Top 10 Prettiest Male Kpop Idols

The Top Ten Prettiest Male Kpop Idols

1 Kim Hyun-joong

Kim Hyun Joong the most beautiful man in the world, all in him is beautiful.

I love him! But sometimes I don't like it when he as long hair. he should stay with short hair. he's so cute!

Kim Hyun Joong the most beautiful man in the world, with the most beautiful smile and gaze!

When I first saw, he conquered his smile is the most beautiful man in the world

2 G Dragon

Gd is beyond stylish! From his debut to now he has always had unique style! He is also definitely the prettiest considering he played girls before in parody dramas and still looked prettier than most girls!

He is super awesome, and I love his songs so much. Maybe he is a bit overrated but he deserves all the attention

He is so cute! Especially when he's doing that bite-lip of his while smiling widely. No one prettier when he does that. His face is small and his skin is so good. And his facial expression's range is so wide. He can be sexy, dorky, cute, manly, all that with that "pretty" atmosphere around him

GD is king of fashion! He always look swag and cool!

3 T.O.P - Big Bang

Most people would think T.O. P is sexy and handsome, I also think that but overall, I think he is the most adorable being to ever exist.

Come on people.T.O. P can impregnate you simply by giving you a glance how is he not #1 or at least in the "T.O. P" 10?

Choi seunghyun should be #1

T.O.P is top

4 Lee Taemin - SHINee

I don't know why that boy look beautiful every time... My friend say that he's so amazing. Not many boy have a beautiful face like him, how perfect his line and of course his legs... I'm envy actually

He is really pretty and even people who don't know him or kpop says so, my friends and family who know nothing about kpop thinks he is absolutely beautiful, they even thought I was lying when I said he was a boy

If he were a girl, all boys would fall head over heels. He just gives of that feminine charm with those twinkling eyes, nice legs, cute eyes, charming smile and a small face. Once I showed a picture of him crossdressing to my brother, he was like:"Who's this gorgeous girl? "

The most perfect boy at all levels! He has everything and has nothing to envy to someone else. He has something angelic. He shines. One of The most beautiful and amazing being God has created

5 V - BTS

Whaaat! He should be at first. He is pretty in the outside and inside!

V is just too cute and pretty to be in this place, he should be in the first ones!

He is so sexy and cute it kills me. Also he is my ultimate bias

He is one of the prettiest male idol in the kpop industry I think

6 Sungmin - Super Junior

Sungmin is amazing.. Super talented artist.. Really love him.. Really like his personality, not only pretty but also kind.. Make me happy every time I see him.. Has lovely voice that always make me calm

Sungmin is so perfect

Yes! Its really sungmin.. Sarang sungmin

His smile make me feel good,. I LOVE LEE SUNGMIN!

7 Min Yoongi (SUGA) - BTS

He looks like a porcelain doll, seriously so pretty, I'm jealous...

Min yoongi is so talented and pretty please give him more recognition

Squishy, so squishy... He's so adorable, it hurts.

This boy is honestly so beautiful, he almost looks ethereal!

8 Jungkook - BTS Jeon Jung kook was born in Busan, September 1 1997. His nationality is South Korean. HIs favorite number is 1. He is known as a South Korean idol singer, singer-songwriter, dancer, composer and producer. JK Favorite color is Red, Black, and White. He think express color of Hip Hop is Black and Red. more.

He is more beautiful than a woman! He one of the CUTEST Kpop idols! He should be at least in the top 20s

He's the most beautiful boy I have ever seen.

His has the smile which I can't resist

Jungkook is so adorable! He should at least be in the 20s.

9 Jimin - BTS

If we are speaking about prettiest male, I would say Jimin because he has an angel eye smile and his voice is unique. When he dances he liberates an incredible charisma.

Jimin is so cute! He is like one of the most adorable person of the world!

So cute, so pure, too good for this world

Jimin is legit cute & handsome. He should be the visual not jin

10 Luhan - Exo M Lu Han is a Chinese singer and actor. He was a member, known as Luhan, of the South Korean-Chinese boy group EXO and its sub-group EXO-M, before leaving the group in October 2014.

So cute..! He looks 14 years old but he is already 23 years old.. He has a good, pleasing, cool voice. The voice that you want to listen before you go to sleep and a voice who wants you to greet "goodmorning". Handsome, cute, has a childish personality that you will love

Luhan has a very pretty face and his sweet personalty makes him even prettier, his shyness adds to that, when he blushes, when he is nervous, his sweet voice, all of those make him so pretty. He looks really young as well, I even asked people how old they think he is and most said 15-16 when he's in his 20's.

