Top 10 Reasons Why My Little Pony is Better Than Barbie

Both MLP and Barbie are girl toy lines made since the mid-1900s and they got much merchandise but i'd say My Little Pony is better. Why? Check out the reasons

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1 More People Like My Little Pony V 1 Comment
2 My Little Pony is Less Girly

Of course it is. I used to watch this show, so I know. - AnimeDrawer

3 Rarity Has Better Taste in Fashion Than Barbie

Too much fashion, not my thing. I prefer fighting and cool stuff. - AnimeDrawer

4 Barbie is Boring

I one time watched a Barbie movie when I was younger and it was BORING! I nearly fell asleep. I want action and funny stuff, not fairy princesses into fashion and looking pretty. - AnimeDrawer

5 Ponies are Better Role Models

A guy cosplaying as Applejack? come on you only need a hat and some vests and orange clothes and you have the things needed - NexusUnterganger639

6 Fluttershy and Apple Bloom are Cuter Than Barbie's Hair
7 My Little Pony Has Cutie Marks While Barbie Has No Special Trademark
8 Barbie is Repetitive

"Barbie the Fashion Mermaid" and "Barbie the Amazing Popstar" and "Barbie the Pink Princess". I made these titles up, but every Barbie movie is pretty much like this. - AnimeDrawer

9 My Little Pony Has Great Villains
10 Barbie Has Too Many Movies V 2 Comments

The Contenders

11 Rainbow Dash May Be Stupid but She is Still a Better Character Than Barbie

Rainbow Dash is not stupid Derpy Hooves is - Discord1

V 2 Comments
12 Twilight Is A Way Better Role Model Than Barbie
13 My Little Pony Is Funny, Barbie Isn't
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