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61 Chrono Crusade

It's very sad in the end, Rosette and Chrono died. Also... In the end, Aion didn't (or maybe can't) die. It means that this story will bound to happen again in the future just for delaying Aion's true purpose.

I saw the "I Don't Wanna Die" scene with Chrono and Rosette, and I literally cried. I hadn't watched the anime prior to this, but I saw it on a video and it was SO SAD!

This is by far the saddest anime that I ever watched but really good if you want to cry.

I finished watching it last night, and it makes my eyes water every time I think about it.

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62 Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi

I really believe this one is entirely underrated. It had the first instance where I teared up for a character's death and the first time I absolutely bawled at the end of a series. It had so much heart and sadness, it's a shame it went unnoticed.

THIS. It can make you cry in a lot. Besides the good story and wonderful art, the first arc can make you cry. And so does the lonely girl travels the world.

Truly a modern classic that has unfortunately gone by unnoticed by so many people. The ending of the first arc really bought a tear to my eye.

I have seen so many sad animes, never has one actually made me cry so much like this one. The art is so beautiful and the story is so sad.

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63 Tokyo Ghoul Tokyo Ghoul

Tokyo Ghoul and Tokyo ghoul root A is one of the most saddest anime from episode number 1. Always questioning your existence, the unwanted life you have been granted. Turning into something you really hate. I am used to sad animes as I watch them a lot. But this one made me really cry over various episodes. And the watching the final episode of root A, I was too dumbstruck.

The ending of Root A literally killed me inside and I only cried for 20 days. I have no idea how this isn't higher on the list? The anime is just an epic tragedy in *spoilers* how Kaneki goes from being the pinnacle of innocence to an emotionless killer slowly over the span of the series and having every single person he has ever loved being killed or dying right in from of him - or in Hide's case, in his arms. HOO BOY. Watch this anime if you would like to donate your soul and tear ducts.

The end of root A killed me so much that I cried for a while and watched Daily Lives of Highschool Boys a couple of days later to feel better about life. Definitely should at lest be in the top 15

This Anime made me cry a lot. Just, the most. At first I really thought it will just be the gore that I will have to face but when the emotions come.

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64 Kiseijuu: Sei No Kakuritsu (Parasyte) V 1 Comment
65 Ef: A Tale of Melodies

How the hell is EF not in top 3 this anime is so depressing yet so beautiful it moves me to years every time I see it guy with a heart problem pushes people away so they won't be sad when he dies and girl dies after she becomes free of her abusive brother as soon as she find happiness I cried writing this is that sad let what I said sink in

The things that girl went through, being forgotten by the one she loved, and there, at the end. Just heartbreaking.

66 School Days School Days

I Pretty much stop watching anime for 2 weeks and layed on my bed and said to myself "really? Really? " and now I can't get over the ending! You don't have to watch it guys just watch the ending and find for your self...

This anime really deconstructed those "romance " visual novel games. It shows that in real life you can't toy with the emotions of girls like that.

This anime kept me up for 2 nights feeling miserable and torn... Never has a show had such a mental effect on me

Its complete crap

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67 Your Lie in April Your Lie in April Your Lie in April, known in Japan as Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso or just simply Kimiuso, is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Naoshi Arakawa.

The ending, while not completely unexpected before the end, gave you a sense like watching a train that you were standing in front of slowly creep closer to you. I was hooked the moment Kaori was introduced and the hints that were dropped along the way leading up to her breakdown made me feel broken with her. But the ending was so full of bittersweet emotions, like Kousei not being able to actually say how he felt, you also feel robbed. Despite that feeling the letter wraps up the entire story and you feel doubly robbed as you don't get the satisfaction of breaking down completely. She came, she stirred the waters, she left, and then she calmed the tide of the aftermath. It was a beautiful story and even now I am fighting tears to write this. This deserves to be one of the top ten, not Claymore or Full Metal Alchemist. The sadness this anime offers is in the fact that you know something is wrong, you see it coming, but like watching a train coming at you and being unable to move you ...more

"April's coming. An April without you..." This show really understands what the "Feels Train" is. How is this not in the top 10? Sword Art Online, Fullmetal Alchemist? Really? I'm not saying there's anything wrong with either of this, but clearly the people who voted for those have never heard of this masterpiece. Despite the predictable ending, I still cry every time I rewatch it. Hands down, my favorite anime. With the vivid animation and blended colors that just seem to flow, the gorgeous music that gives me goosebumps every time I listen to it and the most beautifully, well-written, tragic tale, Your Lie in April will forever live on in my heart. It taught me the joy of music and how to cope with loss. This is a must-see anime that everyone should be watching.

