Top Ten Most Disturbing Fetishes

There are several sick human beings with their fetishes. Some of them are strange, disgusting and just plain god awful.
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1 Pedophilia

Now, there is a difference to pedophiles.

the good pedophile realizes that his attractions are wrong and seeks help to cure it and has NEVER acted on it.

but the bad pedophile does go with his attractions, and decides to act on them, this applies to other fetishes as well.

Why is anyone sexually attracted to children? If you suffer from pedophilia, please seek psychiatric help. If you've ever thought of raping a child, turn yourself into a mental ward.

Do I need to explain what is morally wrong with this fetish?

And to think there are people who openly try to justify their lust for underage children. Disgusting.

This is the worst fetish to have. If you are sexually attracted to children, turn yourself into a mental ward or the police station. Absolutely disgusting.

2 Zoophilia (Bestiality)

Animals can't speak and because humans don't understand animals, it's impossible to find if they are consenting or not. Not to mention it's very dangerous and can give you diseases(Human sex can too but having sex with animals is a deadlier risk).

Oh god help us all. This is just sickening. A animal and a human having sex. It's just extremely horrifying. I'm glad it's illegal.

I don't think it's bad being attracted to furries because most of them were designed to be sexually attractive in the first place, but having sex with a real life animal is just wrong.

Those poor animals have to idea what you're doing! You can be attracted to whatever you want and NOT have sex with them, you know.

3 Coprophilia

I'm very dissapointed in this list. The rest of the top 10 of these fetishes mentioned below are tame and objectively more hygienic and safe than in comparison to others way below it. (Unless if you "Use" the diaper) While I can see where the above is coming from. Especially Beastiality and Pedophillia and as well as Paraphilic Infantilism which is basically regression.

But regardless though, It has my vote because to be honest. Poop is a waste product. I question the sanity of those who jack off to poop as well as many other fetishes.

My opinion, the most disturbing fetish. How can you even be attracted to your own crap? Must be higher.

Sexual attraction to feces? Gross! It's almost as bad as vomit. Also, don't watch 2 girls and 1 cup.

Definitely horrific. I don't care what others do in their privacy, but I want nothing to do with feces.

4 Vorarephilia

It's one of the few fetishes that you can't do in real life. Only in Deviantart, and Google images. You'll see fictional characters being swallowed whole and devouring each other. After that, they get distended bellies, their stomach growls and they belch like a trucker. Then the victim gets aroused by it and gets comfy in someone's stomach. There are soft vore (Where the victim is alive and whole) and hard vore (with gore and killing). It's pretty messed up.

If you know someone who wears glasses, a fedora, likes Sonic the hedgehog, praises Krystal from Star Fox for all the wrong reasons, and suffers from super autism, you get this nasty ass fetish. Some people make videos of this and it's just extremely cringy.

Some of them want to be eaten by real snakes but you can't breath inside a real snake cause they constrict they're prey.

This fetish (fetish of swallowing people whole and alive) makes me never want to eat again.

5 Necrophilia

Why would anyone be aroused by dead bodies? They can give you horrible diseases and it's just plain wrong. On 1000 ways to die, there was a necrophiliac who was delivering dead bodies to funeral homes. During a car crash, a coffin slammed him into the window and he died (He forgot to lock the wheels off the cart).

Should be above eproctophilia on the list. Nothing really wrong with eproctophilia compared to this.

How is the arousal of dead bodies lower on the list then people getting hard from age regression?

Making fetishes with a dead body. Disgusting as hell. Dead bodies smells so bad since it decomposed.

6 Paraphilic Infantilism (Autonepiophilia)

Femboys and furries are apparently useless human beings if they have a sick fetish about diapers. There's a subreddit about it for real. Very disgusting indeed.

It's definitely the creepiest, it's disgusting and it's disturbing fetish of them of all. A psychotic manchild will dress and act like a baby. It gets worse. You can see fictional characters wearing diapers on fanart. It's really nightmare inducing and it will traumatize you for the rest of your life.

This is NOT the worst fetish out there. Many people like this kinda thing, and it is NOT a big deal. At all. People with the omorashi/scat fetish may enjoy diapers, and if people are so narrow minded that this kinda thing is on this list, I am saddened.

This fetish is weird but harmless unless it relates to pedophilia.

7 Eproctophilia

The boys I went to Middle and High School with were OBSESSED with farting! And I hate fanfic authors whose stories revolve soley on farting!

There is a blog for every website dedicated to Nintendo girls farting. There's even a side blog dedicated to Princess Daisy "farting in tight jeans." I need bleach.

Being attracted to farts is disgusting and really childish. They have ton of fanfics including farts and it gets painful to read. Also it could be hilarious and taken less seriously at times.

Considering that Sanjay & Craig and Breadwinners are cartoons, the people that work for nickelodeon must be eproctophiles.

8 Emetophilia

Who would be stupid enough to be sexual attraction to vomit? That's disgusting. It's also called Roman Shower. On 1000 Ways To Die, there was a segment about a attractive blonde named Suki pukey who has this fetish. She made this guy vomit by pressing down his throat (I feel sorry for the guy) and the guy vomits into Suki pukey's face. Suki choked on the guys vomit (due to the guy eating hot dogs at the hot dog eating competition) and died. It traumatized me ever since.

Lord help us all. Son, that's just nasty.

Vomit is absolutely disgusting.

Honestly, this is probably only disturbing for me because I have emetophobia.

9 Guro

Just awful. I have seen guro where women are slowly cut apart, getting their nipples ripped open, limbs amputated, and finally impaled and burned until they are charred. Now, I know it's not real but these people may not be far from performing real murder. If the only way a person can get off is by looking at the severely mutilated remains of a woman, real or drawn, they are deeply psychologically scarred. The only reason this isn't voted higher is because people haven't seen guro.

