Sasuke and Sakura


Sakura never loved Sasuke. She was obsessed with him. That's why when he left she talked about how SHE would be affected. How SHE would feel. How SHE would cope. She never considered Sasuke's feelings. Her bond was never as strong with Sasuke's like Sasuke's was with Naruto's. It's just a horrible ship altogether.

The best and the most interesting pairing, it's the type where you need to look at little details to understand the whole picture. Relationships don't always start full of sunshine and rainbows, they had hard pasts before becoming couple unlike other ones where they make it so simple and nothing wrong types which is not realistic. I like when there's a character with deeply troubled past and then there's someone who wants to help him, those types always have hard time at the beginning but the guy changed for the better now, no matter how much people hate them, they have both moved on and are happy, only the haters can't move on or understand them sadly. Its not a pairing which is easy to understand, those who have had difficulties in the past and more rational thinking people tend to understand more

I don't really know why people glorify this relationship even when it makes no sense and definitely unrealistic. Reading the whole series makes me more confused about this relationship, or uncertain it is. To be honest I never seen sasuke treated sakura as an important one except as naruto, sarada and boruto. This "marriage" turns sakura to be an obsessive girl, which just ruins her character/. - gingin_27

The best way to describe sasusaku is that it's not comprehensible for those who didn't pay attention to details of any relative moments between Sasuke and Sakura. It's an hidden romance. The bitter one. An exact opposite of fairy tales which Sakura used to belive in her childhood. She could never imagine that one day her most serious decision is killing the love of her life because he has joined the akatsuki and has become a villain and even worse she never thought Sasuke is ready to kill her too. ( episode 214- which we all know That back then Sasuke had lost his mind, having problem with digesting the truth about Itachi.)

Sakura's love for Sasuke is unconditional. She may have started a fan girl, but everyone expresses there love differently. At the end, her loyalties still stand by Sasuke showing that she was true with her feelings and her love wasnt just a crush.

As for Sasuke, he had always hold his guard up ever since the day of the massacre. The idea of love is lost for him. If u pay close attention to Sasuke's reactions for Sakura, you would notice that it turned soft, has a twinge of longing, or pained.

Their love story is not perfect but that's what makes it incredible.


I have been a big fan of anime as long as I can remember, I've joined a lot of fandoms and ships here and there, but I can honestly say that SasuSaku is the BEST pairing I have ever seen. There's something about them and their connection that is so unique, that even if no matter how much their relationship messed up in the middle of Shippuden, I never gave up and still rooted for them. Now here we are in the world of being officially CANON! Note: if you search for "Our feelings are connected", "eyesmex" and "The ultimate expression of love" in Google images you will get SasuSaku :D

I'm sorry -- this couple does not make sense. At the beginning, Sasuke saw Sakura as an annoying fangirl. But over time, he began to view her as a sister. Okay, makes sense, they've gone through stuff together. But for him to hook up with her, nah. Nah. If Sasuke ever had to be with a girl, Sakura would be one of the least likely to have a good relationship with him.

Uchiha's love is always genuine it is proven all through out the series that this Clan's Love can go far as much as possible. So I never doubt when Sasuke finally let Sakura let in his life. Their family is full of love.

ANNOYING, cause Sakura only likes Sasuke for his looks, and that makes my blood boil. and GOODNESS KNOWS why Sasuke likes Sakura... Overall, this pairing is a big nope. /:

Beautifully perfect together with a delicious salad on the side

I hate this couple, it makes ZERO sense.

Okay so Sakura always had a BIG crush on Sasuke and Sasuke? He is not known for showing his feelings, however, Sakura may be the first person he has opened his heart to and they learn to love each other even their flaws. The last chapter totally melted my heart, when Sasuke apologizes for making the one he loves suffer from his vacancy. Knowing she suffered, he always tried to break her heart even more when he had the chance to.

Now the question is, how does breaking Sakura's heart make Sasuke someone who loves Sakura?

Okay, LOOK! Sasuke always had known Sakura's feelings and he didn't want Sakura to love a criminal and traitor like him. It broke HIS heart when it broke SAKURA's heart! He knew she deserved better and needed someone better! Like seriously, he didn't want Sakura to suffer more than she had deserved to and wanted her feelings gone for him so she wouldn't feel unloved by the one she longs!

Sasuke and Sakura are meant to be! They eventually have a ...more

Sasuke tried to kill Sakura...SO ROMANTIC!

Everyone says that Hinata was always there for Naruto but I think Sakura was always there for Sasuke even in his darkest times and I think it is the main love theme of Naruto.

First off, this couple is a read between the lines one. They have a few direct moments, and yes, they do get married and have a kid, but to find chemistry in Naruto and the earlier parts of Shippuden, you really have to read between the lines and infer their feelings sometimes. I honestly don't love this couple, they could have been a lot better, but it's not as terrible as some other Naruto couples out there. Though its was mostly one sided, it grows more complex(this is because of Naruto's long running time).

Please NO! I hate that this is canon. When I have not known of Saranda at first, I have thought that this would produce ugly babies with pink hair and one green eye and one black eye. Totally creepy.

To everyone who said this wasn't going to happen - In your faces!

I really love this couple! Of course sakura likes sasuke with no reason but when they're in the same team sakura knows sasuke better and her love for home began grower and grower and sasuke really cares for sakura and I find it cute and the last chapter they have a one child which means sasuke loves sakura too. Naruhina is my second because they look pretty cute together

These two have great chemistry, and are honestly 'opposites attract' in its truest form. Sakura wears her heart on her sleeve and Sasuke guards his as much as possible. Sasuke needs Sakura to teach him to trust the people he cares about, and Sakuse can teach her not to be so naive. It's the perfect match!

I really hate this pairing. It's unhealthy and I can't imagine them being happy together. For god's sake, he left her behind to raise their daughter on her own. She didn't even have a good picture of them together, she had to make a collage. That's just sad... - Amilee

I love this couple they are super cute together

They were always meant to be together from the start of the series

I'm sorry, but why are people voting for it, yet talking about it? If you don't like it, ignore it. If you like it, say something nice about it. Geez :/

Complicated pairing! Sakura is the least annoying of all Sasuke's fangirls. A lot of people asked why she still loved him after leaving Konoha. That's a fair question but I personally found it kinda romantic, because I believe there are blind love. And that's Sakura's case, plus I never considered Sasuke as an antagonist/evil character. And they totally worth each other, becoming annoying as hell in this dumb last arc! - irismatidia

I LOVE THIS COUPLE! I love how Sakura grew stronger as she got older and saved him. I don't like when she said she'd betray Konoha just for him though...this is first and Naruto and Hinata are 2nd for me