Reasons Why the Modern School System Sucks

The modern school system formed today is pure garbage. Here's ten reasons why it is garbage in general. If I missed a reason feel free to add it.

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1 It's not helpful at all

Yes! It should teach things that we really need in life! It should teach the small basic things in elementary. We should know the small basic things and have electives in middle school. And we focus more on jobs in high school and learn all the life skills we need when we grow up. And college helps us take job courses. Homework and tests should be banned because they help with nothing at all! School should start two hours later and end at the same time it ends. This will make school better.

I bet baby boomers and generations before got little bruises from the cane and the blackboard duster thrown at them.
What was it for I wonder seeing as they got rid of it..
Being late? Talking? Not answering a teachers question, chewing, wanting to go the bathroom, swearing, shouting, laughing (especially in one lesson), not doing homework or one really annoying teacher who just does it for no reason.

Especially special ed

No it is, as education is important, but why don't they focus more on things like welding, laundry (military is big on that), ironing, filing taxes, writing checks, etc? On the bright side they do focus on college and military, though not enough on trade schools.

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2 It makes students not want to learn

Yes. You have to learn things you don't use in real life. School eats away your childhood. I have attention problems and slack off during homework a lot. I get distracted easily. So school is bad for me.

So true. School doesn't even care anymore about your likes and dislikes, they force you to learn every lesson even if some of them are the ones you really hate. For me, I love learning History and Biology (Mostly about Zoology) but I hate Math, Physics, etc because I don't find it interesting at all but they still teaches me that regardless and I hate it. - Hoenn4Ever

It makes ME 100% NOT wanna learn AT ALL. School is especially harder for me because I have ADHD and attention problems.

No kid wants to learn. - Videogamesgal

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3 All of the tests that are required get ridiculous and stress out the teachers just as much as the students

Those tests actually stress out the students WAY MORE than the teachers

We literally spend the first 9 months of school studying for them and not actually learning, and then we test for a few weeks, and then we review the tests and start studying for the next year's tests in the final months of school. - SirSheep

Yes. Just about dumb stuff. Would be better if it was about paying taxes or something useful. - DumbWays2DieFan

Mainly with Istep or NWEA.

4 Learning irrelevant or pointless subjects that don't matter

This stuff is legit pointless for the real world.

You don't need crap like Isotopes, Slope intercept or even Algebra for that matter.

I understand some people wanna be scientists, chemists, historians, website makers, etc. so in that case, make it optional and make it only for the kids who want to be those or who want to "learn" them. - DumbWays2DieFan

5 It destroys creativity

When I just started 7th grade, I thought it wouldn't be as hard as I thought it would be and by that time, I got an interest in making a career out of playing video games but then I realize I don't have time to deal with those things because I have to do tons of homework and tests and because of that, I ended up being depressed and I don't feel like I should even do that exact career that I wanted. After all, not everyone supports my idea, even my classmate once told me "Oh yeah, you wanna make a career from playing video games huh? Then why don't you waste all of your times playing games until you rot your brain! ", she was basically being rude to me and she probably thought that I would play video games until I die from it. What a negative minded people... - Hoenn4Ever

Yeah. It would be boring it we were ALL barehead. - DumbWays2DieFan

True art class has almost ruined one of my favorite hobbies for me - Ihateschool

It destroys creativity pretty fast.

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6 The homework assigned is based on subjects so forgettable that students would probably forget about it in a week

Memorizing geometry formulas for distance on a graph will never help me. All I need to see on a graph is whether it's on a positive trend of not. - SirSheep

And sometimes I'm up until midnight doing homework. It's why I'm not very active right now. - SirSheep

Homework should be banned it's basically slavery. - DumbWays2DieFan

Honestly this just downright explains itself.

7 Students are learning more from the internet than from teachers

I feel like I learn more from going to YouTube watching ASAPScience than from listening to my Biology teacher, I mean, I don't find her to be rude or anything, we used to talk about Science a lot but I just find it hard to remember what she even explain to me and the rest of my classmates, unlike ASAPScience where I remember what they talk about in their videos on my first time watching. Not to mention there's Wikipedia, a good source to learn random things, even if some vandals are gonna edit their article, it will be fixed in a matter of just 5 minutes. - Hoenn4Ever

So we shouldn't have to get up early and stress over tests. We can just get out google - DumbWays2DieFan

Which is one hell of accomplishment.

8 It stresses out students more than it helps them

Yeah. My dad thinks he stresses more at work than we do at school but I doubt it. - DumbWays2DieFan

I thinkk this is quite self explantory.

9 The curriculum that teachers teach is based off of a lesson plan assigned by the government

Hey Trump do something about this and maybe just maybe you'll actually have people looking at you positively

I think it would better if it was based off what the teacher wanted to teach the students but I can't stop the government so... it probably won't change anytime soon.

Stupid government - DumbWays2DieFan

10 It feels like the same thing happens every day

My school never changes the math subjects anymore. Always graphing and I swear it's more scientific than math sometimes.

I swear when I go to School the days are always feel like the same day as before and yes this includes days with tests. - christangrant

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11 It's too strict

Sometimes, but not always - SuperMiloX

Very very super true

12 It's all about what the government wants students to learn rather then what the students want to learn

Common core is crap

Which I'll add isn't great at all.

I don't wanna learn geography, history, etc. I wanna learn how to pay taxes, how to get insurance, etc. instead of your uselessness. - DumbWays2DieFan

I don't think you'll be able to afford insurance when you are working at McDonalds - bstrz04

13 You get in trouble for no reason

I this one teacher who made a little boy get in trouble even though he was being good! - Videogamesgal

14 They try to make students lose their personalities and all be the same
15 Teachers do not get paid enough
16 Too many pointless assessments via Istep or NWEA

Just asking you "what does this Latin word mean? " or something. - DumbWays2DieFan

Not to mention these assessments aren't helpful.

17 They think people will learn by listening to someone talk for 20 minutes

We can google up 99% of the stuff they teach us. I'll only do it for the useful things though. - DumbWays2DieFan

This is why I hate school. - 445956

Trust me it's worst at my school... the classes drag on for 70 minutes or in otherwords a hour and 10 minutes.

18 It feels like prison

That's what Mildred Hubble said about Cackles Academy. (The Worst Witch)
But I'm getting older and sometimes I kinda miss school, except for bullies, horrible teachers (imagine getting a detention from your art teacher for oops I drew on writing paper what)

School is almost like prison for me except you go home temporarily and you can bring food from your home. And it's not really filled with bars or anything, except they restrict you from your freedom, which is something prison would do. - Hoenn4Ever

Only difference is that prison gives you free food and in school, you pay for that gross crap. - DumbWays2DieFan

19 Immature teachers that give terrible punishment
20 Tests are based on memory and not intelligence
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