Top 10 Reasons Why My Little Pony is Better Than Barbie

Both MLP and Barbie are girl toy lines made since the mid-1900s and they got much merchandise but i'd say My Little Pony is better. Why? Check out the reasons

The Top Ten

1 More People Like My Little Pony


2 My Little Pony is Less Girly

What the heck is wrong with being girly? Is this the message you want to send to little kids? That being feminine is bad? That girls shouldn't like more traditionally 'girly' things? That isn't a good thing to teach little kids. - HelloUniverse

My Little Pony has little dragons. Barbie has Ken.
Barbie is better, girls don't take any notice of her shape.
Dolls are one of the oldest toys.

Rainbow Dash
Lightning Dust
Indigo Zap
DJ Pon 3
Daring Doo

Too much tomboy in this show
=> Less GIRLY than Barbie

Both are girly.

3 Rarity Has Better Taste in Fashion Than Barbie

Too much fashion, not my thing. I prefer fighting and cool stuff.

True - AinezoChan

4 Barbie is Boring

That's subjective. - HelloUniverse

I one time watched a Barbie movie when I was younger and it was BORING! I nearly fell asleep. I want action and funny stuff, not fairy princesses into fashion and looking pretty.

5 Ponies are Better Role Models
6 Fluttershy and Apple Bloom are Cuter Than Barbie's Hair

So true. - AinezoChan

7 Barbie Has Too Many Movies

Can we go back to OLD Barbie when she didn't have many movies.
Barbie and the Rockers: Out of This World and Barbie and the Sensations: rocking' Back to Earth. When she was like Jem who originated as a doll before a cartoon, because my older sister only remembers a doll.
and cheesy song Barbie Girl also covered by Samanda (Amanda and Samantha Marchant twins) who came to fame from Big Brother (UK) in 2007.
and just a doll.

So true. She needs to stop. - Powerfulgirl10

We need to find the studio behind the and make 'em go bankrupt!

Barbie needs to discontinue this instant! - AinezoChan

8 My Little Pony Has Cutie Marks While Barbie Has No Special Trademark
9 Barbie is Repetitive

"Barbie the Fashion Mermaid" and "Barbie the Amazing Popstar" and "Barbie the Pink Princess". I made these titles up, but every Barbie movie is pretty much like this.

Barbie has way too many merch stuff. - AinezoChan

10 My Little Pony Has Great Villains

And they have reformed villains too.

In MLP, the villains have character development, in Barbie they are bland and stereotypical. - AinezoChan

The Contenders

11 My Little Pony Is Funny, Barbie Isn't

Aww do you hate dolls, one of the oldest toys invented.

Barbie is sexist to boys - AinezoChan

12 Rainbow Dash May Be Stupid but She is Still a Better Character Than Barbie

Rainbow Dash is not stupid Derpy Hooves is - Discord1

Yep! So true!

At Least Rainbow Dash Learns From Her Mistakes Sometimes
Barbie Continues Being A Stereotypical Bitchy Girl

13 Twilight Is A Way Better Role Model Than Barbie

Twilight is much smarter than Barbie - AinezoChan

14 My Little Pony is not sexist to males
15 Barbie has way too many merchandise products
16 My Little Pony is Overhated
17 Barbie is Underhated

No it's not. It's way overhated. - HelloUniverse

18 Better Storyline

Barbie is clich├ęd and predictable.

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