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1 Is mean to Luigi

Yeah he is so mean to Luigi, cause there was this video called "why Mario is alone", in the video Daisy asks Luigi how come he wasn't with Mario, and Luigi said "I don't remember", then Daisy said "maybe Mario remembers", then Daisy asked Mario why Luigi wasn't with him, then Mario says,"HE HAD DIARRHEA", then Luigi cring saying "Mario", Luigi got embarrassed in front Daisy. Seriously Mario what is wrong with you!? You embarrassed Luigi in front of his girlfriend Daisy!? What is wrong with you!?

I SWEAR. The game theory fans are getting DESPERATE. First Racist Mario, and now THIS? - DCfnaf

Mario is not mental. Nobody deserves to watch that theory. That theory sucked insane. Whoever said that Mario is not a hero is a lanky sucker! The list Top 10 Reasons Why Mario is Not a Hero was only created by some phony user. This list still SUCKS, and all mean posts of Mario deserve a MILLION THUMBS-DOWNS!

On one of the Mario games, when Luigi succeeds in something, Mario pretends to be happy for him, then he steps on his foot

Hey Game Theory Fanboys, If You Believe SO MUCH In His Theories, How About You Have Gay S-e-X With Matpat, If You Guys Believe In It So Much - VideoGamefan5

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2 Likes to fight nice characters

Have you all watched Game Theory talking about why Mario is mental? Well, don't believe that Mario being evil is actually true because it may or may not be how Nintendo made him. Remember what Matthew Patrick says! THAT'S JUST A THEORY, A GAME THEORY! THANKS FOR READING! (I honestly think Mario's a good guy. )

In the game super Mario world Mario points and besides the game makers made it so you had to sacrifice Yoshi think about that before you mess with Nintendo's mascot

The Yoshi dropping into a pit was actually an exploit. So the creators never intended for Mario to do this. But yeah, this list is stupid. - DCfnaf

Like sonic sometimes sonic gets a gun Mario gets a gun they are friends I do not get it - littlemachine

What do you mean nice - Nateawesomeness

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3 Beats helpers

He doesn't punch Yoshi, he points where he should lick. It looks like punching because the graphics aren't that realistic. IT WAS THE SNES, PEOPLE. - Garythesnail

You know yoshi Mario grabs his neck to lick - littlemachine

Garry the snail.

if Mario really is ( which I highly doubt ) points Yoshi to where he should lick then explain dis. Why does Yoshi's eyes widen when Mario is "showing him where to lick" Surely he would be used to the driver giving him little nudges?

Mario points where Yoshi needs to lick!
The reason he flinches is because he's taking a gulp in so he can do a big lick! - PaperMarioFan

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4 Just for one princess he kills many innocent people controlled by Bowser

Who said they were innocent? If you do nothing, they KILL you. Idiots.

This would mean every video game character kills the innocent enemies

Actually, Bowser turned the Toads into blocks, and people think when you destroy the bricks, you kill the toads. However, returning to that world, you can see the blocks are back. So, Mario doesn't kill Toads.

They're Not Innocent You Stupid Retard - VideoGamefan5

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5 Eats live mushrooms

You know the mushroom it has eyes on it ITS LIVE - littlemachine

So your name is little machine. Would this little machine be your BRAIN? - DCfnaf

It's not like they mind. They just keep that same neutral expression on their faces. - Garythesnail

That's not a good reason +the mushroom isn't drug

The mushrooms are not alive,and just because they have eyes doesn't mean they actually live,and no,It isn't a drug either,because Mario is still healthy while he eats them,which he probably doesn't eat them either,maybe they just function in him by touch - Nateawesomeness

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6 Destroys castles

This list is terrible! He's getting rid of the enemy camps! You know, like MANY OTHER GAMES! What do you mean a toad could live there? IN A CASTLE? They have multiple homes at Toad Town! - DCfnaf

Destroying the Lemmy, Roy, Ludwig, Morton, Wendy, Larry, and the Iggy airship and Bowser's castle was not a contemptible thing. This list was like an idiot from the start.

Destroying the castles is a good thing not a bad thing.

He doesn't destroy castles... He just tries to get past them to get his wife, Peach! - PaperMarioFan

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7 He steals all the coins in the Mushroom Kingdom

Mario CAN BUY 1extra life for 100coin just imagine what happen if u can't buy extra life u just gonna only survive with 3 life only and there's over 30 level in this game

Actually he buys a 1 up mushroom with 100 coins in practically every Mario game

Man you guys need to calm down because you all are getting too angry.

Actually, if Mario gets 100 coins, he gets an extra life. So he isn't greedy.

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8 He is a drug addict

It's Amanita Muscaria, located in Russia and some of former Soviet countries, it was used as a drug to make people crazy and hallucinates anything they want and it was very common during the war - CerealGuy

He munches down on shrooms all day long! And he grows bigger!

