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101 Kim Himchan
102 Hoya - Infinite

Has the most innocent smile...

He is in top3 in my eye

103 Jung Jin Woon - 2AM

He is handsome, tall and very cute. Good dancer, good singer, polite, and he has everything. Saranghae oppa

104 No Min Woo - Icon

He should have been on the list most beautiful man I ever seen. When they do his hair, makeup and clothes he can take the most amazing photos. He got the most amazing skin for a man have seen flawless. The only drawback is I find him too skinny these days.

105 N -VIXX
106 Junghan - Seventeen

His hair is BEAUTIFUL. And he looks like the spawn of a unicorn and a Korean angel.

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107 Leeteuk - Super Junior

His smile! So perfect..!

108 Lee Hong Gi V 1 Comment
109 Jr - Nu'est
110 Seyong - MyName
111 Shin - Cross Gene
112 Minhyuk - BtoB
113 Hongki - Ft Island

LEE HONGKI! He seems to be the mother of FT Island. I love his unique personality. With his fashion trends and even mischievousness, He is really adorable :))

How in the world could Hongki be all the way down here? He is absolutely and outlandishly adorable. He is one of God's most perfect creations!

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114 PSY PSY Park Jae-sang, better known by his stage name Psy, stylized PSY, is a South Korean singer, songwriter, record producer and rapper.

It's was shock me that PSY were here too. But, he were AMAZING that he can be famous quickly not only in Korea o Asia, but whole world!

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