Top 10 Reasons to Hate Mean Teachers

This was inspired by my personal experiences with a mean teacher I had in high school. I hate them so much! They don't help you out at all. They're just rude, obnoxious, strict, and sometimes vicious. We've all had one at some point in our lives so feel free to add more reasons.

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1 They ruin school for you

Almost or all the things on the list relate to this.

@TwilightKitsune: They ARE mega sized bullies!

The teacher I had absolutely ruined high school for me. I will never forgive him for that!

They're like mega sized bullies - TwilightKitsune

2 They ruin a certain school subject for you

The teacher I had taught math and he was so rude that I don't even wanna be around math for as long as I live.

3 They make you suicidal

I thought I was gonna kill myself because of my bad teacher. But luckily I was smart enough not to abuse drugs that would kill me. Mean teachers are the real reason why so many teens are depressed and suicidal.

4 They think they're more smart

My teacher actually had the balls to say that he was more smarter than me. I wish I could've kicked him in the nuts while I still had the chance! 😡

5 They make you not interested in education

I used to have a passion for education until my dumbass math teacher ruined high school for me and made me completely not care for education anymore.

6 They intimidate you

Yeah that happens/happened a lot in the spec education department

My high school special ed teacher constantly intimidated me over everything

For some reason my math teacher used to intimidate me whenever I made the smallest mistake. He was that bad.

7 They're obnoxious

My teacher tried way too hard to be funny in which he just came off as awkward and annoying. News flash! You're not making anyone laugh!

8 They stress you out

And they make the subject harder for you - TwilightKitsune

I didn't want to come to math class because I always felt super stressed because I didn't want to face my teacher cause of how much of a d*ck he was.

9 They verbally abuse you

I had a teacher once who would physically assault students with markers and stationery equipment. I kept reporting her but the school did nothing. - TwilightKitsune

My math teacher was verbally abusive to me and the other students. He was such a heartless monster that it's not even funny!

10 They hurt you

Sometimes they even beat up students and drag them across the halls. THAT'S CHILD ABUSE! It's downright illegal and they should be fired for that!

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11 They're heartless

My high school special ed teacher has ABSOLUTELY NO HEART. I wanted her to die so bad.

My math teacher was the most heartless creature I have EVER had the misfortune of knowing personally.

12 They are bullies

Schools constantly say "no bullying" but the teachers aren't aware that whenever they scream and yell at students, their behavior is considered as bullying.

13 They seem to hate children and young people as a whole

Why would you hate kids yet work at a school? That's like applying for a job at an animal shelter if you hate animals. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

14 They are scary
15 They have high expectations

They are perfectionists who will lose it if you make even one tiny mistake...

16 They physically abuse you

Mainly special ed teachers do this

17 They constantly give you an attitude

You have a good grade then once you face the teacher it changes everything

18 They yell at you all the time
19 They humiliate you in front of the class
20 They make verbal threats toward you
21 They order you to do things

Student: teacher can I use the bathroom?

Teacher: no

Student: But it's an emergency

Teacher: I said NO!

(student gets up to use bathroom)

22 They get the whole class in trouble when only 1 person did something

Once, my high school special ed teacher found out that a few students were joking around and she thought that they were bullying others so she SUMMONED THE ENTIRE CLASS back into the classroom (including me, who didn't even do anything) and yelled at all of us.

23 They make you worry about the future

Sometimes my high school special ed teacher would say to me "We need to discuss this later" or "we will discuss this tomorrow". She usually says "don't worry, you're not in trouble" afterwards. THAT IS NOTHING BUT A TOTAL LIE! It really means "you are in trouble". I know this because when it's time for the talk, it's usually "Explain this" or "What did you do? "

24 They constantly roasts students to other teachers
25 They make you depressed
26 They lower your self-esteem
27 They ruin your reputation
28 They can never be 100% satisfied
29 They never care about students' feelings
30 They are not compassionate
31 They have no patience
32 They have an attitude
33 They give you lots of work
34 They get you in trouble for no reason
35 They act evil

They ARE evil!

36 They make you cry

I cried so many times at school because the teacher was being mean to me or the whole class by screaming and yelling.

37 They don't know what respect means

They demand respect from students but they yell at them. Yelling is disrespectful!

38 They have no heart
39 They haunt you forever

I’m now 26 and I remember all the mean stuff that my teachers have done to me over the years like they have just occurred yesterday.

40 They scream in your face
41 They give you PTSD
42 They send you to the headteacher

God help us

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