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Contact lenses are a fantastic advancement in optometry and today's contact lenses are far and beyond the lenses of just a few years ago (remember "nobody move, Dad's contact fell out and we need to look for it"?). With how easy and comfortable contact lenses are today, it's little wonder that millions of people wear them.

Choosing the best contact lens for you makes a difference in how well your eyes feel and how overall benefit you will get from wearing contact lenses.

Here is a list of the top ten best contact lenses.
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1 Acuvue Oasys

I love the Acuvue Oasys brand of contact lenses. The only thing I dislike is that I have to go in for a new eye exam every year even though my prescription hasn't changed in six years. I would like to order this brand in surplus this time after my eye exam so I can forgo the eye exam next year. It's just a waste of time doing repeat eye exams when the vision hasn't changed at all over time. I agree with a previous review I was reading, stating that the 30-day wear feels so comfortable that I almost go beyond the 30 days because they still feel as comfortable as day one. I am a loyal Acuvue Oasys fan, indeed!

I happened to find this page and quickly jumped up to check what brand my contacts are. Yes! Number one! Okay, so I'm weird. Overall, they're very comfortable, and you can see clearly and perfectly with them. I have been wearing glasses for eleven years (since I was four), and I recently got contacts. I never knew that this was what the world looked like! I have extremely poor eyesight and am nearly blind in one eye. Even colors look different with these contacts. You really do discover new things every day.

2 Biofinity

I am a competitive snowboarder and I often take multiple hard hits to my head and body. Out of several impacts in all directions, these contact lenses have only fallen out once when I was hit in the eye. Great adhesion, super clear vision, and soft comfort make these lenses the best I've worn. However, I'm not too sure about the overnight sleeping part. My eyes always become red and dry when I wake up. However, good contact lens eye drops seem to do the trick. I also take them out, rehydrate them, and put them back in.

I have worn Acuvue lenses for 15-20 years. My doctor switched me from the Acuevue II to Oasis because my eyes weren't getting enough oxygen. I found the Oasis heavy and uncomfortable. She just switched me to Biofinity, and I love them so far. My favorite lenses ever were by Ocular Science (defunct), and apparently, the Biofinity guys had bought Ocular Science when they went under. They are 50% more expensive per lens than Acuvue, but they last 30 days, so they end up being cheaper per year to wear!

3 Air Optix Night & Day Aqua

I have worn contacts for nearly 15 years and have tried many brands, from Focus Daily, Oasis, and Pro Clear. The Air Optix Night &. Day are definitely the best ones so far. They are designed for extended wear, which is probably why they are more comfortable. I don't wear these to sleep, but it is good to know that I could take a nap in them every once in a while. I don't really see any reason why people should ever sleep in their contacts, except for special occasions where they are traveling or away from home. Very good product and possibly the best.

Oasis is meant to be a two-week contact for a reason. After the first week, it's amazing, but then it doesn't feel the same way it does on the first day. Night and Day feels amazing from day 1 and just as good on day 30. In fact, it's so good that I forget it's been 30 days because my contacts feel amazing. Biofinity is the same. Biofinity is probably just as good as Night and Day. Night and Day just allows a bit more oxygen.

4 Freshlook Colorblends

I had never been satisfied with any brand as I am satisfied with Fresh Look. It's simply awesome and recommended if you want to change your look by changing your eye color.

I really love them, they're really fresh and soft! I can't believe they are so soft and fresh. I recommend them to you.

I use them, and they don't look fake (the natural ones) and show the pupil well. They also are really comfortable.

5 Focus Dailies

I've been using lenses for 40 years and have tried different brands, but I always go back to Focus Dailies. They have the best comfort (after Dailies Total1), but at the right price. Best brand.

6 Biotrue

Comfortable all day long. My eyes never feel dry. Love them.

7 PureVision

I used to wear Acuvue Oasys for several years until the quality severely degraded. Now they tear all the time and dry out. I switched to PureVision, and they are much better quality. They are comfortable, more durable, and made my vision more crisp.

Just started using them and I don't even notice them, not even for the right eye, which has astigmatism. I can wear them 12 to 14 hours without any real dryness. I use drops about 2 times a day. First contacts I've tried, and I don't believe I need to try another.

I tested contact lenses for the first time. I was searching for B&L Ultra for presbyopia. Unfortunately, in August 2016, that was not available in Portugal. The contactologist gave me B&L HD PROVISION multifocals. They gave me perfect near, medium, and far vision. But I noticed that the lenses dry very fast. I could barely use them for more than 3 hours without using teardrops.

8 Solotica

They look beautiful. However, they are not very soft.

They look so natural.

9 Acuvue 2

I've been wearing Acuvue 2s for 10 years. My optometrist thinks it's an old brand and wants me to switch. I've tried Oasys and a few others, but I can feel the edges of those when I put them in.

I can't feel the 2s at all! They're so comfortable!

I love my Acuvue 2 Color lenses. I've worn them for years with no problems ever.

10 Acuvue Advance
The Contenders
11 Acuvue Oasys for Astigmatism

Best contacts you can get! Comfortable all day, never had them fall out even when dry, and they tend to last longer than 2 weeks and still feel great! I usually wear mine until they start to get uncomfortable, and it's usually a month of daily use before that happens. Have tried different brands three times, and they are all uncomfortable and move around in my eye. But Acuvue Oasys for Astigmatism is different!

I don't have astigmatism, but I can assume this product is great because I have Acuvue Oasys. I do think this should just be under Acuvue Oasys, though.

12 O2 Optix

I've been using them for 2 years, and they are extremely comfortable. I am glad that I got this brand, for it lasts me a long time. It's like I am seeing everything in high definition! I recommend this brand for anyone!

Great, clear contact that holds together and doesn't wrinkle up like the cheap thin types. Comfortable all day and reusable for a month! Highly recommended.

13 Total 1

I have worn contacts for 30 years. Total 1s are, without a doubt, the most amazing contacts I have ever used. Vision remains clear at all times. They also seem to correct my astigmatism. I frequently surf with these fitted, taking many tumbles. I do not wear goggles, and these always remain on my eyes. 10/10.

I've worn contact lenses for the last 30 years. I've tried all brands, including those at the top of this list. None compare to Total 1. They are the best contacts ever. Period.

I am super allergic and have always rejected most of the lenses, but these are super comfortable!

14 Air Optix Multifocal
15 Bausch + Lomb

I've worn them for 15 years and have had no problems with Optima FM. It's the best brand for me. Unfortunately, they are not available in Ireland. I would love to go back to my beloved Optima.

16 Avaira
17 1-Day Acuvue

Best for daily wear, and better than the new brands released by Johnson and Johnson. Comparatively, it causes the least eye problems. Worn for years, with no issues.

Very comfortable. With the Lacreon technology, it has a higher moisture time. A little bit pricey since it's a daily disposable contact.

18 Proclear Sphere

I've used Proclear for over 6 months. Very often, you can't feel it. It's more expensive, but worth it. I'd clean it really well and could easily extend my wear by a few weeks.

19 Safe-Gel 1day
20 SoftVue II
21 Solo Care
22 1 Day Acuvue Define
23 Essilor
24 Soflens 38
25 Adore Tri-Tone
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