Top Ten Most Overwhelming School Subjects

Top five worst school subjects. (by the way, Overwhelm is a synonym for worst, if you didn't know. )

The Top Ten

1 Mathematics

I'm Asian and I find math hard

It's not that bad, the only thing is that it is hard.

Many Asians find Mathematics easy.

I beat myself up because I used to have a C+, but then the hellish nightmare called fractions gave me a D+.


2 Language Arts

It's not that's it's hard, but it is EXTREMEMLY boring.

3 Social Studies / Integrated Studies

Plain Boring and Pointless.

4 Science

Why would people want to learn how plants grow, or how the planets work? It does nothing to you in life.

Investigating science does more than expand the knowledge of humankind regarding how the universe functions, it enables us to change our world by manipulating those phenomena. Learning how plants grow links to learning how the ecosystem is flawed and how to repair the damage done to it, which we would have not known the cause of without science. It also links to defining life and offering a way to explain the implications of the laws of thermodynamics, which we have and will continue to use to build and enhance the efficiency of our technological devices, and potentially to explain how the world will end. With that in mind, understanding how the planets work will enable us to locate a new colony for when ours is no longer habitable, and understanding how to replicate their mechanics towards the mechanics of our spaceships will enable us to settle on it. Science is everywhere, and it is quintessential not only in individual lives, but the bigger picture. Without our understanding of ...more - PositronWildhawk

Screw you all saying science sucks!

5 History

History sucked when I was a kid, especially learning about WWI.

6 Robotics
7 English
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