Top 10 Reasons Why Naruto is Better Than Dragon Ball Z


The Top Ten

1 Naruto is More About Story Than Combat
2 There are Many Interesting Characters

DBZ has a lot of interesting characters as well in my opinion - Goku02

3 The Fights are More About Teamwork
4 Naruto as of Now Doesn't Have a Crappy Live Action Adaptation of It

How does the fact that Naruto is better than Dragon Ball EVOLUTION makes it better than Dragon Ball Z? - Goku02

5 Naruto Shippuden is Way Better Than Dragon Ball GT

Nope. GT is better than Naruto although I'm being biased. - TheDarkOne_221b

GT is not canon though - Goku02

6 Main Character is More Believable

Well, Naruto is born as a human. Goku is born from a warrior race, so of course their personalities would be different. Goku is an alien. - Goku02

7 Fights are More Emotional
8 Fights are More Strategy Than Strength
9 Some Jutsus are Cooler Than Ki Blasts
10 Dragon Ball Has More Useless Characters

This is arguable though. Plus none of them is as terrible as Sakura - Goku02

The Contenders

11 Bijuu Mode Would Beat Super Saiyan God

This is just outright wrong. - Goku02

12 Naruto is Faster Than Goku

This is wrong too. EOS Naruto is faster than Kid Goku, but he pales in comparison with Teen Goku - Goku02

13 The Weakest Hokage is Way Stronger Than All the Androids Combined

This is ridiculous - Goku02

14 Goku cannot be broken out of some genjutsu's but he cannot be killed unless reaper death seal is used

Goku is obviously stronger but there is some abilitys that would be broken in dragon ball same vice versa.

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