Top Ten Reasons Why Firestar is a Better Leader Than Donald Trump

The Top Ten Reasons Why Firestar is a Better Leader Than Donald Trump

1 Firestar brings peace toward the different clans

Whatch your language please, and this list is about Firestar who is a protagonist in Warriors book by Erin Hunter. He is a cat who leads Thunderclan (then got killed by his arch nemisis).
Also I wanted to point out that Warrii

And what does Donald do..?

Da phuc is this list - Not_A_Weeaboo

2 Firestar doesn't need walls to keep people out

He has borders to keep other clans out - spottedleafpool

3 Firestar can fight

Donald trump also has an army - spottedleafpool

4 Firestar is more welcoming to others
5 Firestar isn't as orange as Donald Trump

He's a ginger cat... Ginger means orange... What the heck is this li--

Yeah he is... also this isn't a valid reason, as much as I agree with this list.

6 Firestar isn't racist

Longtail: But kittypets can't be warriors!
Bluestar: Great Starclan Longtail, don't be so racist!

7 Donald Trump is a bad role model
8 Firestar respects both genders equally
9 Firestar is an overall nicer person
10 Firestar rebuilt an entire clan


The Contenders

11 Firestar likes Doritos

Firestar is just better than anyone overall...

12 Firestar has a super edition
13 Firestar cares for other people
14 Firestar has better abs


15 Firestar doesn’t judge people based on their race/gender
16 Firestar is more respected

For sure!

17 Firestar loves everybody

Firestar is just better then every one

18 Firestar kicks butt
19 Firestar doesn’t want to hit on his daughter
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