Top 10 Reasons Why the Modern School System Sucks

The modern school system formed today is pure garbage. Here's ten reasons why it is garbage in general. If I missed a reason feel free to add it.
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1 It destroys creativity

I wanted to be a Voice Actor but ever since 6th Grade, its hard to dream about it when I have to study for a test, do homework, or do assignments. And because of all that, it pretty much destroys my dreams of becoming a Voice Actor. So modern schools don't just destroys creativity, it also destroys our dream career.

I used to be a creative person until I reached high school. I find out that anything related to technology is destroying creativity nowadays (look at the stupid website logo redesigns! ) But still school makes creativity even worse!

I get picked on by students for wanting to be a video game designer. Also teachers get mad at me when I draw concepts for games during class when in reality I am clearly focusing.

My teachers act like I don't pay attention because I'm always drawing anime/pokemon when in reality I am! Also, I have achromatopsia and I can't even see what's going on very well!

2 It tries to make students lose their personalities and all be the same

True but no teacher will stop me from doing what makes me happy, which is making stuff no matter what they say.

It's like a game where there are a lot of classes in a game, but the game forces everyone to pick the same class.

They try to make you lose individual antinomy (some) but not mine. (My elementary did) but doesn't work - Unnamed Google User Remade

They try but no teacher can make me lose my personality. They failed horribly at that

3 It's not helpful at all

School is supposed to help students prepare for the real world. Instead, it makes you memorize useless facts that you won't use unless you major in. It makes you wake up super early in the morning and waste 6-8 hours of the day. After that, we get shoved with 2+ hours of homework down our throats! Some students hate homework and studying so much that they procrastinate a lot on it and end up staying up late night to finish it. Sometimes, they don't even finish their homework! Also, grades should be removed because they make school about memorizing and straight A's and perfect scores. Same goes for standardized tests like SAT/ACT. It's stupid how grades and test scores determine your future. Grades even sometimes give parents another reason to annoy and nag you. School just takes up so much time out of your day that you don't get any time to do what you want. It just causes kids to not want to learn and demotivates them and burns them out. School is just so pointless and aids and ...more

I'm much more reasonable than school.
School wants you to be good at things that have no real use.
I just want you to be good at being nice.

I think the elementary school, or primary school if you live in the U.K's curriculum should stay the same. In middle school(11-16)(I think that the U.K should split secondary school like America), you should be able to choose like 5-7 subjects. I would choose Maths, the sciences and history, my favourites. In high school (16-18) you should focus on what job you want when you are older. I think you should also be taught basic life skills like how to manage money in late middle/high school.

Yes! It should teach things that we really need in life! It should teach the small basic things in elementary. We should know the small basic things and have electives in middle school. And we focus more on jobs in high school and learn all the life skills we need when we grow up. And college helps us take job courses. Homework and tests should be banned because they help with nothing at all! School should start two hours later and end at the same time it ends. This will make school better.

4 It makes students not want to learn

You don't "learn" at school. You memorize useless stuff! Rote memorization is not the same as learning. They destroy our brain's natural curiosity!

So true. School doesn't even care anymore about your likes and dislikes, they force you to learn every lesson even if some of them are the ones you really hate. For me, I love learning History and Biology (Mostly about Zoology) but I hate Math, Physics, etc because I don't find it interesting at all but they still teaches me that regardless and I hate it.

True. We learn things we don't want to learn. The government makes learning bad for us. We get tons of homework which affects our grades and stresses us out. School is harder for me since I have ADHD. I doze off a lot in school and I'm a master procrastinator in homework. The government should make our school a free and fun place. It should be more useful.

School just does nothing to me but give me a dislike towards anything academic. I sometimes wish I could become a pro gamer and drop out of school.

5 It stresses out students more than it helps them

Yeah. My dad thinks he stresses more at work than we do at school but I doubt it.

6 The tests that are required get ridiculous and stress out the teachers just as much as the students

We literally spend the first 9 months of school studying for them and not actually learning, and then we test for a few weeks, and then we review the tests and start studying for the next year's tests in the final months of school.

My teachers in 1957 were stressed out because a ton of students, including me, didn't finish our work. Those assignments were very hard.

Yes. Just about dumb stuff. Would be better if it was about paying taxes or something useful.

Those tests actually stress out the students WAY MORE than the teachers

7 Students are learning more from the internet than from teachers

I feel like I learn more from going to YouTube watching ASAPScience than from listening to my Biology teacher, I mean, I don't find her to be rude or anything, we used to talk about Science a lot but I just find it hard to remember what she even explain to me and the rest of my classmates, unlike ASAPScience where I remember what they talk about in their videos on my first time watching. Not to mention there's Wikipedia, a good source to learn random things, even if some vandals are gonna edit their article, it will be fixed in a matter of just 5 minutes.

Most parents tell you that you won't learn from the internet alone but the truth is that most students get almost 80% of their intelligence from the internet...

People always wonder how I know things when I explain things to them. Every time that happens, I tell them it's from watching youtube for hours on end.

So we shouldn't have to get up early and stress over tests. We can just get out google

8 It teaches irrelevant or pointless subjects that don't matter

School does teach academics and all, but not the important things. Kids should be acquired to learn neccessary things such as taxes, voting, sex, etc.

Exactly, they teach us stuff like trigonometry, and rectangles. we learn that stuff in our first year of school. and to add, when are we going to use them in the real world. Don't get me started on algebra.

We should teach more useful stuff like how to become a successful YouTuber or how to make your own cartoons for the future. Also yea, I agree that we learn stuff that DON'T EVEN MATTER! Like for example, we learn about the earths crust in Science: Never going to use it!, what 120x2= in Math: What's SO important about THAT!?, Learning about the History of Donald Trump in Social Studies: Who CARES about THAT!?, and reading an article about Greek Mythology in English: That's BORING!

