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1 TrackStar

"We are an existing CSO with HTDI Financial. They have be an integral part of our company's success. We are very happy with he service HTDI offers our clients and our business. HTDI handles everything for us all we have to do go out and recruit clients to get their credit repaired. Our favorite feature is the tracking software every client is at our finger tips and we can give them updates immediatly and we can relay information to our clients. There software is cutting edge and without them our company would be in trouble. Thanks to HTDI for all your help in helping us grow our credit repair company. Thanks HTDI! "

Out of all the software companies I looked at, HTDI Financial has the best system for the best price. I looked at Dispute Suite but the $5000 cost and the blatant BS they filled me with was too much to handle.

SX3 has a great system but they aren't we based, Credit Detailer was OK but the follow up wasn't very good.

Credit CRM was a joke.

Whether you want to handle your own letters or have HTDI do it for you go with the Tracker...

Thanks HTDI!

Completely blows away the competition when it comes to web based systems.

Credit Detail is OK - Credit Money Machine is a mess - and the other two players - Dispute Suite and Credit CRM have merged but didn't they just sue each other? How can you trust people that do business like that?

I chose the Tracker because, again, it blows every other web based system out of the water.

I have been with DisputeSuite for 6 months, went through surgeries and was unable to build up my business. Then last 3 weeks, I am starting to get clients. I asked DisputeSuite to hold off my monthly payments which is $300.00 they told me no. This really bothering me. Then on 8/13/15, I was doing research and came upon TrackStart. I spoke with Jason from TrackStar, we was upfront, honest and answer all my questions without a sales pitch. Even now, he has been answering my all my questions the direction I want to head with my business and how I can assist and help people. Wish I had done lot more research instead of signing up with disputeSuite and losing all that sign up fees. TrackStar is the company to go with who wants to build their business and be successful.

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2 Credit Admiral

I have utilized numerous credit repair programs out there and have not come across one that is focused on the dispute process the way Credit Admiral is. You won't find generic letters and tactics here. This is for the true credit repair companies that want to produce real results while still following the rules of the game. Very easy to use, and very fast. Very intuitive as well.

Written by credit Repair Professionals FOR Credit Repair Professionals.

This software implements deep dive credit repair tactics. It is a complete CRM with Prospecting and cold call features. It also automates your billing which is imperative for the clients that credit repair companies deal with!

This is the most easy to use credit software I've ever seen. It is clearly designed by someone in the credit design industry. There is not one aspect of it that does not take in to account what needs to be done on a daily basis from sales to billing.

Matt Listro has forgotten more about personal credit and repair than most of these other companies here have ever learned or shared! Matt is not scared to teach you his methods and secrets to great credit repair. My clients are getting higher scores and better outcomes faster because I am using Credit Admiral.
Matt really cares to make sure the software is working properly and he takes suggestions to make it better. Plus he has a 24/7 web master to keep Credit Admiral in top form. Plus Matt is always available to answer questions and provide help. If your not using Credit Admiral, you should be...

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3 Credit Score Techs

Hands down, we are very happy that we made the move to Credit Score Techs. They have new features all of the time, and the tech support that they offer is handled by real support techs that know how to manage the platform. They also have the option to use outsourcing services provided by Score Inc, and we are loving the results so far provided by Score. This move has been one of the best things that we ever did from a credit repair business standpoint.

I really love using this software. The prices are great, the staff is always available to help out, and the platform is very easy to use. There are new features that are constantly released, and my business has grown since I started a year ago.

The customer status portals and the affiliate status portals are all included with this program. The way we manage our credit repair company has completely been streamlined!

Keeps getting better and better

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The obvious leader in credit repair software worldwide. DisputeSuite is the only professional credit repair software to be used in every state in the US, Canda, Puerto Rico, and across 4 continents! Hats off to the team at DisputeSuite for creating such a feature rich application that simply stands in another league far away from it's closest competitor. DisputeSuite offeres advanced credit repair training as well as connections to some of the leading providers of outsourced disputing in the industry

I have studied all the other software. As mentioned in other comments, DisputeSuite really is the best. They are the 800 lb Gorilla in the room.. Great Job guys, we are happy customers.

P.S. You will not find any other company as well trained with credit repair tactics.

I used to use another software/outsourcing company but once they changed management everything went to crap. DisputeSuite is hands down the best system for software and outsourcing.. No one else even comes close. - billgluck

A crappy system ran by Citron and his lackluster sheep.

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5 Credit Money Machine

Credit Money Machine Ultimate (The version I use) is absolutely essential for any legitimate CSO that plans on doing more than onesies and twosies. I have previously used 2 of the above mentioned programs and jumped out for many reasons. Two of the main reasons I left were:

1. I was thinking about what would happen if the owner of these sites ever decided it was time to go out of business. This would mean that all of my clients which are stored in their server online (instead of on my hard-drive and back-up server)would be gone forever. I don't want anyone else having that much control of my business!

2. The other programs continue to barrage you with up sale items or upgrades, training camps, additional portal fees, software updates, and in some cases they charge for adding an additional client!

If these programs were so incredible, why would they be trying to milk me by charging for these items? Any software you count on for income should be COMPLETE at the time ...more

Wow I don't know where to even start, but credit money machine has everything that I need from invoice, account receivables, multiple templates, contracts, how to contacts potential affiliates, customers too many options/tabs to mention that are more than helpful, and videos that will teach me how to use the software step by step, including the most important thing that I have notice, the developer it self helps me out/holds my hand and answer any questions and spend hours trouble shooting any problem that I have by taking control of my computer, I know he doesn't have because there is a support line for that to but you know what, he did it airways! Thank you Lorenzo for your help and making your software affordable to a small business like mine! Credit Restoration Plus LLC, in NYC

We have been using Credit money machine Lite for some time and have finally upgraded to pro its seems to be that this is the only software that can extract and schedule disputes automatically. Its stored on your computer/server so you can work with no internet connection.

