Top Ten Questions to Ask Tigerstar from Warriors

Tigerstar will arnser any of your questions. Just do not agitate him.

The Top Ten

1 Which she-cat do you have a crush on?

Um, hi Tigerstar! I'm a little scared being around you, but I did always wonder which she-cat you had a crush on. It's Leopardstar, thank you!

Why would you ask that? I like all she cats because because I think I would make a good friend.

Haha that's funny - Oliveleaf

Tigerstar:... Shut up. - ApolloKitty

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2 Why do you hate Firestar?

Tigerstar: Oh, there are so many reasons to hate that idiot! I just... can't THINK OF ANY FROM THE TOP OF MY HEAD. *looks at glares approaching him* GO DIE IN STARCLAN�" - ApolloKitty

Exactly! Like I said in several other top ten things, fire star is the best cat ever and deserves to be immortal. StarClan why didn't you do that and tigerstar why are you so stupid that you killed him.

3 Do you like me?

Tigerstar: If you like me, then sure.. - ApolloKitty

Or do u... - Oliveleaf

4 Which child is your favourite?

Definitely not brambleclaw - Oliveleaf

See, not Tawnypelt. Or Mothwing. I had more faith in my first son than my second. But Hawkfrost followed my lead. But Bramblestar became leader.


5 What is it like in the Dark Forest?

Tigerstar: Beauty. No kittypets or STARCLAN KITS. - ApolloKitty

6 Why were you named Tigerstar? Why were you named Tigerstar?

Tigerstar: well I was gonna be Hammerclaw then one of the authors realized cats don't know what they are.

Tigerstar: because I’m so awesome not because I was once so weak so my mom gave me a strong name.. NOPE. Just because I’m awesome > - ApolloKitty

7 Why did you kill Gorsepaw?

Tigerstar: Shrug* It felt right. - ApolloKitty

8 Why did you cheat on Goldenflower with a rogue?

Goldenflower was too GOOD. Nice. But still ADORABLE > - ApolloKitty

Is what Tigerstar Said - ApolloKitty

9 Did you know Scourge from before?

Tigerstar: Um... None of your concern, twoleg. - ApolloKitty

10 Would you ever become a kittypet? V 2 Comments

The Contenders

11 Who are the ten people you would kill first?

The first is obviously Firestar, second, the kittypet, third, the useless flame colored tom, fourth, the no good cat who ruined my plan to kill Bluestar, fifth, the one who caught Bluestar's attention... - RisingMoon

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12 Why did you drive Ravenpaw out of Thunderclan?

Tigerstar: so that he would not tell anyone that I killed Redtail. Same reason I pushed Firestar into the river. - birdechosplash

13 Why are you so ambitious?

Tigerstar: I deserve to be leader! We will be the strongest clan in the Forrest! - birdechosplash

14 Goldenflower or Sasha?

Interviewer: then why did you have kits with her?

Duh Sasha
But goldenflower never payed any mind to me! Come on I just wanted a mate!

15 Why did you attempt to kill Bluestar instead of waiting patiently for her to die?
16 Why did you kill Redtail?

Tigerclaw: I was jealous so I threatened him in front if Ravenpaw

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17 Do you have romantic feelings for any Dark Forest cats?

Tigerstar: Why must two legs be so curious!

18 Were you sad when Thistleclaw died?
19 What cat would you want to protect? Darkstripe? Thistleclaw? Goldenflower? Hawkfrost?
20 Why do you enjoy killing so much?

Tigerstar: I look forward to and plan killings because I make it such a pleasurable experience for myself. Here's how killing a female works, you'll soon find how much I love it: I attack the cat fiercely, pinning it to the ground. I unsheathe my claws and slash viciously at its throat. I feel the jugular vein burst and blood spatter my paw. They immediately die. I then roughly rape its dead body. When I'm finished with that, I take a bloodstained claw and slash an area at their entrance. I reach into them from there and slash my claws through the insides. I pull my paw out, and walk away. That's what I did with Brindleface when I found her dying from the dog attacking her.

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