Top Ten Roblox Game Genres That Shouldn't Exist

This is a list for the ROBLOX game genres that simply don't need to be on ROBLOX for whatever reason you so choose. Note that this isn't a list for games that shouldn't exist, but rather categories for those games.

Should you happen to come across one of these big steaming piles of wet garbage, taking up room on the front page, (or anywhere else for that matter) downvote it, and depending on the circumstances, report it. Eventually something will be done.

It is also worth noting that many of these games are a vocal minority, acting as shining beacons of hope that maybe ROBLOX truly is what everyone says it is. A website full of stale gameplay, a horrible community, and an overall lack of maturity.

If you do frequently play games that fall into these categories, I want you to take this with a grain of salt because these games are why ROBLOX still has this image that it has had for years.

As of creating this list, I haven't put these items into any spacific order of badness. It's a little helter-skelter at the moment. Casting your vote will help put it all in order, so I encourage you to do so.

I may use this for a YouTube video.

The Top Ten Roblox Game Genres That Shouldn't Exist

1 Online Dating Games

Roblox shutting down is acutully a good idea

It was worse everyday and Anthro is coming.

Not fair they ban us for saying a bad word, but they yes have their account just a warning.

Now roblox encourages you to online date. - WorldPuncher47592834

2 Tycoons

Tycoons always the same, and are always money hungry with annoying you to buy gamepasses that don't even work. Sure, there IS some good tycoons, but they are hard to find, but still are repetitive. To be honest, the whole genre is repetitive.

Tycoons are generally considered one of the most mundane and outdated genres of game. You wait around for your money to accumulate, and when it does, you spend it on meaningless decorations for your button-covered baseplate in the sky.

It is the best games in roblox history

Should not even exist T_T

3 Obbies

Obbies are arguably one of the most well known genres of ROBLOX game that take little to no effort to make and get popular. With the primary target being new players to the site, it's no wonder that the people to play these games never seem to get enough of it.

People should actually make Obbies more interesting with lots of good details

You guys not play flood escape right?

Just Ingnore buying items and find a good obey and also I love obeys why is this is on the list?

4 Misleading Games/Clickbait

What's that? "Save *insert youtuber* From Prison! " Then explain why it's a tycoon!

There are many games that fall into this category. Many of these have names that describe what you do in the game in the title. Others that have thumbnails that you could swear that you've seen elsewhere. Whatever the case, if the title or thumbnail don't math what's really in the game, you, the player, like so many others, have fallen victim to one of the many games only intended to make the owner profit. Should you find one of these, report it for misleading content and there's a chance the moderators will do something about it

I hate those trashy "Slide down a pipe 100000 feet! " And "Survived life as an Egg" That lead you to some off topic game just so you can feed popularity to the owner.

What's that, Skydive off a 9'000 feet building? Then tell me, why is this just a tycoon?

5 Five Nights at Freddy's Ripoffs

The night shift enough said

I have not played any of these still but there are SO many of these that it fills up the Additional Games part at the end of the specific game tab - TheProGamerTR

Just horrible

Now, don't get me wrong. Five Nights at Freddy's is by no means a bad game. I'm not saying it's the best indie game ever made, but a game that I can understand putting time into completing. Now, ROBLOX Ripoffs on the other hand, they're 9/10 times free modeled poorly built games full of people who seem to have never played the real game for themselves, but rather watched Markiplier, lord and savior of Five Nights at Freddy's Let's Plays do it. The shear fact that even though words having to do with the original game are censored, and people are being banned for making games about it, the games are still being churned out and played by a selec few who have managed to find a way to get around the ROBLOX admins obvious not wanting Five Nights at Freddy's content on the site.

6 Murder Games

Murder games on Roblox are not really fun. But when it comes to Murder Mystery... *Cough - TheProGamerTR

Murder mystery is the best and murder is stupid because you can't get a knife or gun

The very first ROBLOX murder game came in January of 2014. Murder Mystery by Nikilis. It was derived from the popular Gmod gamemode sharing a similar name. Clonetrooper1019 made a similar game entitled Murder, which was arguably the better, more in-depth game which was closest to the original Gmod inspiration. It didn't get the attention it so desperately desired. In the wake of the popularity of Murder Mystery came The Mad Murderer by loleris. It took ROBLOX by storm staying on the front page for weeks at a time. Seeing the "2014 Murder Craze" smaller developers tried to feed off of the popularity to no avail. The murder genre had become a monopoly until about late September of 2014 when taymaster made Twisted Murder. Since then, Taymaster and Loleris have been fighting for dominance since. For better or worse, Loleris has been fighting an uphill battle simply because his game is older and the ROBLOX community, even though it can be fed the same gameplay for a seemingly infinite ...more

7 BC Only Money Schemes

There are many games that fall under this category. Just glancing at the because Only section of the games page will reveal countless utterly horrible excuses for games ever to crawl out from the depths of some money hungry BCer's vault of unwanted, unnecessary money making schemes. The because only section of the games page could have worked quite well if the place visit award wasn't ten times as much as the normal games that let in all players, regardless of their because status. Not to mention the fact that you need because to make one. If you're a BCer there really is no reason for you to be discontent with how much money you make. Even because - the cheapest form of because - gives you over twenty times what an NBCer gets every time they login.

8 Hangout/Roleplay Games

I don't really think they should be deleted but there are SOOO many ODers!