The downside is that there are so many features and buttons it can easily overwhelm anyone who is not ready to take the time to learn how to use it properly!

Awesome product. the must for any serious credit repair/ cleanup biz.

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6 Credit Dispute Pro

Utilizing CDP Tracker Processing Center at such a minimal cost per credit file not only keeps profit margins up it also allows you time to grow your business. Credit File Processing is a tedious time consuming procedure so having your very own processing center at your disposal is awesome. The customer service has also been well above expectations.

This program allows you to grow your business very quickly as you spend the majority of your time bringing on new clients and an unlimited amount of referral sources. Both the client and referring agency can track the results 24/7 via online log on. Thanks CDP Processing Center for a job well done!

Awesome system. I get to spend the majority of my time making money instead of being bogged down performing actual credit repair. Growing my business through there back office prevents me from having to hire additional employees. Thanks Cam

As a tax Specialist adding an additional service such as credit repair provides me two things.

1/ Earning additional revenue opportunity off my already existing client base
2/ Providing revenue potential all year round especially post the tax season surge

Easy system to utilize and the staff seems Licensee friendly!


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7 Credit Doctor

For someone that want to play on the side - this is the option... not for the pro's but can get you by..

Awesome! Over 20 yrs in the industry and this is a very clean and professional look and it is easy to maneuver through it! Smart investment! I have shopped around a lot and I am most pleased with this one

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8 Credit Repair Magic

This is a terrible software! Please do not use! The 6 handwritten letters they offer are worthless. The platform features information that can be found on the web. I don't want anyone to waste their time and money as I did.

Probably the simplest system out there and it has one major advantage: it eliminates the "frivolous and irrelevant" response that I got from the other two systems I tried.

A top consumer choice, and used by some startups, as they segway into the biz

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9 ScoreWay Credit Repair Solution

On my initial call with Joshua about Score the one thing he said to me that really stuck out. "We are not here to take your money and run. Were are here to help you grow as a company, Because when you grow, we grow with you" that's when I knew that this was the best discussion I had ever made. Scoreway credit repair solution is not just a piece of software like the rest, it's a complete package of software, processing, and customer support. Love the staff they really help me with any question. Thank you Score for helping me increase my business!

Score's Team, Led by Joshua and Joel couldn't have come at a better time for our company. The system they have in place is top notch, from the software to the processing. The mentoring and cutting edge technology is the best in the business. Not to mention the best in innovative progress in education and simplifying the learning process. Couldn't have ask for a better company to team up with in the industry. Most importantly the honesty, integrity and willing to go the extra mile for their business partners and clients. A++++ Rating!

I have been in business for 10 Years and I have used two other systems for my credit repair. If you are outsourcing your disputes (which makes very good sense financially) than they are really the best company to go with. They are very communicative and if they do happen to make a mistake (everyone is human) they are quick to fix it and take responsibility. I would highly recommend Score.

I one thing that I've been expressed by is the company follow through. In the credit Repair business on the number one complaint that I've heard is follow up. Score follow up is a leading example of how we as credit repair agents should be keeping in contact with our clients. GREAT COMPANY TO CONNECTED TO!

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10 Credit CRM

Attorney Edward Jamison created a robust client managment system for credit repair professionals. With Paralegal support, and training from Edward - Credit CRM is an option to consider.

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12 Credit Repair VIP

Credit Repair VIP is the way business should be done. By utilizing the best systems and integrating them with each other Credit Repair VIP has come up with a model that maximizes the time of every employee. When we started with Brian we were only doing 25-40 clients a month... The month we started Credit Repair VIP's methods we sold 67 and last month we sold 81. Great company!

Great training, easy to use, extremely affordable... Investing in becoming an Independent Account Executive for Credit Repair VIP has been an excellent way to make money, build professional relationships, and help home buyers achieve their goals. WIN - WIN - WIN

Credit Repair VIP provides the best systems, process, and consultants in the industry.

Integrity to the hilt!

Very happy I'm working with Credit Repair VIP!

Credit Repair VIP, Credit Repair Cloud, Dispute Processing LLC... the best in the credit repair business.

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13 Credit Repair Cloud

I have been using Credit Repair Cloud for 4 months. Overall I am very happy with it and feel that it's a good value for what I am paying. I wish it had a better note area that would be available for inactive clients. Once I place a client inactive I can't see those notes any longer. (I take notes on most everything.) I use Abacus Law in additional to this software, mostly because I was using Abacus before I began with Credit Repair Cloud, so that I can keep better detailed notes.

WARNING: DO NOT USE THIS PROGRAM. The program is horrible. Unless you use all of their services and buy everything they provide, nothing works. I has several issues when working with them, and their customer service was horrible as well!

Credit Repair Cloud is awesome. Yes they have additional services, like web sites and more, but none of them are required. I use the basic program by itself and I am really happy with their service and support. It's a great product.

Very easy to use and they have phone support which is awesome!

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14 TurboScore®

Turbo is a good repair tool to use at home but not to run a company. It needs more letters to generate. In comparison to Credit Win Pro, it's a no-brainer. It is worth the $30.00 but you will need more in the long run.

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15 CloudCreditFix

Anyone knows it? They sell it for $50/month at cloudcreditfix. Com

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16 CreditWin Pro

Credit win pro home version is not that good at all. It tends to put a virus on your computer. Please stay away!

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