How is this so low down on the list? This is the first anime series that made me cry. I mean, I know there are other animes that are a lot sadder but still. It was like Kousei fell in love at first sight. Kaori loved him too. Then through the whole series they grow closer and on the last episode she just... *Starts crying at the thought* (Trying not to spoil) She made him feel emotion. He has never felt anything like this before. He was just "The Human Metronome." All he thought of was playing the note correctly. He didn't play it with any passion at all. Kaori taught him to play with passion. She lit up his world. She was the reason he played piano again. Kousei only played the piano for her and no one else. Then she just...*Cries even more*

This was a beautifully written anime. The ending was heart breaking though. The music and thoughts that the main character kousei arima has is too much. Everything about this anime will make you cry big fat rivers and oceans. I recommend watching alone because I was sobbing for 4 hours straight.

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68 Ansatsu Kyoshitsu

I know it's a comedy anime, but as the story progresses, you can see the demons everyone hides. The sadness everyone feels. The deaths they have seen. It's a fun and an anime. If you're talking about major character deaths. Do watch!

This anime is probably the funniest anime I have seen, but the ending and some of the parts in between are the saddest scenes in any anime I have ever seen.

When koro sensei died is the saddest

69 Hunter x Hunter Hunter x Hunter Hunter × Hunter is a manga franchise created by Yoshihiro Togashi. In 1999, Hunter × Hunter was adapted into a 62-episode anime television series produced by Nippon Animation and directed by Kazuhiro Furuhashi. The show premiered on Japan's Fuji TV and ran until 2001. Three separate original video more.

When watching this anime, you'll have a lot of different emotions... You'll cry from sadness, anger and even happiness. Lovable characters, beautiful storyline...! Hunter x Hunter might just be better than all of the animes I watched including One Piece,Tokyo Ghoul, Angel Beats and others...The name of this anime ain't enough to represent it's Beauty

I bursted into tears when killua and gon both went their separate ways.

Best and saddest anime ending ever! I want it to continue on for ever!

I love this anime I just want to finish it so I can watch it again

70 Kobato

It's a really great story comically sad

Please rate for Kobato... it was the saddest anime (I mean 2nd saddest anime) that I ever watch.No matter how many time you watch it,you will cry.

This is the second anime I won't forget.Kobato was a sweet and smart girl.Even though she went through so much grief...she kept smile.When kobato sings I can't stop my tears.Even in the middle of class I hum the song.I wiil never forget this anime:.(

71 Your Name

This anime is one of the saddest anime you'll ever see... Its similar to Your Lie In April but completely different ending.. This anime should always be in the top ten - TsubakeRyota

How come there are anime like Soul Eater above this, this movie was a true masterpiece, it made me cry a lot at the end, I recommend you watch it as soon as possible

One of my favorites. The most emotional anime movie

Its beautiful

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72 Blood+ Blood+

Oh my god it is sad I like this one so much blood blood blood everywhere is blood love it

The last episode made me cry like a baby... So damn sad.

Just those last few episodes with the confrontations and the deaths and just... tears, and so much love, and damn. An amazing anime with action, fighting, romance, and drama. And a lot of blood..

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73 The Girl Who Leapt Through Time

Had one of the most saddest endings in the history of me watching anime films and series. I just can't.

When I first watch it I thought it was gonna be a happy anime but when I saw that she can travel time I thought that it was sad cause nobody know she can travel time and it was like she is alone but she don't realize it! The most sad scene wasthe end. Why wasn't this number 1?!

So sad. ripped my heart out for sure

The ending killed me

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74 The Pet Girl of Sakurasou

Why is this so low on the list?!?!?! While it wasn't entirely sad, episode 23 makes even the best of men shed a tear or two. By far my favorite anime to date

" slices of life like this one help me realise that the world is not always nice but can turn out fine so I reccomend watching it"

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75 Hanasaku Iroha

I enjoy watching this anime... Its quite sad that its already finished..

