Top Ten Reasons TheTopTens Should Not Become More Popular


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1 It would flood with modern music lovers

I get that some people don't like pop music nowadays. There is some music I can't stand. However, I don't go around bashing their fans, questioning their intelligence, and feeling the need to force "my idea of good music" down their throats.
I wish people would let me like what I like and not feel the need to insult me for it. (Modern music)

And Beliebers will infest and disgrace this site!

Nope. This shows your close-mindedness towards others' opinions. - styLIShT

We don't want more people like Justin Bieber lover - Nateawesomeness

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2 Trolls would get attracted
3 Hackers will try to hack lists

Or even users - Nateawesomeness

TheTopsTens should have never been created in the 1st place

4 It is like a family, and if it becomes popular it won't be

Great list solid perspectives. An influx of new users and visitors would ( and will) alter the site as it becomes more known and popular. Maybe there could be different divisions - the veteran club section with a certain length of membership and contribution to be admitted to, and a general section accessible to all. Lists would rank items and reflect activity within those groups the "veterans" could vote and comment in both sections, but no "rookies" or "newbies" or visitors could affect or comment in the veteran section until they passed the probabtionary period and ofherwise qualified. - Billyv

This is my biggest concern. Yes, the larger the community gets, the value for personal interaction with specific members reduces and people eventually stop caring about the user who posted something. - styLIShT

I don't want us to be a giant community, I just want us to stay as a nice, small community without too many trolls, this site is just the perfect size, so it's just like a family. - BlackAngel_ZombieBoy

Popularity can't ruin our family,TheTopTens shall be a secret to the world around us,just like the illuminati squad - Nateawesomeness

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5 We would run out of lists

We wouldn't. There are so many ignored lists and list titles. There are trillions of ideas for lists but you just don't see it. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

There is at least an infinite amount of lists left remaining that haven't been made yet.

6 The popular users right now would be overshadowed

PositronWildhawk and Britgirl may have 600 followers right now, more than any other user. However, if the site gets very popular, you'd see a lot of users that have thousands of followers, and users like PositronWildhawk won't even be in the top 1000 for most followers.

The work that popular top tenners do is out standing and a lot of us(even me) enjoys their work and achievements. But to be honest I don't think their accomplishments and posts would be something that would interest the general public. - cosmo

If more new users came on here, there would be flame wars worse than the "Great" War of Hypocrisy... - Turkeyasylum

There was no war of hypocrisy, that was just an argument between two users opinions.

7 Too many colliding personalities
8 The Mods would get overworked
9 It would flood with Metal haters

Then we would all learn HTML, and only users from 2005-2016 will be allowed.

That's actually true. A lot of people I know hate metal. - cosmo

Metal shouldn't be hated on this site,if it is,led zepplin will make TheTopTens it's least favorite website - Nateawesomeness

10 The users right now would be called weirdos

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11 Metallica would be on every worst list
12 We don't want it to

Who is "We"? I guarantee the moderators and admins want as much traffic as they can possibly get.

13 Homophobes would come

You can't hate gay people even if you don't approve of gay marriage!

But that's a good thing

14 Justin Bieber would be on more and more lists

He would be on more hate list, people would call fans "Bieber lovers"

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