I've seen many pretty boy in kpop industry and my choices were BIGBANG gd and MBLAQ thunder. But when I saw this guy he is not just a pretty boy.. He can you so addictive to him. And wondering what if she got a twin that look exactly like him.

He's a really beautiful person inside and out. Each facial feature he has are beautiful by themselves (his eyes, nose,lips, etc.) but when they are seen together as a person he's really pretty. When I first got into EXO he caught my eye fist so I watched a show and a couple movies he acted in. After I listened to his solo music which is really good. He's very talented but I wouldn't have noticed until later if it weren't for his pretty face.

The Contenders

11 Jin - BTS

He's so pretty though! Pink Princess for prettiest! (Or like sixth prettiest because let's be honest, Ren, Kevin, Taemin, Heechul, Key...)

WHY IS HE SO LOW?! He is like the prettiest princess I know. he is legit so beautiful. GET HIM HIGHER

He looked beautiful in his red dress. No Joke. He deserves to be up there.

Best looking in bts by far (except rap monster)

12 Dongho - U-Kiss

When he smiles and scrunches up is nose... ! So adorable!


13 Karam - The Boss

Yes he looks really cute in the movie Ai Ore. People even mistake him for a girl and the outfits he wears!

14 Seungri - Big Bang

He is the cutest panda in the world. Nothing and no one can beats him.

Seungri is so cute and handsome, I thought he was the best looking the moment I saw him ^^ - PopeSeungri


15 L (Myungsoo) - Infinite

He's the most handsome, hottest, cutest... Singer of kpop.
And he is so talented in dancing and singing.
And he is in the best kpop group ever.
I have never seen a more handsome one than him.
Love him... I want him to be mine but this is impossible:(

He is the most handsome person I have ever seen in my life. His eyes are really pretty too. And I think he has a little but of an eye smile. He looks good in whatever he wears and whatever haircut he has.

Yeah L is really handsome

I really love L. I see, that he's doing his best, to improve his talents. I appreciate that about him. But what especially fascinates me about him: L can be sweet, hot and sexy, but his charisma you can not beat easily.

I love him and hope for him that he will continue to have much success in his future life. I wish him and Infinite all the best.

16 Lee Donghae - Super Junior

He is a really sweet and generous person and if you want to know why I think so... Search for his phone call with Nam Jihyun (4minute)

Donghae of the fishy hae is the most handsome boy and he can be a cute boy

Donghae has a very pretty face! He's so handsome!

Donghae not be described. I can stare for hours to see him, but I do not get tired.

17 Ren - Nu'est

Ren's already very good looking, but when he puts a wig on, he'll look like a girl and rock the look as if it was natural to him!

Ok, Ren truly deserves number 1 on this. He's not my bias or anything and I agree that all these other guys look pretty.. When they try to look pretty. After watching my first nuest video I was legitimately confused as to why there was a girl in a male kpop group. It took weeks for me to stop thinking of him as a female. He is absolutely gorgeous and honestly it makes me jealous.

Come on guys... He looks like a girll 24/7... The other Kpop boys have to wear dresses and tons of makeup to look as gorgeous as Ren... Have you been online lately? Have you seen guys reacting to Nues't MVs? Even with his short hair in Hello, the guys I've seen online question their sexuality. Even after being in love with kpop for a while, and being able to differentiate between the pretty boys and the girls, REN STILL CONFUSES ME. No one EXCEPT REN.

He deserves the #1 spot because even though I agree the other guys are pretty, Ren was the first I believed was a girl. I stared at the teaser and was NO THAT IS A GIRL! THAT IS A GIRL! But he wasn't... Hahah

18 Jaejoong Kim Jae-joong, also known as Jaejoong is a Korean singer, actor, songwriter, actor, designer and director.

If we're talking about pretty then it has to be Kim Jaejoong. Even Kim Heechul said that Jae was one of them idols who's prettier than he is. Jae is very inspirational - he's beautiful. He's gone through countless obstacles and he's still standing proud with Kim Junsu and Park Yoochun at his sides. God bless Jaejoong.

Simply because he's not trying hard to look handsome by wearing messy make ups like the other.. He's naturally beautiful and it will always remain that way..

Jaejoong is not even a human. I mean he's perfect in every aspect. He can sing, he can compose songs (dem feels songs) and he has very nice personality. Jae has it all... !

Handsome, with a pretty face that will make you never stop looking at!

