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1 Vs CM Punk - Money In the Bank 2011

Having a lot of confidence, being funny, being handsome, having power and energy, makes you the best of all. Since I started watching your games I have never get bored and I will continue enjoying no matter what. I always lough so much when you speak in the ring. Thanks up to you plus your wife who has been supporting you up to now and ever.

Picture perfect match without a single mistake.

2 Vs Shawn Michaels - Raw 2007

Are you serious? This was a INSTANT CLASSIC almost a hour of hbk is legendary by itself but to go on and put a match like this on T.V. for free I was hooked the whole time

3 Vs The Rock - Wrestlemania 28

Awesome match Cena executed 1 Five Knuckle Shuffle, locked Rock in the STF 2 times and hit him with 2 AA's, but in the end The Rock won after Cena attempted to hit The People's Elbow but Rock countered with a Rock Bottom.

Two most loved icons join face to face at wrestlemania 2 as awesome as the miz

That match was pretty good

The rocks the best and cenas the best

4 Vs CM Punk - Raw 2/25/13
5 Vs Brock Lesnar, Extreme Rules Match - Extreme Rules 2012

John Cena looking like the mediocre wrestler that he is, Classic!

John very good talented thinking wrestler

Wwe face will become 17 times champion.

6 Vs Shawn Michaels - WWE Championship Match WrestleMania 23
7 Vs Triple H - Wrestlemania 22
8 Vs Randy Orton, 60 Min. Iron Man Match - Bragging Rights 2009

John Cena kicked the crap out of orton super cena is the new world strongest man
Not Mark Henry

The greatest match, that I ever seen. Love you CENA

Best match ever in WWE history

John Cena had won

9 Vs JBL, I Quit Match - Judgement Day 2005
10 Vs Edge, Last Man Standing - Backlash 2009
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11 Vs Batista - WWE Championship "I Quit" Match, Over the Limit 2010
12 Vs AJ Styles - Royal Rumble 2017

This is the match of the wwe history

13 Vs Edge - WWE TLC Match, Unforgiven 2006
14 Vs Brock Lesnar Vs Seth Rollins - Triple Threat Match for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, Royal Rumble 2015
15 Vs Umaga, Last Man Standing - Royal Rumble 2007
16 Vs Bobby Lashley - WWE Championship Match, The Great American Bash 2007

My favourite match ever

17 Vs Daniel Bryan (Summerslam 2013)
18 Vs Kevin Owens - Elimination Chamber 2015
19 Vs AJ Styles - Money in the Bank 2016
20 Vs Chris Jericho - Summerslam 2005
21 Vs Brock Lesner - WWE Championship Match, Backlash 2003
22 Vs Undertaker - SmackDown vs Raw 2011
23 Vs Big Show - Judgment Day 2009
24 Vs Lita - Raw 2006
25 Vs Ryback - Three Stages of Hell, Raw 2013
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