We should teach more useful stuff like paying bills and taxes, affording insurance, buying a car or house, managing a household, investing and saving for retirement etc.. But we are learning things that most of we will never use in real life. Some people will use them, but if you don't want to go into a path with these subjects, you are just wasting your time. So make these subjects optional.

9 The homework assigned is based on subjects so forgettable that students will probably forget about it in a week

Memorizing geometry formulas for distance on a graph will never help me. All I need to see on a graph is whether it's on a positive trend of not.

And sometimes I'm up until midnight doing homework. It's why I'm not very active right now.

Homework should be banned it's basically slavery.

Honestly this just downright explains itself.

10 It feels like the same thing happens every day

Nothing ever changes. Every day I wake up, go to all of my classes, go home eat whatever I can find because school food sucks, go to work, shower, sleep, and repeat.

My school never changes the math subjects anymore. Always graphing and I swear it's more scientific than math sometimes.

I swear when I go to School the days are always feel like the same day as before and yes this includes days with tests.

The Newcomers

? It was made for a different time

The "modern" school system was created in the 19th century for the benefit of industrialists who wanted obedient workers for the mines, factories, shipyards and railways but due to deindustrialization and technological advances, that world has not existed in developed countries since the 1970s which has already made the school system redundant.

Due to advances in robotics and artificial intelligence, many jobs are expected to be automated within the next few decades and yet the school system still relies on teaching methods from the 19th century which teach children to be rigid, obedient and uncreative, skills that are redundant in the 21st century.

If you want to create a school system for the 21st century then look to Finland.

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11 The curriculum that teachers teach is based off of a lesson plan assigned by the government

Trump. An diligent guy, an billionaire, an ex millionaire. Although, he's created a catastrophe in the school system and Mexico. He wants said "Lets make America great again" although he's made it garbage again.

Trump. If you're reading this, please fix our crappy school system, and MAYBE, people will not view you as such a bad person. Few kids might even think of you as best president ever! So please do something!

I think it would better if it was based off what the teacher wanted to teach the students but I can't stop the government so... it probably won't change anytime soon.

In my old school we had to learn topics that were going to be on a huge test.

12 It's too strict

When I was younger my primary school really encourages you to eat healthy and that litter of any kind is banned in the yard. There is also lack of freedom at any primary school you go to. With secondary college, you get more freedom, it is more mature there and you can bring whatever litter you want into the yard assuring it gets thrown into the bin afterwards.

My private Catholic school that I go to doesn't allow kids and teens to wear socks that are "crazy", you can only wear white socks! I'm 13 and even I don't have those kind of socks really

Very very super true

13 It feels like prison

School is almost like prison for me except you go home temporarily and you can bring food from your home. And it's not really filled with bars or anything, except they restrict you from your freedom, which is something prison would do.

That's what Mildred Hubble said about Cackles Academy. (The Worst Witch)
But I'm getting older and sometimes I kinda miss school, except for bullies, horrible teachers (imagine getting a detention from your art teacher for oops I drew on writing paper what)

The food sucks and we get yelled at for trying to leave to get better food or just leaving during a study.

Only difference is that prison gives you free food and in school, you pay for that gross crap.

14 It's all about what the government wants students to learn rather then what the students want to learn

Yeah. I personally think kids should be able to do what they want to achieve and learn rather than what the government wants.

The government has no idea how the teenage brain works and are always putting these standards on us and forcing teachers to teach the same way.

Which I'll add isn't great at all.

One of the reasons I dropped out.

15 It sometimes requires summer homework.

If teachers and staff get a work free summer, they we should too.

We have lives.

16 Tests are based on memory and not intelligence

Yeah. In my opinion, I think the reason why some students fail on tests is because they probably don't remember what they learn.
In General, it feels like you ar just memorizing information for a test. And even if you get a good grade, you'd probably forget something you learned the next day.

I have a bad memory so you can probably imagine what my grades are.

17 It assumes people will learn by listening to someone talk for 20 minutes

I need hands on things to work on. I am not going to retain information just by listening to sokmeone talk for 90 minutes straight.

We can google up 99% of the stuff they teach us. I'll only do it for the useful things though.

This is why I hate school.

18 Teachers do not get paid enough
19 Grades are a requirement to go to prestigious colleges

Grades don't even measure your intelligence. They measure how well you conform to the common core education system. It's kinda like being in George Orwell's 1984 where people have to conform to Big Brother in order to live a decent life. You have to conform to our education system in order to be successful, apparently. Except for, that isn't always the case for every job. Colleges should measure students based off of their own intelligence, not some grades on some papers.

Honestly, I think the school system relies heavily on grades rather than students actually learning. And that's sad.

This is stupid! Kids should actually be judged on intelligence and not some stupid letters!

20 It causes students to drop out

After 10th grade, many students drop out of school because of many useless and hard subjects. This makes them end up with crappy jobs at McDonalds.

I did this, and I regret nothing.

21 Students are expected to work faster than they are able to

This happens all of the time.

22 It uses your students' parents against them
23 It gives children depression

I just started high school a day ago, and honestly, I've been dealing with suicidal thoughts since I was ten, and I know I have anxiety. Honestly, with all the stress and stupid classes, I only have two I like, I don't think I will survive this year.
Sorry to vent…

24 Children have lots of restrictions
25 It includes too many pointless assessments via Istep or NWEA

Just asking you "what does this Latin word mean? " or something.

Not to mention these assessments aren't helpful.

I can relate to that :/

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