I loved this anime. It had so many emotional moments.

76 Fushigi Yuugi

Definitely needs to be a lot higher. I know it doesn't rack up against stuff from today but still for it's time I also believe there needs to be a list for 90s feel anime

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77 Wolf's Rain Wolf's Rain Wolf's Rain is an anime series created by writer and story editor Keiko Nobumoto and produced by Bones Studio.

If you love wolves, you may wanna stay away from this anime. It's a heart-warming, not to mention heart-wrenching tale about a pack of wolves who can take the form if humans in order to reach what they call "Paradise." All of the characters are likable and memorable, from the strong willed warrior Kiba, to innocent little Toboe.

All characters die gruesome deaths. The entire Earth freezes over a dies at the end. Yet, life seems to start over. Only problem is, no one knows each other.

This anime will leave you in tears and feeling depressed for who knows how long.

How dare there be any anime before this, it truly is the saddest anime in existence. The entire plot is sad. The last 4 episodes had me in tears and sobbing uncontrollably. This anime deserves to be number one you fall in love with the characters right away only to have them all ripped away from you at the end. You aren't just crying for 1 episode but for many. This anime deserves so much more love than it gets.

I started watching this not knowing what to expect biting was hooked after the first episode. Throughout the series I grew so attached to all of the characters then the end of the series killed me inside. I was crying for the entire last four episodes. I decided to watch the series again a year later and I still cried like a baby.

How in seven hells is this in 68 - beneath SAO of all things -_-? Well, I guess we now know the average neuron count of the typical anime watcher

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78 Plastic Memories Plastic Memories


This anime is more depressing than sad. From episode one it was easy to tell that Isla is going to die at the end. The show sugar coats itself with jokes and cute moments between the characters and sometimes makes you forget that she is going to die. But when a show makes you wish they pulled a Deus Ex Machina and kept Isla alive you know it is sad

The fact that this isn't at least 8 is crazy because it starts happy but gets depressing quickly. Its only 13 episodes so it's a very quick cry

The first episode was enough to make me crying like a baby :(

This is literally the saddest anime ever, and I cried almost every episode. - Jearmin_Shipper

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79 Hotarubi no Mori e

This story broke my heart. I couldn't stop crying. It was both beautiful and heartrendingly tragic at the same time. For days afterword, I couldn't get the sorrow out of my head. I laid awake the whole night with a heavy heart thinking about how the girl would have to live on without him and how they had loved each other for so long but only ever got to truly express their feelings for each other at the last moment of his life. As he was literally fading away they finally got to touch each other..then that was it and she was alone. I'm crying right now just thinking about it. I've watched a lot of animes and this one affected me like no other. It's a great story even with the tragic ending but I could never watch it again, my emotions just couldn't handle it. - NerdBunny

The Saddest Story Happened in 45 minutes of My Life. Saddest Ending Ever, like after 10 years meet, you only can touch your lover once, and it never going to happen again. I'm so depressed!

The love story in this movie was so well developed yet tragic it amazed me. To think of what they must have been going through and holding back their feelings for each other because they new only tradegdy would follow, only to have a sudden and shocking ending to their relationship. I cried for hours and I think this movie should at least be in the top 50.

I could never believe there's a movie this heartbreaking until I saw hotaru no mori e

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80 Gintama Gintama Gin Tama, also styled as Gintama, is a Japanese manga written and illustrated by Hideaki Sorachi and serialized, beginning on December 8, 2003, in Shueisha's Weekly Shōnen Jump.

Its probably known as the biggest comedy series in the anime world ever, but do know that it has its own sad and serious moment. Just like the comedy itself that can make you laugh like crazy, the sad parts will make you cry like a girl.

Gintama can be so sad sometimes. Yes, it's mostly a comedy anime but there is some serious and really sad moments that surprised me and I almost cried.

Do you want feels? Well this is the series for you.

I'm surprised that no one add this. Ok, it's a comedy anime series but when it comes to the sad moments, my eyes would covered in tears...

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