19 Heechul - Super Junior

He's very cute and Handsome! Heechul

I don't get why heechul is in this list he's not exactly a pretty boy maybe in the beautiful ranking but not pretty I think he's pretty manly looking. (No offense) I have always wondered when is he gonna cut his hair it suits him but yea...

Heechul should be at the top of this list! He is clearly the prettiest boy in whole kpop! Apart from being the savage King, he is also the beauty King!

He's so cute, handsome beside pretty... And verry funny

20 Baek Hyun - Exo

I love baekhyuns sweet smile and his voice is like an angel it really calm you down and brings out all the positive things...

"The most positive guy I have ever known. Always makes me laugh! Great role model, his personality makes him the most attractive "

Baekhyun is very very beautiful. He has a sweet charm that can, at the same time, look very sexy and fierce. He has an amazing smile and his beautiful voice adds up to complete the package. Although I wouldn't say he's the prettiest in the group, he definitely is a handsome young man.

He's very cute and handsome.. He's my bias..

21 Kang Min-hyuk - CN Blue

Cutest of the cutest! His eye smile just kills U! Every time he smiles, makes your heart skip a beat! His drumming is so stylish and you can't take your eyes off him! He is tall and has a really good skin. He is so pretty. He sings so well too. His song "star" from heartstrings makes you fall in love with him the very moment! He can play tge flute and piano too though he is the drummer in CNBLUE! CNBLUE is one Korean band that is totally composed of only pure talent! The other guys are good looking too! But for me, Min Hyuk stands out! He acts so well. He played crucial roles in the hit dramas 'heartstrings' and 'The Heirs' with the other Korean hottie lee min ho! Min hyuk should really be in the top 10. He puts you under his spell from the first moment you see him. Min hyuk is "cuteness personified"! Dot.

Every time I see a concert Cnblue I would love to see the drummer. Minhyuk is very handsome and very talented drummer. Minhyuk is so perfect. He has good voice when he sing and also he is a good actor too. He is my favorite member of Cnblue... love him so much.

He is a great drummer and a good emotion singer, when he sing it so attack the heart.

Nice! Vote him please

22 Yong Hwa - CN Blue

He has absolutely gorgeous natural features, he is photogenic and charismatic. He is beautiful inside and outside, a complete package, with amazing musical talent!

I don't think I've met anyone as perfect as this guy! His talent for singing, playing instruments, acting and stuff but yet! He's not that serious at all

The best! And perfect... The top idol ever!

Beautiful! His face is Perfect! So sexy and charismatic, funny and amazing voice. I love him!

23 Key - SHINee

He is just too pretty. Even prettier than female idols. But he is also so sexy. Though most wouldn't agree but he is also manly (i mean did you see his shoulders? Despite he doesn't do any sports or doesn't go to gym they are WİDE! ) and they say that he is the last or 4th good looking in shinee but that's in critics of Korea (tall, manly which is minho) but in my opinion no one in shinee can beat his features. (No hate I LOVE shinee! Shawol forever! )

In Korea they all vote or say that key is the least attractive but worldwide ( USA, AUS UK etc) he would defiantly be voted first he has the perfect body structure and his jawline is to die for! He can pull of any look sexy stylish sport feminine and in my opinion looks better than all the kpop idols including girls

Ren should be #1, and Key needs to be 2nd. We're talking PRETTY. Key's my main bias (tied with Lee Taemin, of course), but that's not the point. If we're ranking PRETTIEST male idol, then we got to look at when they don't have on makeup or have been styled. Without all that, Ren still gets confused as a female most often and Key just looks like a diva. Haha, so, yeah. Ren #1, Key #2.

Key is pretty... Beautiful even... With his beautiful skin, captivating eyes, sharp jawline and pretty lips he can pull off any hair style and clothes. If that doesn't say something about his looks, then look into the mirror, then at Key and then into the mirror again. Yeah, Key is prettier. I do admit that to myself whenever I see a picture of hin xP

24 Choi Si Won - Super Junior

He is The Perfect art of God

He is very cute.He has a very pretty.

He's really cute and I respect that!

I think he is so handsome!

25 Daehyun - B.A.P.

You always know that Daehyun is more hotter even the the hottest than the other male kpop idols! Sexy, have a killer smile, adorable, and more!


He is cute with beautiful smile. I like his busan accent and he's funny

Daehyun's super good at singing! His smile's awesomely adorable, too!

26 Chunji - Teen Top

He is the prettiest male in k-pop band. I like his smile.
He can also sing very well. We can also know he is pretty by when they change his hairstyle in different way, he still look handsome and smart. His eyes is also prettier than most of the beautiful Korean girls

He is prettier than most of the pretty girls in korean.his smile makeS every girl GOING CRAZY, every girl wants to BE HIS GIRL, he is my MISS RIGHT.

