Uchiha Itachi

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Itachi is the strongest ninja ever why?

1-if you wanna a waken the mangekyou sharingan you have to kill someone dear on you itachi killed the whole entire his village, so how powerful really he is?

2- he got a lot of strikes
*- Amaterasu : if it touched u, you done for it.
*- susanoo : the ultimate defense weapon.
*- yasaka magatama: ths blade can destroy anythings.
*- Izanami :the forbidden genjutsu.
*- totsuka blade :with the sword itachi can seal anythings.
*- tsukuyomi: the genjutsu that put your soul in miserable condition and can broke over the genjutsu like what happen in epis. 337 naruto shippuden.
*- yata's mirror : its can reflect any attack.
*- shadow crow jutsu:everybody knows what is it.
*-fireball jutsu:

That what itachi have of course not all of it but the strongest strike.

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Itachi bit orushimaro whit one move (totsuka blade) and sealed it.
Itachi bit nagato not the puppet one like ...more

danzo stated that sasuke's genjutsu was poor compared to itachi's. and itachi died only cause he wanted to we never saw his true power which we know is more than the most powerful guy right now had (sasuke)

look guys itachi has the yata morror witch repels everything and has the tutsuka blade that pearsrs through any thing even the nine tails so I think I made my self clear

He beat pain, best a genjutsu, best at fire style, has mangeyko sharingan and an invincible susanoo which is equipped with the sword of tosuka. He was extremely tiry if you passed his genjutsu you had to beat his ninjutsu if amateratsu didn't kill you than his final than is susanoo and htan your done in an instant. He beat orochimaru twice as well and him and shishui were the resounding prodigies of the uchiha clan. He beat kakahsi guy asuma and kurenai with little ease as well. - mcarzwashere

Itachi got to be the best ninja. Not only he had super strong ninjutsu, he also possessed super intelligence, and this is the most important element for a ninja. Naruto might carry many strong ninjutsu and chakra, but his intelligence and planning ability are far behind Itachi. If Itachi really wanted to kill or defeat Naruto or Sasuke, they would've died or defeated instantly.

The reason itachi (god bless his soul) is and will always be the strongest apart from the sage of six paths. Itachi has basically only shown us Susaano and his genjutsu. Look at pain he has what 50 jutsus and naruto gave him hard time. Itachi has only a few jutsus (that we have seen) and he chopped kabuto. At the beginning of itachis fight with kabuto we had doubted itachi but when itachi told him your fate is sealed we knew that kabuto is screwed.

I believe itachi is the most powerful character so far in naruto he recently broke free of the edo tensei, and effortlessly sealed a more powerful nagato with a little help from bee and naruto but still with little effort so he planned ahead so far after his death that he is back and now is after kabuto

Always thought he was the best are abilites, but I didn't like him at all but I c differently.

After I found out why he killed his clan and how much he loved sasuke I fell for him he is now my fav character!

PS hope Sasuke doesn't die in the end wish he would get with sakura

to quote Zetsu, "Itachi's practically invincible" with Susano'o having a sword that seals everything away and the shield which reflects all attacks

He is the most patriot character in anime and sees what is gonna be in future and plans everything to protect his village. You can't imagine what he gonna do another time. He is absolutely vice and respected for everyone who watches anime.

Itachi is the only character yet to lose a battle to the viewers eyes, the only loss he has taken has been to self defeat and his other agendas so far. He's not only strong but he probably is the most intelligent character. I would also go as far to say he's one of the strongest anime characters I've seen...

Ultimate mangekyou sharingon holder. his amaterasu will burn amy target. His susanoo is ultimate defense and offense. anbu leader

Itachi is awesome and I think he has reached the level of hashirama and madara and also he has a hokage level now. If I made a top. I would place him in number 2 with madara or hashirama and I would place number 3 Nagato and minato

Most powerful by far, by the series he was already sick and weakened and was still one of the more powerful characters in the series

Itachi never failed in anything he did. He is still the best. He has powers we never dreamed of. We all would be proud if he kill Madara.

He might not be the most powerful ninja but he was the most skilled in my opinion he knew how to use what he had better then just about anyone else if he was at 100% health and it was a fight to the death only maybe the sage of the six paths could beat him.

WHAT IS WRONG WITH EVERYONE!?!?! This Man Killed His ENTIRE Clan Of OTHER SHARINGAN USERS!...BY HIMSELF... UMMM. One of the top 3 clans in the SHINOBI world if not the strongest. He killed them all... By himself... No one ever defeated Itachi besides Sasuke because he let him...and he was ill... Everyone feard his name including Kage's. He was Intelligent, skillful and to be honest scary as hell. He never ceased to amaze me before his death and AFTER HIS DEATH. He is #1 not the main character... Sorry.

Because itachi was a ultimate fighter, he is the strongest character in Naruto due to madara order he became a antagonist, and know one can't beat him

1 man that kill the entire uchiha clan less than a night (except sasuke and tobi), when the strongest clan, the senjus had a tough time holding their own against with comrades... WELL THEN IT'S TIME TO VOTE!

Itachi is in my opinion the ultimate ninja. He has amazing sharingan and of course had the power of susanoo and amaterasu. Itachi had amzing speed and strength and killed his whole clan in one night. I dought that even the ninetail would have chance against his amazing abilities. Itachi has always been my favorite and I think that he truly deserves the crown of most powerful ninja.

Itachi is undoubtedly the strongest character in naruto, maybe the whole anime world. he is the strongest genjutsu caster, can cast hundreds of ninjutsu without anyone even with a sharingan can notice ( kakashi when he first sees Itachi when he comes to the village seeking naruto ). He is an expert at taijutsu and he has NEVER got a single scratch on him which he didn't want. The only marks he ever got were from sasuke, whom Itachi wanted to be the one to kill him. Even when he murdered the whole Uchiha clan, he didn't get injured or even break a sweat. He is just the strongest character in the whole of naruto.

He is a good good fight but he do bad bad thing I think he smart smart but sometime he no like naruto he worse enemy spongebob but that bad bad I like spongebob

itachi is the most powerFUL N C

He's the strongest.. He has the legendary sword which can tear of the nine tails also. He has susanoo best offense and defense...

better then madara... so sad he died... of natural causes :'(