Top 10 Reasons to Hate the Roblox Game "Twisted Murderer"

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1 Teamers are in every single round

It ruins the fun user experience for the rest of the players on the server. They are also inconsiderate, wasting everyone's time as they state their agonising "3...2...1...gooat" statements. It makes them look weak and pathetic; they need someone else to increase their chances of winning. They are defeating the whole purpose of the game. You don't see police officers teaming up with murderers in real life, don't you? If that existed, then teaming would be allowed. Taymastar has already given us the glory of being in teams during special rounds (game modes like Double Trouble & Sticks and Stones), so why are teamers complaining?

Speaking of teamers, Every round has teamers like whenever everybody is dead but not the sheriff, They Dual fight or the sheriff kills the last person to make the Murderer win, Teamers needs to stop in Twisted Murderer

Why I actually hate them...

1. They just protect them to make win.

2. They make duel when there's only teammaggots. How dumb.

3. When they have knife & gun, you're now dead.

4. They annoy you to make you leave a game. Like, when someone calls you "stupid noob", then a random teammaggot says "yeah stupid noob nobody likes you".

5. They just lie and laugh at you when you fail... It will happen to Mad Games too. Seriously? Why they should do this? Like in Mad Games, you have a score that you will beat them all with one survivor with low score and a random teammaggot says "(a guy with low score) has more scores than you". But when you throwed the wrong panel, they just laugh, laugh AND LAUGH! AND! Ugh... in Twisted Murderer, when you pulled gun to look at it, a random teammaggot says "That person is murderer". When you shoot that victim, they ACTUALLY ****ING LAUGH! (rage quit)

Oh my god, they just make me drink a blood... This is why ...more

It is annoying as heck. They pick on people who are trying to have fun.

2 It's a copy of The Mad Murderer

Every builder nowadays get lazy and decide to take other peoples originality. - idkdan

But the twisted murder is fun

Taymaster is this guy that just copied and pasted all the elements in Mad Murderer, Taymaster was a good builder back then but the game is copied with a horrible edition to it

i agree

3 Everything is about MLG

I hate the MLG knives and guns like Dankshank, MLG Tryhard and #SHRONKED. The theowing abilities are too MLG, annoying, loud and obnoxious! I loved the 2013 version of roblox!

MLG is the worst addition on Roblox, It ruined everything on Roblox, Loud soundtracks, What is Shrek doing in MLG, etc. There wasn't MLG on Roblox before 2014


Yeah, MLG ruined ROBLOX. - idkdan

4 Loud noises

Yes! It's irritating and obnoxious! Almost every time one person plays an extremely loud MLG song!

So many loud songs whenever a player has a radio and plays an irradiating songs!

I hate when this happens,but this is not only in mad murderer,is in all the games with boombox like twisted murderer - SuperSpaceMan230

5 /e animations

Everybody uses the /e twerk thing that's much like the /e dance system. /e twerk is a dance animation that shows your butt. They also use it for glitching out of bounds

6 The murderer camps the guns

Honestly though, it's so annoying. - idkdan

This is what noobs do, They protect people from getting the gun and the murderer looks around to find the last players. This is puppy guarding

7 Locations enabled when the last players are alive

They always say "2 Innocents are remaining. Locations have been revealed." or "3 Murderers are remaining. Locations have been revealed.". In double trouble, they should say "4 Innocents are remaining. Locations have been revealed." And in infection, they should say "2 Survivors are remaining. Locations have been revealed."

This system, This is a murderer game and it's a lot like hide and seek. Having only 2 innocents alive will ruin the game, Murder Mystery is just right before the second one came out

8 Knife and Gun Textures

The textures in the game does make your knife and gun look cool but things are a little innopropiet for us. People keeps making too much Shrek Jokes like "its all ogre" and they ruin Shrek. Shrek is Love, Shrek is Life, see that's the popular joke. So the creator put a texture of Shrek's Head on it to make people be an Ogre-lord

The knife and gun look cool

The shop is full of unfunny and dead memes, including doge, sanic, and lenny faces

I really love the Bux Blade, Wex and Exort knives. They look coll and have cool names. I currently have the Bux Blade. That is the most expensive knife I have at $6000. I just don't really like the idea of MLG Tryhard, The Dew and Dankshank.

9 Being called "Noob" after winning

People are jealous and usually keep calling you "you suck noob". that's really annoying because once when I shot a guy that was the murderer, he was a lower rank and started calling me noob until I left. but when I joined again, he started joining and guess what? more teasing.

10 Exploiters

This is stupid! I even sometimes get loopkilled! When people troll me, I try to ignore them, BUT THEY ARE VERY DESPERATE AND THEY KEEP TRYING UNTIL I REACT! They even start fihts with eachother! Exploiters also glitch! They even mostly get away with it! They're also teamers with their cringefully agonising 3, 2, 1, GOOOAT! Their knives are extremely MLG! Their throwing abilities are also loud and obnoxious! If they are a sheriff or murderer, YOU ARE DEAD! NOT BIG SURPRISE! This is why I hate exploiters.