To me he is the most pretty of all idols because he got everything-he is the lead vocalist, he can also dance very well overall he is so charming

We can say that he have beautiful eyes and a pretty smile than most of the prettiest girls in korea. I like him the most in korean. Oppa chunji fighting!

27 Nichkhun - 2PM Nichkhun Buck Horvejkul, known mononymously as Nichkhun, is a Thai rapper, singer, songwriter, model and actor.

He is adorable. There is no doubt that he is attractive. Especially since he has big eyes.

I love Nichkhun because He is very cute and handsome.. He has a natural face and he's never got a plastic surgery. You

He is as adorable as a baby! Plus his complexion is so smooth and fair.

His not just attractive but definitely a man with a good heart.

28 Choi Minho

We all know that minho has a very charming face isn't he esp. When he smile

I like his smile, and his charming face, minho

Yeah Yeah he is very very handsome & sweet.

He is handsome and also very kind with caring personality

29 Sehun - EXO-K Oh Se-hun, better known mononymously as Sehun, is a South Korean dancer, rapper, singer, model and actor. He is a member of the South Korean-Chinese boy group Exo and its sub-group Exo-K.

His baby face is cute - lyli-j

Sehun should in the first ones! He's so handsome and pretty. I love him!

Looks so much like a man, someone matured and stuff but once he smiles

He is so handsome. I love his cute face.

30 Yesung - Super Junior Kim Jong-hoon better known by his stage name Yesung, is a South Korean singer and actor. He is a member of the South Korean boy band Super Junior and its subgroups Super Junior-K.R.Y., Super Junior-H and S.M. The Ballad.

He is the Bae he never ages and he looks damn pretty don't lie to yourself! You know it!

31 Zelo - B.A.P Choi Jun-hong better known by his stage name Zelo, is a South Korean rapper, dancer, singer and beatboxer.

He is damn pretty along with his pearl like skin!

Zelo has everything, he is the tallest one of his group and he is the maknae. He is so cute. He is only 17 and is in one of the biggest group B.A. P, his rapping and beatboxing is out of this world. There is nothing wrong about him. Plus he dances really well. I absolutely love him and he is my favourite. And he makes his fans call him Oppa though he is the youngest. Zelo is the best!

He has such delicate facial features for a boy! He's adorable.

He has a baby face that I can't resist. laugh out loud

32 Yeosoeb - B2ST

He really cool when dance

He so cute and talented


33 Kevin - U-KISS

Kevin is prettier than most KPop girls I have seen, he is so pretty

Kevin is the perfect kpop idols that I ever saw in my life no one can beat him and his also kind!

You have to admit that Kevin is so pretty. I don't even know why he isn't topping the list. He is prettier than me but he can be sexy and cute too.

Kevin has beautiful face with beautiful heart.

34 Jeonghan - seventeen

I used to be a Lesbian woman, as soon as I saw JeongHan I immediately said 'Oh my gosh, she is so beautiful' I was soon told that JeongHan was actually a man. I am now pansexual.

Why the heck is Jeonghan 32nd? I'm not even a fan of seventeen and I have nothing against these other groups but they're way more masculine looking than this guy... This poll is too biased...

I definitely do not agree with the arrangement of this poll (I know it's heavily based on other peoples' perspectives) and the fact that the title blatantly says "prettiest male idols" and yet there are celebrities in the Top Ten who are too masculine without any hint of femininity painted on their existence. I'm not being biased here because I belong in a lot of fandoms and several of my other biases are actually in such a high ranking but man, it's difficult to believe that Jeonghan who really defines the unadulterated definition of "pretty" as a male idol is in 61st place. I hope that by the time I return to this survey, he has moved up a significant amount of places because this is insane.

Jeonghan is totally pretty!
Yeah he is a boy but sometimes I think he is a girl
I'm carat.. he is my bias, my angel!

35 Chanyeol - EXO

Chanyeol is pretty but...when it comes to handsome..he is number 1 for matter how much we zoom the camera he still looks good..and he suits any hair style..

I love this guy. Its perfect to me when you see his flaws and stuff that he doesn't mind showing at all. That proves he's really humble

I don't know about you but what I'm most attracted to is his personality


36 L.Joe - Teen Top

I love his smile, the reason why I fell in love to him

He is pretty cute and I like his pretty eyes!

There's no explanation needed for this he just looks like a cotton candy ahhh he's too cute. He's very feminine, cute and shy. I also love the hair colors they give him, makes him look extra cute.