Now before you burn my house down for insulting roleplay games, I will say that there really are some really good roleplay games out there. I will admit to my fair share of it once in a while. I'm talking about those morph ridden, free model filled, scriptless, generic Boys and Girls Hangout, FNaF Roleplay, etc. Games that really make you wonder about the why he ROBLOX building standards have fallen so low even in this day and age. It seems that games like [insert any random adjective here] Town of Robloxia keep getting more popular by the day.

9 Game Ripoffs
10 Simulators

Has ANYONE ever found these things ACTUALLY FUN? They're just games where you do mundane activities for money! YAY! And they get painfully popular too!

Literally just games where you do the same thing,each time you get better,THEN EARN USELESS THINGS, and boom! THIS POPS UP ON THE GAME LIST! Seriously,this type of game is really boring and should be removed,THEY'RE NOT EVEN FUN! I wonder why people find this nice...

Simulators are nothing but trashy cash grabs, sure there are a few exceptions such as Bee Swarm Simulator, but simulators are just bad in general.

Hey wanna play WIZARD SIMULATOR UPDATE 420! (New World To Waste Your Time)

The Newcomers

? Ahmed's Games

The Contenders

11 Clickbait Games that are Crappy and Misleading
12 Free Robux Games

I think that Roblox should delete every game that says "Free Robux" because a lot of people fall for it..

13 Jailbreak

Listen, the idea of jailbreak isn't bad, however, I consider this to be a copy of Prison Life, an older Roblox game. Sure, Jailbreak may be more upgraded and advanced than Prison Life, but Jailbreak just doesn't deserve the popularity it gets on a daily basis. Prison Life came out before Jailbreak, and had the general idea of Prisoners escaping jail and Police arresting criminals before Jailbreak. If you want my honest opinion, Jailbreak shouldn't be popular like it is, or be in existance.

Its overrated

14 Roleplay Cafés/Honestores


These games always are the main game of roleplay corporations, the likes of which usually are real companies, who use copyrighted logos and names to sell their virtual coffee or shirts and pants of varying quality. Much of the time, the players of these games stand in hoards saying things like *sips coffee* or advertises the store opening times of the game that people always have access to. It is generally suggested that you don't go anywhere near these games as the staff usually go mad with power, (or just kohl's admin,) and treat everyone who isn't an "HR" like trash. The corruption of the owner(s) of these games is comparable to that of war groups. Deep rooted and unpleasant

15 Extreme Roleplay Games

They're too unrealistic, they bring unrealistic to the max.

16 Cart Rides

Cart rides games are very boring

Cart rides are all the same thing and half of them don't work right. They always have like 16 game passes with flashing colors. Most of the time cart rides actually get famous too.

"xLEGOx" or "stravant" made his train cart model around 2008, people took his Free Model and used it to build train rides. It was all fun and games until people started placing gamepasses and other bullcrap to make money out of free models.

17 Pokemon Brick Bronze Copies
18 Greedy Games

Like Military simulator. It's a simulator so why should you have to pay to play? or you have to join the group to be a sercurity. mostly for gold diggers.

these games are just like BC and TBC and OBC games

19 Build to Survives

This kind of game can come in many forms. Mostly the same free-modeled ones that people have been using ever since the first free modeled Build to Survive made its way onto the front page. The genre could be a really fun and addicting one were it not due to the endless stream of them coming from all sides. While many new players may never stumble across the horrors of one, they still pop up from time to time in the Popular section of the games page. They may be one of the oldest forms of rehashed garbage on ROBLOX, but they still find a way to anger many players to this day.

No, Just not, Please. Let this genre die.

20 Grand Theft Auto Copies

There's many grand theft auto rip offs like jailbreak

21 Paid Access Games that Require You to Pay Using Robux

Roblox is supposed to be free. I understand because and the catalog, but paying to access games? Now THAT'S a cash grab. (Except games still in beta mode, paying for early access is the only thing that makes sense).

22 Restaurant/Cafe Games
23 Shooting

I love phantom forces it's the best shooter on rob! ox

Umm excuse me, I’m a fan of phantom forces.

24 Fortnite Dances
25 Default Games/Places
26 Meepcity

Oh yeah when it's ONE OF THE MOST POPULAR GAMES ON ROBLOX. - TheAwesomeDude54

27 Default Places with Changed Name

These are so dumb, like some moons don't know how to read player number and rating, so end up playing a rip off game

28 Survival Games
29 Adopt and Raise a Baby

This game genre needs to stop... its not even a real family so what’s the point of having a fake family, also it’s another gosh darn ODer game... there is morph magic to turn into usually a dog or a baby but you could also be other things like a cat or a snake, but the snake is pointless because the controls are terrible. Thank god the original game got banned for good... BUT THERE ARE STILL CLONES LIKE LIFE IN PARADISE AND ADOPT ME! Well, Adopt Me has some thing WAY TO GOD EXPENSIVE! $100 FOR A HOT AIR BALLOON THAT YOU ARE PROBABLY GONNA FALL OUT OF! Seriously... This genre needs to stop right now... Roblox if your hearing this, BAN ALL ADOPT GAMES!

30 Phantom Forces

It's the best shooter with advanced guns good graphics and skins and atachments for your guns

31 Pokemon Games

I hate them so much. I don't like pokemon though, so no effence to the people who like pokemon. Its just not my type of game

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