Top 10 Best Poo-Pourri Scents

Remember this?

If you're like a lot of people, you probably thought it was a joke when you first saw it. Certainly, nobody would try to sell a real product like that.

But now we know better. Poo-pourri is a real thing and the people behind it are real geniuses. Were it not for the quirky marketing, who knows if anyone would have cared about a spray composed of essential oils that was created as an all natural solution to a natural problem. And who knows if the company would have sold over 10 million bottles an counting.

So what exactly is Poo-Pourri? It's a spray that you spritz into the toilet bowl before you go that creates a film on the surface of the water that acts as a protective barrier. According to the company, this barrier traps odors under the surface so all you smell is "a refreshing bouquet of natural essential oils." So whether you are squatting at home, at work, at a friend's, or in a public restroom, you can avoid embarrassment and do you part to leave things even better than how you found them.

The Top Ten

1 Original Citrus

A mix of lemon, bergamot, and lemongrass.

Perfect for someone who suffers from migraine headaches which may be induced by different scents! Never a trigger!

Doesn't bother my allergies. Can't tolerate many flower scents. Products work very well

2 Lavender Vanilla

A mix of lavender, vanilla, and citrus.

Really nice scent, love the lavender

I love the lavender scent. I wish it came in a room spray also

I really love this scent it makes the bathroom smell great.

3 Royal Flush

A mix of eucalyptus and spearmint.

I consider this one to be more of a natural, not heavy scent. This is my number one choice. I have a smallish bottle I carry in my purse.

This is the only scent that covers the worst smell ever in our house.

I love the way this smells! - Msmann

4 Heaven Scent

No an overwhelming scent. My son likes this one, it isn't too flowery.

I love this one...but now I can't find it

I really like this scent. My favorite in scents I have tried so far.Bathroom always smells good.

I've been looking for Heaven Scent for two years. Did the company stop producing it? I'd like to purchase a 16 oz. refill bottle. Love this fragrance.

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5 Trap-A-Crap

A mix of cedarwood and citrus.

Love it.

6 Secret Santa

A mix of cinnamon, vanilla, and citrus.

Ah Mazing!

7 Vanilla Mint

A mix of vanilla, mint, and citrus.

The aroma can make your tooshy minty but smells so good. Worth it.

8 Poo La La

A mix of peony, rose, and citrus.

9 Deja Poo

A mix of white flowers and citrus.

Wonderful scent!

Love the scent, light but does the job!

Like fresh flowers in the room

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10 Call of the Wild

The scent of wild ruby red grapefruit.

If you like a more prominent citrus smell, this is the one.

Really nice fragrance and holds it's own in the bowel...really does the job.

The Contenders

11 Juniper Woods

A mix of juniper, eucalyptus, and citrus.

12 Party Pooper
13 Tropical Hibiscus

Tropical Hibiscus Poo-Pourri is my personal favorite and smells like tropical skittles

Yes no one will know what just took place at all.

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