Top 10 Reasons Why Rosalina and Princess Daisy Are Better Than Princess Peach

I am sorry to the Rosalina fans having my list "Top 10 reasons why Princess Peach and Daisy are better than Rosalina." I have this list for Rosalina AND Daisy fans why they hate Princess Peach.

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1 They don't cry often

So troll, where's the 'Top 10 Reasons Why Princess Peach and Rosalina are better than daisy' list? It's the only one u didn't make and I'm sure you'll get a lot of bait off of that list lol

Crying is a bad thing. Why does Peach cries like a 4 year old if she is an adult? Rosalina cried once in her story and that good. Nobody seen Daisy cry. Also the baby princesses don't count, ok? - bugger

Crying isn't a bad thing. Who does it hurt? What harm does it do? Temper tantrums, and being a sore loser on the other hand DAISY...

Crying is for the weak. Better to let off some steam then to embarrass yourself and look like a sniveling fool in the process. - PRINCESSDAISY

"So troll, where's the 'Top 10 reasons why Princess Peach and Rosalina are better than'
Daisy hater alert

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2 Blue, Yellow, and Orange are the better colors than Pink

Um a colour does not matter. Some people may LOVE pink but still like princess daisy. Colours don't matter.

I love blue and yellow! I also like pink, but I like those two way better. As for orange, I'm iffy about it. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

I don't like Daisy's dress but her sports attire is fine. You know this isn't true because any princess can wear pink. - DCfnaf

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3 Rosalina and Daisy's voice are not annoying

Hate the people who got the voices for them or their voice actors. Their voices could change anytime it really has nothing to do with characters

Why does Jen Taylor has that kind of voice of Princess Peach? Use another voice actor to Peach! - bugger

Daisy's voice is pretty annoying but it makes sense since she is a tomboy. Doesn't matter it's still annoying. And yeah, Rosalina isn't annoying. - DCfnaf

Voice doesn't make a character. Also Daisy's voice is annoying. That's probably because she's supposed to be energetic. - DCfnaf

4 Rosalina and Daisy are both hotter than her this a serious reason to hate peach?

This is opinionated and not a strong argument. - DCfnaf

That honestly does not matter. So this is a bad reason to hate one of your childhood video game people.-LittleMissEnder

Seriously? This doesn't prove anything.

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5 They don't get kidnapped often

Daisy got kidnapped once from Super Mario Land. We never seen Rosalina got kidnapped. Also why does Bowser keeps wanting Peach anyways, kidnap other princesses and they'll know how to escape! - bugger

First off peach has a syndrome or something so she can't help it, second what if peach just wants to get kidnapped because shes bored...

It's Bowsers fault for kidnapping her if Bowser kept going after the other girls it would be the same problem and peach has been shown to try and excape

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6 They work harder than Peach

Sure because it's not like Daisy ditched her kingdom and does nothing other than play sports. I can understand Rosalina though because she has tons of mouths to feed. - DCfnaf

Untrue peach has got involved in her citizens problems, hosts games, parties, and all that, deal with getting kidnapped.

Untrue. Peach gets involved in Mario party bugger so there u go.

Ya right like rosalina gets of her a$$

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7 They are smarter

Rosalina and Daisy knows whats 10 + 9 and Peach thinks its 19. Also, why can't Peach know how to escape Bowser's Castle? - bugger

Yeah Rosalina is definitely the smartest of the bunch (ignore the Daisy fans). I'm not sure about Daisy being smart because at least Peach is useful in some scenarios like Paper Mario and 3D World. Daisy didn't do much against Tatanga but that was before she was packaged with the tomboy personality, - DCfnaf

What is ten plus nine then, 90? Lol!
daisy didn't do jack against tatanga, but at least peach usally sends info or items to Mario when kidnaped

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8 They have better personalities

Daisy is a fun loving, competitive and energetic person- what's not to love?

Daisy is a tomboy and Rosalina is casual, I mean for Daisy It's better if she appeared in smash just like Rosalina did instead of Peach.Tomboys like Daisy is smarter than girly girls like peach even girls that are casual like Rosalina is also smarter than Peach. Rosalina and Daisy are better choices to choose in games.They have a cuter voice and look and Daisy, I can decribe her as sassy, outgoing and a bit of a tomboy and Rosalina, Stylish, casual, and cute and Peach, too girly, not powerful enough, and too pink. What's wrong with loving a tomboy and a casual princess? There's nothing wrong with that?

This is probably the only thing I agree with. Yeah Rosalina and Daisy's personalities are way more interesting then a sterotypical damsel in distress. Now that we've had a Year of Luigi, we need a Year of Peach. She really is the prime candidate for a refresh. - DCfnaf

Yes, so is peach...
also they can be sore winners or sore losers so that's what's not 2 love.-IittleMissEnder

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9 Peach is a brat when it comes to losing

That is Daisy! She always throws a huge fit when losing! Peach only did that in strikers & honestly all the characters had bad tempers in that game! Peach cries or is sad, but the one throwing a fit is the big baby, Daisy!

Daisy isn't much better when she loses. Also, this is stupid. Could've added this to my top ten reasons why Rosie fans hate Daisy. But alas, I didn't. - DCfnaf

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10 Baby Daisy and Baby Rosalina are both cuter than Baby Peach

Sorry I hate every single baby! I hate baby peach the most though. Because she whines and screams! I also hate baby Rosalina because she ruins Rosalina's good backstory.

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