Why do people single out Mario? If you're going to use this awful logic, Luigi, Toad, Nabbit, Peach, and Rosalina all do the same thing! Hell EVEN WARIO! - DCfnaf

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9 Does survival parties

I would survive living! We have video games, what's not to celebrate?! (Ok probably lots of things but don't respond listing a million reasons or any reasons at all)

What is wrong with celebrating survival - Nateawesomeness

It looks like you don't pay attention to Mario Party cutscenes.

10 Cheats in Mario Kart by using shells

CHEATS? This list is terrible. TERRIBLE. Shells are part of the game. Everyone else uses shells, idiots.

This is an awful list. EVERY OTHER CHARACTER DOES THE SAME THING! Do Luigi, Peach, Rosalina, Wario, Donkey Kong, and Yoshi get away with it while Mario is accused? - DCfnaf

Mario is a mental, pompous & aggressive coward.

P.S. The word "coward" means "someone who does the wrong thing". It can also means "anxious person/animal/monster".

Luigi uses shells too, so he "cheats" too.

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11 He is vengeful

How would you feel if an ape stole your girl

He locked up the old donkey kong because he took a princess forcing donkey kong jr his son to save him plus its worst then what the old donkey kong did.

How would you feel if a Monkey stole your girl. - PaperMarioFan

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12 He murders Yoshi

The game brutal Mario has Mario killing everyone! Why did he forgot to kill yoshi!

Again the player makes Mario do this. - nintendofan126

This is the player's choice. Plus Brutal Mario is a fan game. - DCfnaf

You were the one who kills Yoshi.

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13 Lets Bowser get Peach

He doesn't let her! And if that's true, Luigi and the Toads do this also. - DCfnaf

No he doesn't.
If he did, then Luigi, the toads and all the other characters do too! - PaperMarioFan

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14 He is seen to have Wario as a greedy relative so Mario is greedy in some way

Actually, if Mario gets 100 coins, he gets an extra life. Plus, they're a theory that Wario is just a crazed Mario fan.

If they were related, just being relatives doesn't mean you're both greedy! These reasons stink!

They're not related! There's no evidence! - DCfnaf

No Wario and Mario are arch-rivals, not relatives! - PaperMarioFan

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15 He has many girlfriends, and he wants more so that probably tells you he's not a hero because he only does quests if Peach or Daisy is captured

Mario needs to get used to being in Archie Comics spin-offs.

Actually, he only has two girlfriends: Peach and Pauline. Daisy is Luigi's girlfriend, Rosalina doesn't have a boyfriend, and nobody else has a boyfriend.

He's had as many girlfriends and TRUMP HAS WIVES

He's had as many girlfriends as Trump had WIVES!

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16 Bumps players while racing

Wow. This evidence is so great. It's not like EVERY OTHER CHARACTER DOES IT TOO - DCfnaf

Wow. How awesome. This is the only good reason here.(Sarcasm Alert)

All the characters in Mario kart do this. - nintendofan126

Then nobody in the Mario games is a hero. EVERYONE DOES IT.

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17 He will sometimes fool around and kill things like baby Yoshi and Baby Penguins

The person playing the game makes Mario do this. - nintendofan126

Who killed Yoshi and the baby penguin? YOU!

That's because they CHOSE to do that... - Garythesnail

The gamer make Mario do that Mario didn't want to kill yoshi or the baby pinguens

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18 Mario dumped Daisy

Daisy deserve way more than Mario

Who cares? I think the Daisy Fans are just angry! - DCfnaf

Or maybe Daisy broke Mario's heart and fell in love with Luigi! NO EVIDENCE IS PROVIDED HERE. Man I was a jerk half a year ago! Why don't they post the dates for these comments? - DCfnaf

He didn't... My Shadow you people have no legitimate reasons!

No he never did Daisy is Luigi's girlfriend - PaperMarioFan

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19 He killed baby apes!

I love Mario games released in the late 20th century, especially Super Mario Bros. 3, Super Mario World series, the Super Mario Land trilogy and Super Mario 64 (one of the best games ever besides the Metal Gear franchise, Pac-Man World 1 for the PS1, Donkey Kong Country SNES games/Donkey Kong: Jungle Climber and etc...).

And Mario is my favorite mascot (Archie Andrews and Barbie being my least favorite mascots, even worse than Modern Sonic and Bubsy) who is a villain?! I know that, he should respect animals!

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20 Mario is a serial killer

Why isn't this #1? you think being mean to Luigi is worse than murder?

Why do you play Mario games if you hate Mario? He never killed anyone. - DCfnaf

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1. Just for one princess he kills many innocent people controlled by Bowser
2. Is mean to Luigi
3. He steals all the coins in the Mushroom Kingdom
1. Likes to fight nice characters
2. Beats helpers
3. Eats live mushrooms



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