Reasons Why the Modern School System Sucks

The modern school system formed today is pure garbage. Here's ten reasons why it is garbage in general. If I missed a reason feel free to add it.

The Top Ten

1 Learning irrelevant or pointless subjects that don't matter

You don't need crap like Isotopes, Slope intercept or even Algebra for that matter.

But what if you want to learn how fast a car goes over time or how to make a bomb? What if you end up using uranium 238 and your bomb doesn't work? - Lucretia

2 The curriculum that teachers teach is based off of a lesson plan assigned by the government

I think it would better if it was based off what the teacher wanted to teach the students but I can't stop the government so... it probably won't change anytime soon.

3 All of the tests that are required get ridiculous and stress out the teachers just as much as the students

Mainly with Istep or NWEA.

4 The homework assigned is based on subjects so forgettable that students would probably forget about it in a week

Honestly this just downright explains itself.

5 It's not helpful at all

It's pretty useless and pathetic to be honest.

6 It stresses out students more than it helps them

I thinkk this is quite self explantory.

7 It's all about what the government wants students to learn rather then what the students want to learn

Which I'll add isn't great at all.

The governmments wants everyone to be the same... the government is weird. - Lucretia

8 It destroys creativity

Sure, how everything needs to be the same... hair, books, pencils, stuff like that - Lucretia

True art class has almost ruined one of my favorite hobbies for me - Ihateschool

It destroys creativity pretty fast.

Especially with all the pointless Dress Code BS - christangrant

9 It makes students not want to learn

Sure... I don't want to learn about some stupid garbage like the battle of britain or rebuttal or Homer... - Lucretia

Especially considering how annoying it's gotten.

10 Too many pointless assessments via Istep or NWEA

Never heard of them but they must be Indiana things? We have airs. - Lucretia

Not to mention these assessments aren't helpful.

The Contenders

11 They think people will learn by listening to someone talk for 20 minutes

Especially when its pointless stuff you forget after they say it. Like don't get into a long speech about um, the continental system - Lucretia

This is why I hate school. - 445956

Trust me it's worst at my school... the classes drag on for 70 minutes or in otherwords a hour and 10 minutes.

12 It feels like the same thing happens every day

I swear when I go to School the days are always feel like the same day as before and yes this includes days with tests. - christangrant

13 Students are learning more from the internet than from teachers

Which is one hell of accomplishment.

14 It's too strict
15 It feels like prison
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