He's so cute and so handsome!

37 Rap Monster - BTS

He has the cutest smile and dimples I have ever seen! He's so aesthetic and I die for his legs, my ultimate bias!

He's so cute and precious he deserves everything! Have you seen his smile?

Legit awesome. Cool

He is really very cute and handsome

38 Taehyung - BTS

Taehyung is beautiful, from his perfect jawline to his three moles. He's adorable when he smiles and it makes you want to smile along with him. Even his eyes, nose, and lips are perfect (no pun intended). Not only that, but on stage he display a powerful charisma that draws your eyes to him. All in all, Taehyung has the whole package going on for him! ^^

He has the prettiest eyes and his boxy smile is so cute. He should be way higher on this list.

HE SHOULD be on the top 10 hands down

Taehyung should DEFINITELY be higher on this list. His features are perfect, and his boxy smile is so ADORABLE! And he hasn't had any plastic surgery either, which is amazing looking at his beautiful faceu.

39 Lee Jong-hyun - CN Blue

His smile is charming and his voice is lovely. His gaze discrete is so nice, and by his music, he show us the warmth of his heart. I love you Lee Jong-hyun.

Very cute! Especially when he sings, he also has fair skin...

He has this look that you'll never get tired of staring into. His cute dimples draw you in. His voice is so soothing.

Has that look, he seems cold but when he smiles, it's just so cool!

40 Hongki - Ft Island

LEE HONGKI! He seems to be the mother of FT Island. I love his unique personality. With his fashion trends and even mischievousness, He is really adorable :))

How in the world could Hongki be all the way down here? He is absolutely and outlandishly adorable. He is one of God's most perfect creations!

Should be second behind g dragon

41 Lee Minhyuk - BtoB

He's so handsome why he gets in this place?

He should be at least in the top 20

Minhyuk is amazingly cute!

Minhyuk is so cute and hot

42 Mark - Got7

He's really hot

A visual no doubt

He has a baby face! He's the oldest but he can be the maknae!

His actually a perfect example
Of visual

43 Lee Joon - MBLAQ

Hot. Sexy. Smoking. I can't even

Funny, cute, awesome, handsome ; gentle ; honest, sexy and kind guy
"ren't he the prettiest kpop idol?
He's my bias & I like him

He is very handsome, killer smile, funny, kind, thoughtful, honest and cute guy..
Lee joon cool!

Joonie! He's my bias MBLAQ he's cute & prettay

44 Lay - EXO-M Zhang Yixing, better known as Lay, is a Chinese singer-songwriter, record producer, author, dancer, and actor.

He is cute specially when is smile. I love his dimples. He is pretty when he is shy. He is an amazing dancer to and looks cool too when he plays guitar and he sexy too... Very sexy... Sexy with cuteness and shyness

He is cute and also I guess...pretty. And his dimples!

Yo this guy should be in first place! I mean have u seen how cute and talented he is! He should get more attention in the group!

Lay is so pretty... I don't know why people hasnt notice him yet.

45 BamBam - Got7

he's cute

Bambam you're the cute member in Got7.He's so adorable and funny.Saranghae

46 Sandeul - B1A4

It's good that there have one of B1A4's member here! Actually I'm BANA and I really LOVE YOU B1A4!

Sandeul is such a cute little ducky

Cute sandeul!

Sandeul has that adorable face that has a bright sunny smile. Super cute. >~< SO CUTE

47 Mir - MBLAQ

Ultimate bias ♥ Everything is amazing in this little idiot ♥

Aigoo this annoying yet cute maknae will be the death of me

Maknae of MBLAQ, Mir adorbs and pretty cute!

48 No Min Woo - Boyfriend

Min woo have a cute eyes and his lips that attract

I love him so so much...

Minwoo is so adorable! He's even prettier than all the other girls!

Minwoo is so cute like a girl, he also sweeter than a girl! His skin is so beautiful! I love him so muchh, oppa hwaiting! Forever bestfriend

49 D.O. - Exo

He is cute on his own way, The way he smile and laugh :) It so adorable, He also know how to beatbox and it surely give you goosebumps it so sexy and his angelic voice that you want to listen before you sleep.

He is some one you can not look away from and because of his personality.

I love him so much

Love his voice. So cute and handsome! Fighting oppa!

50 Sungjong - Infinite

Flower boy. He looks like girl. His leg his eye his body his hand his walking and his VOICE. Wow

SO HANDSOME AND CUTE! He's even prettier than KPop girl groups!

His cute funny and handsome maknae of infinite

He is prettier than every girl on this planet

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