Top Ten Places to Live In If You Were a Warrior Cat

Ever wondered where to camp out? As a Warrior Cat, these are the must be places!

The Top Ten

1 A Forest

Greens all around you... Breath in fresh air and listen to the babbling of a stream... The tweet of birds...

The dump would be nice, but the Forest would be the best home for a warrior cat

Definitely the best option for a cat

So peaceful and no two legs

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2 A Dump

Really, the trash tastes lovely! - Memery24

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3 A River

Think of all the types of fish you could eat! Yum..

So peaceful, until you splash in the water. - Memery24

What? No way! I would love to be a RiverClan cat and live beside water! - RiverClanRocks

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4 The Top of a Tree

I like look down on enemy cats from a tree. I will actually probably will get enemy cats in my territory. I would really like the view too. And I could make an awesome nest.

You could have a nice view and you could catch squirrels and birds and do a surprise attack on your enemies!

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5 In Twolegplace

No other cat would want to live there, so you would be safe. - Memery24

Twolegs would drop food on the floor. It would be a nice catch of the day.

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6 A Gorge

Yap push your enemy's into it LOL - Leaftail

Push the cats you don't like down the edge, laugh out loud. - Memery24

7 A Swamp

Hide in the swamp and yowl. "I am a swamp beast." - Memery24

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8 A Moor

You can run like the wind and be the fastest cat there is! You can hunt rabbits and dig tunnels underground. It will be so much fun!

You'll always be fit and and to that, you get the biggest pieces of prey

9 In the Mountains

You can live in caves and scare intruders away. You can hunt eagles and mice on the horizon until it gets dark. Cover yourself with mud and you will become invisible and can blend in within your surroundings!

10 Farm

You could stay inside the barn and there would be lots of mice

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The Contenders

11 Abandoned Amusement Park

Warrior Cats 2: The Abandoned Amusement Park. - RiverClanRocks

Lots of nausea-inducing rides and dropped food!

12 Highstones

I don't know It would be fun for me

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13 Woodland
14 In a Twoleg House
15 A Bathtub
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