Every server has exploiters now, making it impossible to enjoy the game.

Everyone glitches out of the map and hacks for unlimited money.

Exploiters just exploit servers with no reasons in fact the first server is Pinewood Computer Core (if u type the last code)

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11 Hashtags used improperly

Every time I say baby, it gets hashtagged!

12 Using the twisted radio to glitch out of the map

Luckily, the murderer asks them to reset, and they listen. I rarely come across people who tease the murderer by saying "I Win! You Lose! " or "LOL NOOB! ".

People take the radio and use it to put them on the outside of the map, so when the murderer kills everyone, the person who is hiding on the outside of the map sits there and says, "I win, you lose." This is NOT winning, it's called cheating.

Every ''pro'' who has the radio is just a noob because if people don't have money to buy the radio they won't glitch and the people do have a radio glitch so they win

13 No reward after you lose.

I'm also imaging that you lose credits and xp after your side loses.


14 Other murderer games are much better than this

Much true, Such fun, Wow. #Twistedmurderersucks

15 Glitching into MVP and Roof

I talk about glitching in other reasons a lot! They always glitch and it's NEVER fair!

I would call this idiotic, but people now do is get their MVP friend to glitch them to MVP.
1. You can use the old one where a person slides through the gate and pole and then the other person jumps on and you can jump continuously until you glitched there (has some effects like getting stuck to the top)
2. A new one is when you go on the top gift of the gifts near the gate, and you get your MVP friend to stand on it, then you jump on him/her and jump continuously until you get there. (some effects like getting stuck between the MVP floor and the ceiling of the marble lobby)
It's so unfair for most people to see VIPs and just regular people getting to go to MVP since their MVP friend can glitch them, so take this off, Taymaster!

16 Abilities/Perks

The ability to throw a knife super fast just ruins the game for those who can't afford it. The worst part is that the knife makes loud and annoying sounds that add a sense of annoyance to being killed. It's obnoxious.

17 No filtering

I think they should be filtered cause KIDS PLAY IT OML

18 Annoying VIP MvPs with Radio.

Yes! They play extremely inappropriate songs! I think there are even cuss words on the songs they are playing! They burst everyone's eardrums! I mean literally burst them! They also ise it to glitch and everyone hates it! I want glitching to stop right now!

They call you a noob so you feel bad but they just pay to win so they are sad

This is the most annoying things in murderer games

The asses with radios keep using it to glitch I want it taken off it sucks because people who can't glitch can't get the glitchers.

19 Trolls calling you "CREDIT BUYER"

Seriously? I hate them! Should they leave them and me alone? Like seriously. I just have some skills with good perk and many trolls call me "CREDIT BUYER AUTISM NOOB" <---- they actually called me autism...

20 Hackers

OML! Where do I even begin? Oh, Yes! I sometimes get loopkilled by some admin hacker! I come across one almost every time I play this game! Yet again, They also glitch! I know I keep mentioning glitchers! But they really annoy me! They even start fights with eachother! What if they try to involve you in the fight!

21 Addictive

This game is full of morons who desperately beg their parents for robux so they can buy the radio! Then they keep glitching and saying "I Win! You Lose! " or "LOL NOOB! " or "You Can't Get Me! " or "You're A Loser! " or etc.

22 Inappropriate behavior

They always cussed back in 2016! They don't even censor the cuss words! I think this game is extremely inappropriate!

This is just gross. I see it happen every time I get in the game. I'm like "Oh cool music man". But about a couple days later, I look up the music video, but I find the video disgusting and porn. I bet you most of the rap songs the robloxians play in the game, its gross. Not all of them.But guess what?! Since Taymaster made a twerking pack, people mostly treat it like their raping each other. I mean come on! what if a kid is playing that game. But you know what? I've decided I'm gonna play The mad murderer.

23 Noob Calling

They always call u a noob every time your a sherrif and the murderer is trying to kill you and u failed.

24 It puts hashtag alto on the chat

It puts hashtags on the chat

25 Rip off of mad murderer and MM
26 When people call you a TryHard
27 Fighting

In every game I come across, there are always people that just randomly start a fight. This is so annoying because these people just don't stop and the chat just fills up with dumb texts.

28 Edgy children

They're everywhere. They're always those sad children who plays xxxtentacion and has grey skin. I always avoid those servers and play with a server that doesn't look depressing, but it's almost impossible to find. the edgy kids are also the ones who OD the most and end up making everybody else cringe, but they can't think why because of their fathead.

29 Lack of Updates

The creator doesn't update the game anymore which slows down the game popularity easily

Taymaster doesn't even update the game._.

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