Top Ten Reasons Danteem Is the Best User Ever

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1 He's a Super-Hardcore MLG Smash Bros Player

We all know that Danteem made this list about himself.

MLG doesn't mean playing smash bros with level 1every round

Danteem, we know this list was made by you.

Wait isn't he a different user now?

2 His Real Name Is Dante

It's Dante. But I remember that somewhere it said it was Michael Dante? I'm confused.

The only half-interesting thing about the guy.

Yes his name is Dante. I have found his YouTube channel but I'm not giving it out.

Its Michael Dante Emmett.

3 He Acts Almost Just Like a South Park Character

He's nothing like a South Park character

He acts like Cartman

I highly doubt it,if anything the South Park people here are(I don't want to mention myself even though I act like one kind of)Puga and cereal guy

4 He's Made Some of the Best Quotes On TheTopTens

Well more of the opposite.

Such as, "Christians suck" "Samus sucks" "Luigi is awesome" I think not.

On Opposite Day he does!

No,that's positron wildhawk for ya

5 His Favorite Video Game Character is Luigi

Did the pastor of the luigism church have this idea?

Strongest Person ever said Danteem. Luigi Rocks!

He's not the best character,it's ok if it's his favorite,but he takes luigi way to far

Oh. Meh.

6 He's Very Smart

Yup,the guy who worships luigi and porn is smarter then Einstein...(sarcasm)

7 He's the Strongest TopTenner

Nope. I bet anybody on this website could kick his butt. I could totally take him down.

Nah he a fatty

No Alexander is strongest

Let's test it out let's all met some where and fight we will see who the strongest TopTenners are

8 His Favorite Female Video Game Character is Princess Daisy

She the hottest girl ever! I love Daisy!

Daisy sucks

Daisy is so annoyin,the best female character is mangle and toy chica from fnaf 2,because their scary,

9 He Makes Awesome Lists

Bad things about religion and silly things about luigi and dumb comparisions with either smash bros or mortal combat in them

Reasons to hate Christians?

Reasons why smash bros is better then my real combat,no way

All his list is about hating relegion and worshipping video games and we all know danteem made most the commets of himself

10 His Comments are Funny

Like I'm offended by that. I love those comments.

Danteem we all know you think it's opposite day

I don't get wats funny

Have to admit, he has the most hilarious comments.

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11 His Blog Posts are Great

One of the worst blog posts

Don't ever dislike my comments again. One of the best blog post I've seen.

Is it Opposite Day?

Yup,your right,it's Dantem that made the list

12 His Favorite Video Game Ever is Super Smash Brothers for Wii U

Best of all Smash Brothers. Superior Smash Brothers should of been the name.

13 He Wishes Britgirl Didn't Retire

It made Keyson sad, I feel sorry for both of them.

14 He's the Sexiest TopTenner

Lol! Not in a million years!

I really didn't wanna say this,but positron is more likely to get a girlfriend

I'm probably more sexy than him.

Hold on,I gotta count how many girls said no to him when he asked to go out with them,*2 hours later*

15 He Hates Mario

He hate Mario and his fans that like Mario better. He offended by that! Luigi all the way!

16 His Favorite Video Game Console is the Wii U

He thinks the Wii is ok and it's his least favorite but Wii U and GameCube are way better.

17 His Favorite Airline is Alaska Airlines

Best customer service ever. Best pilots. Best Planes. Such and incredible Airline!

I must admit its good

It's the only Airline I've been on.

18 He's So Ego Maniacal That He Talks About Himself In the Third Person Regularly
19 He's the Craziest TopTenner
20 He Hates Princess Peach the Most
21 Green Is His Favorite Color
22 He Invented Luigism

I didn't know he acknowledged that his religion is Luigism.

More like a reason he sucks

Hmmm, is this the pastor of luigism?

23 He Supports the Green Movement

Green-mindedness movement. Also known as the pervertedness movement.

24 His Favorite Dungeon In Ocarina of Time Is the Forest Temple
25 Link Is His Favorite Zelda Character
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