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1 People are gonna swear

To all the people on this list saying "I hate swearing and anyone who swears should stop swearing because I say so", here's something I have to say: There are people who swear and people who don't. Even if you don't swear, other people who want to swear should be allowed to. Just because you don't swear doesn't mean everyone who swears should stop swearing. This world isn't going to be a place made of sunshine and rainbows where nobody swears. To all you people saying "You can express yourself without swearing", wanna know something? We can express ourselves however we want. If we want to swear we will. To anyone who says they think people who swear should learn to control themselves, I think you should learn to accept a very simple fact: You can't control what other people say. This is the Internet, not everyone is like you, and there are people who swear a lot. Live with it. And the people I expected to see here were people who complain about the policy and the fact that you can't ...more

Admin allows less intense swear words - DrayTopTens

heck - Pokemonfan10

I looked at excited’s remix of the top ten worst months and found the f word uncensored on there. Admin does allow some other swear words but they would never allow that. Go to the remix to find out - DrayTopTens

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2 Many users are over 10, and are mature enough to handle swear words

Exactly! They're just words to express ourselves! Only racist swear words are bad! Besides, we hear them every day in school! So it's not anything new.

If they're just words, why is everyone making a big deal that they can't be used? I mean, it's not that hard to make a point without swearing. Just saying. - Garythesnail

Your point is valid, but I mean what about story blogs? We have to use minimal words in those... - Therandom

This is not a children's website, so there can be cussing.

You should also be mature enough to handle being courteous and proper. - PetSounds

Funny that those "immature babies" who dislike foul language are the oldest people on the site. - PetSounds

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3 There's only a few swear words that may be offensive to people

Only the N word - Luckys

I'm fine with all. - XxembermasterxX

I can handle swearing but not the n word - RockStarr

Only the 'n' word or any other racist terms are bad, but there is nothing wrong with other cuss words.

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4 A lot of users swear

I'm pretty sure everyone I know on this site swears. Me and my group of friends on RYM also swear a lot but who cares. - AlphaQ

I swear in real life and on other sites.

Users can swear outside, it's just that it's going to be abused a lot if used on this site.

I actually never using the swear, just for things I hated. - 05yusuf09

5 People who are scared off by swearing need to grow up

Cough cough, Soccer moms. - AlphaQ

Soccer moms who hate swearing, its JUST A WORD.

But it's better for the site to be clean since profanities are more likely to cause flame wars.

I am not scared of it. I can handle it, but I want you guys to be better people. That's why I'm constantly telling you not to swear - SocialMediaStinks

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6 Some people can't help themselves

Yeah, it does. But online wouldn't it be easier not to swear cause you actually need to type it down? - micahisthebest

See? Just comes out like any other word with some people. - Survivor101

Oooh, the hypocrisy! How ironic! - styLIShT

Yes,if they are mad,they can release the anger with swearing - Nateawesomeness

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7 Swearing is just words

Swearing is verbal abuse - Murphypaw

Not really - Luckys

Tell that to people who were victims of verbal abuse.

Language is much, much more power than you seem to think. - keycha1n

Some of the toughest people I know (like my sister) have felt exactly what horrid words can do to break a person down.

You're either lying, or you aren't considerate or caring about other people.

As Hank Green said : "When someone says 'Don't use that word in that way, it makes me feel bad about myself'. Instead of getting all defensive, why not just not use that word in that way because it makes them feel bad about themselves?! " - keycha1n

Swearing is fine as long as it's not used to bully or threaten someone.

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8 Swearing helps let off steam

It’s better than breaking stuff or taking your anger out on someone else. - 3DG20

So does punching stuff. Go do that. Or if you really need to swear, then do it on the other side of your computer screen. - letdot52

There are other ways to "let off steam" - Britgirl

I can't play Mario Kart 8 Deluxe during exams and those times can get stressful but good point. - AlphaQ

Britgirl despite how kind you normally are you're kind of offending me now =/


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9 Many TopTenners are only 10-14 years old, and their vocabulary is very limited without swear words

Me swear me can't use proper grammer - Murphypaw

No, the real issue is idiots who cannot express themselves without swearing. You manage to avoid the politically-incorrect words that the thought police won't allow you to use, just expand the list, its amazing how descriptive you can be. Most people who swear are trying to shock, impress, or purposely offend the reader, due to their own limited vocabulary. If you really want to swear, use some politically-incorrect racial slurs, see how far that gets you.

