just both seem so different from everyone else that they go perfectly together. I mean Gaara was yelled at for being to strong and Hinata was too weak. And I know people are going to kill me for not pairing Hinata with Naruto.

I think that they would go well together because Gaara is so protective and Hinata is so hard working. I'm just so into Naruto x Hinata that I just can't devote to this.

No, just no. It doesn't work

Well, both adore Naruto

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38 Gaara x Naruto

I think that this ship just works because Gaara and Naruto are BFF's also Naruto saved Gaara from himself and I think that we should give him more credit for that.

I think it's the way they broke down each other's walls and still excepted one another, also they are cute together.

They understand each other's pain of being alone, so maybe they could be together! I think they're perfect for each other.

Gaara always speaks about Naruto and praises him for being his savior and the one who made him a better man. The whole ep 388 "My First Friend", Gaara talks about how Naruto "sent ripples though my heart." they are such a healthy couple.

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39 Sai x Deidara

I love these two together! I mean what's cuter than a couple with matching hair styles!?

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40 Itachi x Sasuke

My gad here at HOLY ANGEL!

Mga bobo mas okay to!



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