Top Ten Reasons Modern Mario Party is Way Better Than Old Mario Party

Here is my list on why Modern Mario Party is way better than "Get Lost" Party 1-8. If you hate my list, that's ok, but remember opinions, I respect those people that like 1-8 but not those who force me to like those. I'm not trying to offend anyway, just expressing my opinion on why I like modern Mario Party more, if you find my comments biased and aggressive, keep in mind that I get really angry sometimes when my favourite video game of all time receives unneeded hate.

The Top Ten

1 They are All Unique, Unlike the First Eight

They have different things.

True. There's even King Boo. - AlphaQ

I agree, although I still have a soft spot for the original on DS. But the new ones are more dynamic - Phillip873

1-8 were pretty much the same thing except different minigames and boards. But they used the same ' formua. Everyone moves where they want, minigame get stars and over and over. So BORING! It felt too long, the modern Mario Parties are all unique! 9 was revolutionary and the best mari ogame of all time, nostalgiaÂ', it added Car mechanic, boss battles and a bonus board, and three new characters, Koopa Troopa, Shy Guy and Kamek, I know DS had Boss Battles too but those bosses sucked. Island Tour was the first one the 3DS and each board in that game had a unique aspect, 10 added two new modes; Bowser Party and Amiibo Party, and two new playable characters, Rosalina and Spike. Star Rush added a new mode, Toad Scramble and a real hub world and scarpped Party Mode. Not so tough now old fanbase!? - darthvadern

2 They Include Boss Battles

I love the boss battles because they are fun.

I know DS had Boss Battles too. But that was handheld and not modern. This was the first console Mario Party to include Boss Battles, not only that but most of the Boss battles are GOOD! Chain Chomp and King Boo were amazing bosses with amazing soundtrack. - darthvadern


3 Way Better Soundtrack

Play the final boss battle in Mario Party Island Tour, that's one of the most amazing songs of all time! Or the bosses in MP9, amazing soundtrack. - darthvadern

4 No Koopa Kid

Only good reason on this list


Koopa Kid was the laiest piece of character in the Mario Party games! God think they removed him completely from Mario Party 8. Bowser Jr. is way better, and so are Koopalings and Broodals. - darthvadern

5 Better Fanbase

I added this item so that you can read this and I will right now analyze the annoying fanbase of the first 9 games. Let's see, why do people hate modern mario party, they hate for the worst reasons ever! It's different! Shut up losers! Mario Party 1-8 felt super similar, one tiny feature doesn't make a game different! 5-7 were pretty much the same thing. If all Mario Party games were the same you would also hate it, these people have never heard of the word "repetive"! Even Hudson Soft thought the games were too similar, so SHUT UP! - darthvadern

6 Mario Party 10 Has the Bowser Party Mini-Game

This one I can agree with. - egnomac

This is by far the most entertaining mode in the series, it was sadly only in 10 but it was awesomne. - darthvadern

7 Koopa Troopa, Shy Guy, Kamek, Spike and Rosalina are Only Playable in the Modern Mario Party Games

I like the shy guys - Phillip873

For those who complain there never appears new characters in modern games. Play the modern MP games. Amazing characters! - darthvadern

8 Better Minigames

Most of the modern ones are boring and luck based only a few are enjoyable in my opinion - Randomator

They all memorable, I only remember like 3-4 minigamews from each old Mario Party games, wait, I dn't remember any minigame from 6. Shows how much more memorable the modern are. - darthvadern

I mainly think that 8, 9 and Island Tour had memorable minigames. Star Rush honestly has some forgettable minigames. - darthvadern

9 Replaced Coins with Mini Stars

Coins have appeared since Super Mario Bros.! Why aren't you happy with a new thing! Yo do acually get a star at the end of each board so shut up! Would you be glad if Nintendo added Pink Gold Peach Coins? - darthvadern

It’s not that big of a deal. Who cares if it’s coins or mini stars?

10 They're Shorter Making Them Less Boring

All you did in the first 8 was rolling the dice, walking, minigame, and repeat. For like at least an hour. Hey! I've not come to play Mairo Party to see the same repeated over and over again. - darthvadern

I apologize if I’m being annoying but the older games were way more competitive in my personal opinion because you actually played mini games after each turn and you had to compete more for stars. Looking at the modern games it’s less competitive. And they then completely threw story mode out which means there’s no real reason to play the game. Most of the newer games are basically a random assortment of side modes and they are fun for a few play throughs once you’ve played them enough you’ve played them every time. Now the games are so rushed that it doesn’t even feel like Mario party. If you’re playing Mario Party or any board game you shouldn’t rush it. Mario Party is one of those things you should have fun with and enjoy instead of rushing it

The Contenders

11 Can Be Played with Only 2 or 3 Players
12 Better Boards

The boards in the newer Mario Party games are wa more creative, some of them resemble palces from the Mario franchise which is pure awesomne referances! I mean look at MP2 and 5, these boardsa re so uncreative, all boards there ends with either Land or Dream. Western Land, Pirate Land, PIRATE DREAM, FUTURE DREAM! TOY DREAM! BOWSER LAND!?!?!?! What kind of names are those!? The modern Mario Party games had good boards, no these uncreative bowser's "nightmare"! - darthvadern

13 It Added the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th Mechanic in Minigames

That is way more fair than older minigames! - darthvadern

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