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61 Simon's Death (Fairy Tail)
62 Death of Mariko - Elfen Lied

That was really sad. And to make it worse he rejects nana and the two end up dying together

I agree! This wasn't SAD!


I dislike her a lot.
This Anime character deserved her DEATH.
Her death wasn't sad at all:
She was mean, cruel, sadistic, psychopatic, insane, cold, and just an total imbecile.
Seriously, I don't understand why people pity her because:
She kills people for fun, and considers people as 'toys'.
That's a new level of insanity.
The only reason why people pity her is because she's confined to a wheelchair.
That's a good reason to pity her! (SARCASM)
All she wanted was someone to take care of her, while she has 26 arms.
That's just a whole new level of PATHETIC.
I disliked her so much, she prevented me from rewatching the anime.
Good Job, Mariko.
TheTopTens hates you.
She makes Shou Tucker look like Spike Spiegel.

63 Faye Valentine: Speak Like a Child - Cowboy Bebop

No, Faye doesn't die, but that doesn't mean that the last few moments of "Speak Like a Child" weren't heartbreaking. Honestly, not much is going on in this episode until the ending. In this episode, Faye receives a mysterious package that contains an old tape. Spike and Jet look for a player to play the tape, and that's pretty much what is going on for most of the episode. But the real meat of the session is when they find out what is in the tape. In it, they find a younger Faye from decades ago (was frozen in a container after the gateway explosion on Earth), cheering on her future self to do great in life. What makes this so sad and tragic is that after the accident, Faye lost her memory. She can't remember her life on Earth, before the accident, with her friends and family. All I have left to say is, watch it for yourself.

64 Ulquiorra's Death - Bleach

This death was pretty sad. Sure Ulquiorra was a bad guy, but Bleach has a way of making us love the bad guys in the story. We loved Grimmjow, Gin, and I especially liked Yammy. But Ulquiorra developed something none of those characters had. (No, not Hentai. ) It was the fact that Ulquiorra actually made us LIKE HIM AS A MAIN CHARACTER. (THE NEXT PART IS MY OPINION ONLY. )
I really didn't like him killing Ichigo only to get killed by Ichigo, but the death scene was still pretty dramatic.
We have Ulquiorra dying while admitting that he was interested on humans and wondering what a heart is, Ichigo crying the fact that he used the most cheap move to kill him, Inoe shocked, and etc. This scene made me HATE Ichigo for killing off my favourite Espada in the Anime.

This scene is one of my favourite scenes in Bleach and I recommend to watch it.

65 Neji's Death - Naruto Shippuden

#89? Out of all the anime I'd rank this abut #20... - Pyrrhism

Out of all the moments here, this one should never have happened T_T That Damn hinata could easily take Naruto Away from the attack, but no, that trash just guarded him -_- and that's when Neji had no choice but to sacrifice himself to protect both T_T And it's said that he was killed to bring Naruto n hinata closer -_- Damn it all -_- one of the smartest, coolest and strongest character killed so lamely T_T


66 Sailor Moon Stars Finale - Sailor Moon

They all had to die ALL of them!?!

67 Bellemere's Death - One Piece
68 Death of Sougo's Sister - Gintama T.T

This was a really heart warming and sad arc. I may not have completely bawled like I did for other moments from different shows, but this was the arc that got me really invested into gin tama, before this I liked it but I wasn't hooked, now I can't get enough.

Damn sad... I cried with warm tears. so touching.. I was also sad when this anime randomly end..

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69 Mirai Nikki Ending

Had a better end but so depressing

70 Marco Bott's Death - Attack on Titan


I found this quote somewhere else on this website and I think it's really accurate... "Marco's death was a shock. It was over and done with behind the scenes and we saw his body and Jean's reaction to his death. Some might argue that this death was merely unsettling, being anticlimactic and given too little attention, but really, you see his body and you wonder "How? " and the possibilities are really what makes this so sad.

And then there's the fact that the characters are unable to mourn for him due to the events going on. Nothing destroys me more than knowing that the rest of Marco's surviving team are mourning inside, unable to get any closure because the battle was won with so much loss and the war is still right there."

YEAH JEAN CARED ABOUT MARCO SO MUCH IT IS LITERALLY THE WHOLE REASON HE STOPPED BEING SELFISH AND LEARNED TO GROW UP! Not to mention, unlike most anime deaths where they make it a big deal, Marco's death ...more

Marco Bodt... A soldier I didn't get to know well enough. All I know from others is that he had a strong mind, a strong body, and a strong heart. Sleep well, fellow soldier. Your death wasn't meaningless. Wear your wings of freedom in the sky proudly. - Levi-Ackerman

This is bull crap Marco was amazing he should be at least around 10 I mean come on pople

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71 Hare's Death - Guilty Crown
72 Sheele's Death - Akame Ga Kill!

Her death was by far the saddest of all deaths in this anime. - SelfDestruct

73 Ikaros Dies - Sora No Otoshimono Final Eternal My Master

After two seasons and a movie (And even more content in the Manga where other characters die) seeing this almost emotionless character sacrifice themselves while confessing their emotions to the protagonist right before dying was emotional. Add to the fact that the protagonist Tomoyo wanted to have Ikaros turn back in order to save herself even if it meant his death, and you have one sad scene.

If I would not have read the manga I would have kept feeling bad for the whole day... A emotionless character dying in the hands on his love while confessing her love to him and that also while smiling which she never did made my heart break.. it was so sad..

74 Sachi's Song to Kirito - Sword Art Online

Before she dies she has the forethought to send Kirito a message for Christmas where she sings to him and says goodbye. Crying in a dark room alone made me shed a tear for him as well.

This part is extremely sad. I literally almost cried. - Dawscr

75 The Revolutionary War - Axis Power Hetalia

Oh dear lord, yes

This is sad and America and England went throught it..Davie is depressing abd America went through ig

76 Ur's Death - Fairy Tail

I cried for this... for a while

77 Hibiki Leaves - I My Me Strawberry Eggs V 1 Comment
78 Death of Kushina - Naruto
79 Tarrlok kills himself and Amon - Legend of Korra

Brother killing brother, what more is needed to be said

80 Carla Jaegar's Death - Attack on Titan

That was one of the saddest things I have seen. There is nothing sadder or more emotional than watching Carla be pinned. You think it's bad enough that she is going to die from being crushed but oh no wait a Titan digs her out of the rubble, snaps her in half and her sun gets sprayed with her blood as he watches the Titan eat her and smile. Man it doesn't get sadder than that, and it's in the first espisode!

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