Top 10 Reasons Why School Assemblies/ Convocations Suck

School Assemblies or as some prefer conovcations are garbage. Most of the time a hour or more of your life is wasted on a cliche petty lecture that's predictable.

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1 Assemblies in general are horrible to sit through

Last ever assembly at my elementary school I overheard this one troubled kid talking to some girl on how he wanted to fight someone. Yikes.

At the end of these they always tell me to ask an adult for guidance or something. That's funny, because I'm an adult myself.

You sit through a hour of someone talking all for nothing.

2 Nothing about the assembly in general is interesting or exciting

Primary school was better, singing I suppose. But you had to sit on the floor, till year 6 when you could finally sit on the wooden bench. Which is a stupid idea, why did everyone except for year 6s sit on the floor.

It's really repetitive. All they ever talk about is how drugs are bad for you. I already know that stuff.

Unless you count being bored and not caring for nearly a hour interesting...

3 Assemblies don't make you learn anything new or interesting

We already know that drugs and drunk/texting and driving are bad why do they have to keep repeating it every single year!

I think this explains itself.

... you don't need funding for an assembly

you just need a place to assemble, and if that's not already in the school, then you're taking a field trip nonetheless.

4 It's a waste of funding

Why waste money on a mediocre assembly when you can fund it for something better like a field trip?

5 It's loud and obnoxious

Primary School is a load of singing..well when I went.
It was usually about the Lord.

Especially from girls or boy that shout so loud that it can hurt your ears.

6 The entire time you're there you'll be waiting for it to end

Which trust me will take a while...

7 The guest speakers they have drag on and on

Essentially most guest speakers talk for like thirty minutes and repeat themselves a lot.

8 The most predictable lecture you can think of is spoken at the assembly

Regardless of the topic the most predictable lecture is very common at assemblies.

9 They're boring

I actually fell asleep during some of them when I was in high school

So damn boring that looking a wall would be more interesting.

10 Too much time is wasted

Not so if it involves the military.

Time that could've been spent better.

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11 They’re repeating the same thing

Most of them are about drugs.

For what? School assemblies are nothing and pointless

12 Standing for a long time

No, you Sit for school assemblies

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