Top Ten Most Overrated Things in High School


The Top Ten

1 Popularity

Yeah, it's great that you're oh so popular and everyone loves you now, but the sad truth is that the entire building will probably forget about you after you graduate, and that's also when popularity means nothing anymore. (Not that it ever did)

Stupid Hollywood capitalist culture promoting competition, just ignore it. It won't save you from the streets.

Why do people worry so much about popularity? It's not like it will matter when you're out of high school. - Metarock

At the end of the day, who cares. People make big deal out of it. - RustyNail

2 Football

It dominates every other sport - RustyNail

3 Prom

Especially the girls, buying insanely expensive ( yet pretty,..not a jerk) dresses only to be worn once. - RustyNail

I plan to go in jeans and a t-shirt,then eat the entire buffet (If my cheap school actually provides one,which I highly doubt.)

4 Student Council/President

All it is a glorified popularity contest. I mean honestly..when was the last time you actually listened to what the canidates had the say? - RustyNail

Why is this here? these are good! They help solve problems!

In high school, my friends and I started a student council just to complain about our special ed homeroom teacher. Here's a typical meeting:

Me: We are sick and tired of the way our teacher treats us
Friends: yeah!
Me: She is so mean and yells at us all the time
Friend #1: I agree. She yelled at me for doing my work!
Friend #2: her voice is scary
Friend #3: I got in trouble for asking to use the bathroom!
Me: We got to do something! If not, she'll torture us forever!
Friend #1: She is such an a**!
Me: EXACTLY! We are all gonna put an end to this. Who's with me?
Friends: YEAH!

5 Eoc/Act Test
6 Drug Testing
7 Dating

Love in high school is overrated. It won't last.

Can't we just focus on education so that we have a better future? Plus school has a lot of interesting things that spices up school life. Plus friendship with opposite sexes are not restricted to dating or love.
Anyway, these dates are just clones of Sweatshirt's music video, only the scene is outside of school. - MChkflaguard_Yt

Such a dumb waste of time, and it’s not even real love. - Aha223

8 Weights Class

Every guy in any sport in there, thinks its important and better than everything else. Oh you can squat 350 lbs? Cool, now put it to work. Go pick up 50-80 lbs square hay bales on a truck pulled wagon in 100 degree heat with no wind in July and stack them on top of each other and continuously get on and off the wagon and do that all afternoon. THEN, go To a barn and stack them in a near 50 ft high pyramid style in the corner and carry them up to the top in a near 125 degree roof. Lets see how strong you really are! - RustyNail

9 Homecoming Parade
10 Homecoming

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? Track

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11 Spirit Week
12 Pep Rallies
13 Plays/Musical

All the plays are either reenactments of kids' cartoons, movies, famous novels, or Broadway musicals.

14 Student Dances
15 Fortnite

I agree with this because I can't survive a day without hearing about fortnite

16 P.E.
17 Furries Furries
18 Fitness Tests
19 Special Ed
20 Math
21 SATs
22 The ACT
23 Romance Romance
24 Concerts
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