Where did my comment go? Anyway, and I can express myself without swearing. It's just that if people want to swear, they should be allowed to. - Therandom

That means they're not intelligent enough to buy themselves a dictionary and read it, and think of better ways to express themselves verbally. I have such a large vocabulary, some adults can't understand me, and I'm only twelve. So this isn't true for all 10-14 year olds! I feel IMMENSELY insulted that you think I have a limited vocabulary! - RockFashionista

And I do know vocabulary, I'm in an accelerated English class. - Therandom

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10 Many users don't mind swearing

It's not a bad thing. - AlphaQ

So whose standards will be used to determine what is responsible and for effect swearing, and threatening or hurtful swearing? If one person thinks a word adds to the effect of their statement, and another thinks its threatening and hurtful, who gets to be correct?

I personally think that swearing should be allowed. But. But. But! People like you are evidently unaware of power behind words. Responsibly and for effect, swearing can be useful. Threatening and hurtful swearing? Get rid of it, now. - keycha1n

Swearing doesn't really bug me because it's freedom of speech and honestly it's not like you can be arrested for dropping the f-bomb.

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The Newcomers

? The filter is too sensitive

You can't say any form of a certain word on here without the word disappearing. Since of course I can't say it, let's just say it's nigh impossible to discuss a movie from the 1930s, a season of American Horror Story, and Rick James on here.

? There are words out there worse than swearing

A visitor told someone to die because they disliked Dove Cameron, and their comment got approved. However, ONE cuss word and a post gets deleted? I'd rather have someone tell me" F*** you" than have someone tell me, "Go die". - RoseWeasley

The Contenders

11 This is the Internet, not school

This is not a children's site, if it was, I would understand, but it's not.

People curse all the time at my school. They even do it scot-free. - Powerfulgirl10

This is literally the only website that I've been to that bans swearing. - Randomator

Rename it to : This is the internet, not school or parents. - njalabi63989

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12 Any word can become a swear word

Yeet is swear word. I will yeet you boi. - AlphaQ

Might as well just ban words then. Let's use numbers instead. Oh, wait, that can become swearing too! Oh, I know! Let's ban typing! Come on Admin! Ban typing!

In about 10 months, I'd imagine "white," "feminism," "gay," "terrorist," "social justice warrior," and "politics" will be considered offensive terms. Can't wait for 10 years later, when "tiger" becomes a swear word.

Bop. Bop is a swear word. - AlphaQ

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13 Swearing is a natural thing
14 12 year olds and older curse

I’m 13 and I never curse. I actually did when I learned them in kindergarten but I stopped a year afterward - DrayTopTens

That's not true, I'm 47 and I have never swore in my life.

I'm actually only 1 month away from 12 and I swear a lot. - njalabi63989

15 People can express themselves however they want

Beyond a doubt for me I generally swear when I'm angry, trying to be sarcastic, tell a joke (rarely) and if I'm too happy swearing can express any kind of emotion you feel inside.

I would swear to help express sarcasm on something. - Randomator

That’s true. - Userguy44

16 Profanity is universally underused

Just leave it be! Swearing is some of the worst things ever. - MChkflaguard_Yt

17 This site is for ages 13+
18 Everyone will hear them eventually
19 It just happens

Everyone does it. - Userguy44

20 It's better to swear than to hurt a person

The only way to hurt someone through such a website is by swearing. This isn't SAO where you can virtually kill people. - styLIShT

21 We sometimes swear to show exaggeration

Or sarcasm - Randomator

22 It's useful when talking about terrible songs

Example: Justin Bieber - Murphypaw

Especially by quoting the lyrics - Hotheart123

23 5 years old kid curse

5 year old kids?! How? - Userguy44

What? Since when to 5-year-old kids learn these words? Since when?

24 17 years olds and older curse
25 People get use to cussing.
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