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81 Xiumin - EXO-M

He looks like a girl... When I gave to my classmates his picture they said if it's a boy or a girl... Xiumin's face is like a doll

He is cute specially with his different faces

He's this cute little squishy thing! I love him so much!

He is his smile and laugh...Xiumin fighting!

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82 Yoon Bomi - A Pink

Although I agree that Bomi is extremely gorgeous, she actually happens to be a female so whoever placed her here, I hope it's just a joke.

Are you kidding me she's a girl no offense butis that a male list or female list - k-poppy

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83 Onew - SHINee Onew - SHINee

Vote vote vote! He is the cutest leader of SHINee. Cuteness Overloaded!

Did you guys watch their variety show where all of the SHINee members crossdressed? Onew is exceptionally pretty!

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84 Changjo - Teen Top

He's really cute! All about him are so amazing especially his cute smile and pretty eyes that make me go insane every time he smile. He's my angel! 😘😍😊❤💘

85 Thunder Mblaq
86 Himchan - B.A.P.

I love Himchan. He's amazing

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87 Kwangmin - Boyfriend

Kwangmin is so handsome! I Love him so much!

His hot and he is much more beautiful among a lot of Korean girls saranghae kwangmin

88 Sungyeol - Infinite

He is cute and manly at the same time

89 Ricky - Teen Top
90 Ilhoon - BtoB
91 Yun Dujun - B2ST

He is the best in looks, games, entertainment... just love him

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92 Amber - f(x)

She's just so good and pretty but handsome as well.. :-)

93 Lee Hong Gi

He has a chubby face and also has big double lid eyes <3
He has good vocals especially his husky voice

94 Henry Lau

He is a adorable cute I love to see his smile like a snoopy Mochi ❤️❤️

95 Hongki - Ft Island

LEE HONGKI! He seems to be the mother of FT Island. I love his unique personality. With his fashion trends and even mischievousness, He is really adorable :))

How in the world could Hongki be all the way down here? He is absolutely and outlandishly adorable. He is one of God's most perfect creations!

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96 PSY PSY Park Jae-sang, better known by his stage name Psy, stylized PSY, is a South Korean singer, songwriter, record producer and rapper.

It's was shock me that PSY were here too. But, he were AMAZING that he can be famous quickly not only in Korea o Asia, but whole world!

a legend.

Haha. Psy is the most handsome and sexiest hahah


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97 Ray - C-Clown

Ray or Kim Hyun-Il was not-so-popular (Not? I guess he's quite popular :D hee) but his face was so dang cute and yeah, his smile! ! It makes my heart melting like the ice cream auwm

98 Song Joong-ki

He is so cute and adorable... And he kill me with his smile...

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99 Kim Jeong Hoon
100 Bang Yong Guk - B.A.P

He is just the perfect leader.
He have got the best raps and he lead his members in the right way.
Also he is a very sexy guy with abs and muscels, and he have got a beaitiful big smile.

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