Top Ten Best Real Double-Barrelled Surnames

Yes, these double-barrelled are all real. Do you know of anymore? They don't have to be real; if you think two surnames combined would sound funny, feel free to add :)

The Top Ten

1 Little-Tickle

Just because they six-foot-five, that don' mean the parts all jive:)).

Cheeks? Who's talking' bout cheeks? ;)).

Does got me some dimples, though. (On mah face, fore y'even start:).

Hmm unique. it be weirder if you gave the rap name LIL-Tickle...actually that's would be an awesome rap name.

I bet you thought I'd not comment on this one - Curti2594

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2 Wright-Hore
3 Wang-Kerr
4 Paige-Turner

Britgirl this is brilliant! - Curti2594

5 Fox-Hunt

Where the tally the hoes;).

6 Beaver-Wetter

LOL this one is just like...what? - Curti2594

Well, few things in this world are unhappier than a bone-dry beaver;).

Haha I can imagine: "I'm unhappier than a bone dry beaver."
"Aw, man. You got problems."
:). - Britgirl

7 Ponsimby-Smallpiece
8 Best-Lay

This reminds me: Got a tonna mileage outta "Sofa King." Boocoo yuks over here with us provincials. Mare see.;).

9 Fuller-Love
10 White-Ferry

Not funny on its own but get this, the woman's name is: Isla (Isle-of-White ferry). Geddit? :D - Britgirl

The Contenders

11 Tufts-O'Hare

Floss, floss, floss!

12 Eaton-Koos
13 Leighton-Cumming

My admittedly unscientific poll indicates late is always better;).

Hmm...since I like the best seat, I always arrive early ;). - Britgirl

14 Holden-Wood

Well, now. I wouldn't say that. But you can;)).

It's my lucky day, then! Or yours... ;). - Britgirl

I can?! Is that an invitation...? :). - Britgirl

Oooh, ya... "cheeky" thang, ya! Well let's just say, it's Sadie Hawkins Day, when the gals decide how we should play. (Yeah, right. Might as well say it's Tuesday.;).

15 Piper-Hatch

It's a gusher! ("crude" humor;)).

16 Archer-Bach

Synchronized swimmin'(with bowlegged wimmin;).

17 Boyle-Peters

Boyle -Peters...what?! ;). - Britgirl

I dunno. Peter Boyle made do with an...uncomfortable...moniker:).

18 White-Johnson

Keep that puppy outta the sun, son.:).

19 Pierce-Bush

Believe he particularly liked exploring the African bush (tongue planted firmly in cheek :)). - Britgirl

"Dr. Livingstone, I presume" (tongue planted firmly in cheek:).

20 Turner-Overton
21 Fuller-Holloway
22 Hyde-Tanner

Now where's that ping-pong paddle? :).

23 Ortiz-Santiago
24 Row-Dent
25 Doil-Lee
26 Murray-Mi
27 Dun-Jeon
28 Filur-Upp
29 Sippee-Kup
30 Bigg-Buht
31 Cumming-Thru
32 McSharon-DeMonet
33 Ol-McDonald
34 Van Der Rose-Quartz
35 Wright-Wong
36 Filffie-Mcfranklin
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