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41 Treating the Female Characters Like Sexual Objects V 1 Comment
42 It's Extremely Inappropriate

Its very inappropriate due to the fact anime girls are sometimes really busty and children that are 12 might do nasty things to these girls once seen.

Are you a six year old - izayaorihara

That's why they have age rating. - 906389

I agree - GamingWithCharlie

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43 Most anime fans are either emo, nerdy, or shy

What's wrong with being emo, nerdy or shy? Does that somehow make them bad people or dumb? Everyone has a different personality. I haven't been interested in anime at all so far but seriously, this "reason" is just stupid. - sofiav

No celebrities like Kanye West AND Megan Fox as well as the guy who starred in the first three spider man movies do like anime

These anime idiots need to get it together.

If I may recall, this list is called "Reasons Why Anime Sucks". Not fans, but ANIME in general. - alphadan12

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44 Fans say you "don't have a life" if you hate it

Or vice versa, non-otakus tell otakus that they gotta " get a life "

Maybe adults should act like adults and actually focus on careers and life instead of stupid cartoons

That's what EVERY stupid, overprotective fan of ANYTHING might tell you. - alphadan12

Anime fans don't have a life. - izayaorihara

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45 It is Japanese

What, now I'm really not sure what's wrong with you people! ANYONE - I repeat, ANYONE - could watch anime! Every anime has a subbed version ( Japenese with English translations ), many have dubbed version ( English )! In fact, it could be hard to actually find a Japenese version of an anime.

What a racist thing to say! mrcoolface, if you added this, you should be ashamed of yourself. Same goes for whoever put this here! - ModernSpongeBobSucks

You racists jackasses keep your mouth shut, so would you like it if Japanese people said they don't like cartoons because "It is ENGLISH" - SkyFlower

This is very racist. - LordDovahkiin

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46 There Are Homosexual Characters In Anime

What the hell? There's nothing wrong with homosexual characters, just like there's nothing wrong with homosexual people.

Some characters you THINK are homosexual, but are probably not and it's not obvious because either they hang out with that same-sex friend too much, or they LOOK like the opposite gender.

Or sometimes, rivals. Or superiors.

God. I don't watch anime, but I hate homosexual characters. - LordDovahkiin


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47 Too Many Characters Have the Same Faces

Yeah I agree all the girls have the same faces, its creepy and weird.

48 Too Many Characters Have the Same Hairstyles

Like all them are the same, boys have rather emo, or the big spiky explosion hair. And girls always have the smooth down ones and kawaii look.

This is so true.

49 Out-of-Proportion Boobs Out-of-Proportion Boobs

Seems like boobs are the only reason people watch this junk. They are very often in focus, bouncing around unnaturally.

And they're also very often un-naturally huge. People who draw anime (can't call them artists, they aren't) usually copy other anime's style, and I doubt they have ever seen a real woman or real boobs.

50 Weird Names

-San:a respectful way to refer to someone older than you etc.
-kun: a friendly way to refer to a male, someone younger than you or to a friend etc.
-chan:(female counterpart of kun)
-sama:a very respectful way to refer to someone who is a superior or someone you consider respectable, be it male or female.

So, anime sucks because the characters use honorific suffixes to show their politeness?! Seriously... You anime haters should think more... Use Wikipedia!

... are you trying to be retarded? I'm sorry, but what? Those aren't part of the name. They are SUFFIXES describing what the person is to you, a friend, a respective person, an elder, a person who you look up to etc. Oh my god... - Eimi_i

-San:a respectful way to refer to someone older than you etc.
-kun: a friendly way to refer to a male, someone younger than you or to a friend etc.
-chan:(female counterpart of kun)
-sama:a very respectful way to refer to someone who is a superior or someone you consider respectable, be it male or female.

So, anime sucks because the characters use honorific suffixes to show their politeness?! Seriously... You anime haters should think more... Use Wikipedia!

Goku, I'm looking at you.

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51 It makes girls think size zero is the only attractive size

No it doesn't. Anime isn't real life. You don't have to look like an anime to be beautiful.

52 It's Ruining People's Lives

I came out of Rehab after watching Anime. Anime changed the way I think. I started to understand the value of having friends and loving one's family. I read the One Piece manga, and the anime episodes for the same, also watched Fairy Tale and the movie Kimi No Na Wa, that one of the guards used to show us on his phone. It made myself better, that is the least that I have to say.

53 It's Gross

Ah hell yeah

54 Too Many Characters Die

If that's your problem just watch Fairy Tail. The only deaths are in flashbacks

Yes its very true that massive explosions and damages are taken in cities of ANime but none people die and it a citizen dies it's a sorry for them...but if a character from their own team dies then the cause an all out war... I mean come on no price to pay for the citizen or what,... Anime sucks

Character deaths are only a bad thing if they're supposed to be impactful, but fall flat. If you want a show with no character deaths watch something like Soul Eater, Fairy Tail, The Devil is a Part-Timer, or One-Punch Man. There are plenty of options for those who don't like character death. It's not fair to judge the whole medium because you don't like a small sample size of the shows in that medium - Suzu-kun22

Wow. - LordDovahkiin

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55 Anime Makes You Cry

Anime that makes you cry is not a bad thing in fact the best anime I have ever seen made me bawl like a baby. It was a beautiful anime and the storyline, romance, characters, and music were magnificent. In case you are wondering this anime is your lie in April.

I cried so hard when Eren's mother (from Attack on Titan) died!

Only reason I nod my head to

Just like watching the steelers especially when u bet on them

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56 They Always Use The Same Voice Actors In The Dubs

Why do they keep hiring Bryce Papenbrook, especially as the main characters? His voice is so annoying, especially during Caesar's emotional death in JJBA, it sounds more comedic than anything. - izayaorihara

First of all,this list is retarded. I know they use the same voice actors and actresses in the dubs,so what? And besides,I think that's very wise of anime creators to do such because they shouldn't be a lot of voice actors for characters - Addsmumba

The problem comes when the voice actor treats the characters the same way he treats his other characters. A good one is someone like Cherami Leigh, Lucy and Asuna don't feel the same. A bad one is someone like Byrce Papenbrook when Eren and Kirito feel samey and it makes you think that they were distant brothers - YourWaifuSucks

57 Lame Villains

Oh my god! Where should I even start villains in anime are sooOOoo stupid! ( and most of the heros are as stupid too ) now in most anime they are evil for no reason or if the mangaka prefer a character he usually makes it a super immortal hansome strong genius etc… basically the perfect human (And oh when they say some words to make them sound wise or whatever they just sound stupid as them! ) and because they're ( super )evil they should die and their death is so unrealistic for a character as strong and smart as they are I want to write more but I don't have time so I'll end here.

58 People Make Terrible Memes Out of It

true lmao

59 Bad Intro Songs
60 Theme Songs

It all depends on the anime you watch. In my opinion, I REALLY like Sword Art Online, and I REALLY like the music. But there were other animes I have watched, such as Toradora, and the plot was good and I liked the anime itself but I didn't enjoy the soundtracks. Just give different animes a go and you'll see what you like and what you don't like.

Maybe you don't know anything about music, your just a hating jerk face. So what if people enjoy anime openings? I know this because a lot of people in my school love anime. Nobody likes the new cartoons anymore

There's a slew of western animation series that are actually good. - alphadan12

Hey logged out you're the real idiot because you said if you can't say anything nice at all don't say but look what your posting on this list.

I've only watched a few anime, but I have liked ALL of the theme songs. One of my favories is the theme song to The World God Only Knows. It is absolutely beautiful, at least to me. That being said, I love the theme songs of American cartoons too.

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