It's peak degeneracy. Anyone with an ounce of empathy would be too disturbed to even think of their genitalia. I don't know how things like amputation can be seen in a sexual light. If you enjoy this, you need help.

Not only are they dead, but horrifically mutilated to where they're not even human anymore.

I just looked this up. Absolutely horrified. Scarred for life.

10 Incest

Albert Einstein marries his cousin though as his second wife...

Hand me the bleach, please. You can have it when I'm done. *pours bleach into wine glass*

Seriously, what Pornhub! Are all their staff from Alabama or something?

Why isn't this like #3 or #4? What the hell guys.

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11 Zoosadism

How is this not worse than zoophilia, poop, fictional characters eating each other and a bunch of furries? This is actually a pretty big problem. There's people who enjoy banging chickens and then chopping their heads off to make their muscles constrict around... yeah. How is "just" sex with an animal worse than definitely raping it hardcore, including blood and, oftentimes, the animal's intentional death? The people who voted for the furry fandom and all those other things are sick for outright ignoring this. You know you only wanted to hate on something you don't like. Think about it. This should be the second spot. And HOW IS PEDOPHILIA NOT NUMBER ONE? All of this is bad, but come on!

I mean, if we got sadism and zoophilia, this is gonna pop up. Anyone's free to have weird fantasies in the privacy of their mind, but animal abuse is just a big no. I kinda get how this could happen, but hurting something helpless is a terrible thing to do

Sexual pleasure from, I'm not even kidding, inflicting PAIN on animals. I'm depressed to even find out this is a real thing...

All Zoosadists should go to the darkest depths of hell, I'm talking about the ones who enjoy it. If they don't want to be Zoosadists, that is fine, if they get help that's even better.

12 Furry Fandom

It's perfectly normal if you want to bang someone like Lopunny, Cleo, or Krystal. These animals were design to resemble more to humans then animals. But most actual furries are usually into gay porn were the male furries are overly muscular and still retain most (if not all) animal features.

Renamon is also super gross and what are you thinking about banging her.

Not all furries are bad people. Some of them are good people in real life. Sometimes the furries are really psychotic. They will sexualize fictional anthropomorphic characters by giving them boobs and other privates that should not be on an animal.

Some makes amazing fanarts, but the dark side of the furry fandom is really, really dark. One day I was searching for the beautiful fanarts, but instead, I found some disgusting, oversexualized ones. Good thing I didn't look at too many furry fanarts. Otherwise I won't be able to see certain animals the same way again...

It's nasty. Why would you turn beautiful animals into ugly humanoid monstrosities?

13 Erotophonophilia

Why isn't this a LOT higher?

These people should be locked up!

14 Neurophilia

*Falls into a spike pit*

15 Fat Fetishism

I'm going to interpret this as getting off to the morbidly obese, not just chubby people. More often than not, if practiced, it's for the pleasure of someone other than the fat person, so it really poses a health risk to whoever's subject of it. Nothing wrong with liking some bulk, but forcing someone to change so severely and putting them at risk for your own gratification? That's just wrong.

I just want to say, there is a difference between fat fetish and the inflation fetish. Fat fetishism is having the sexual desire of fat people. Inflation fetish is the sexual desire of seeing someone/being inflated, gradually having your body/body part growing. I am of the inflation fetish, I'm weird, I know. But that's the point of fetishes, we don't know why we like them. We just do.

I'm a kid with a fat fetish and I feel guilty about it yet I can't stop going into my room and playing with myself while thinking of some anime girl being stuffed by food or slime.

To be honest there, I kind of have that fetish, but usually when people look skinny with clothes on or used to be skinny, but looking a bit chubby when you see them shirtless.

16 Diaper Fetishism

Honestly I was shocked seeing normal functioning adults still integrating diapers as part of their lifestyles.

This doesn't need an explanation, or does it?

If you're into this fetish. You need to grow up.

Isn't something like this already on the list?

17 Inflation

I could vote for other items too, but this one takes my vote as I'm a DeviantArt member and this sort of fetish is kinda common on DeviantArt.
I just don't understand why this fetish even exists. Inflation is a sort of fetish where a character is seen being blown like a balloon by another character, or a character gets air pumped into him/her by another character.
Seriously, this item needs to be higher up on this list.
Same goes for feet fetish, I'd seen it on DeviantArt as well.
DeviantArt has some good art but it's also a hellsite for weird fetishes.

I hate Umbreon and Espeon now because they are ALWAYS on whatever I look up and they're getting inflated and that could kill you!

Inflation is a FETISH?! A huge problem in the world is actually a fetish?! What has the world come to.

Still seems violent despite consent or without gore with the "popping." Anger gets the best of my urge.

18 Objectophilia

Being attracted to inanimate non-sexual objects.

This is not disturbing. I have it.

19 Podophilia (Foot Fetish)

They use this to kiss, lick, suck or masturbate to it. Mort from Madagascar is known to be Podophiliac around Julien's feet.

This one really isn't that disturbing unless the fetish in question is extreme.

There's nothing really disturbing about it. Hell, I think it's pretty sexy.

Why would anyone be attracted to feet? Feet are meant for walking and stuff. I am a podophobe, by the way.

20 Crush Fetish

This one should be in the top 5 at least. The fact that it involves people stepping on, smashing or running over live animals is innately psychopathic. It is literally one step down from straight up murder and many serial killers engage in this fetish as adolescents. Maybe some people aren't into doing it themselves and just watch others but it is still disturbing.

It's disturbing, there are videos of people out there crushes cats, dogs, bunnies and many more animals just so they can have their sexual fantasies.

As long as it's just an object, inanimate, fine. Animals shouldn't just die in such a horrific fashion for someone's sexual stimulation.

This fetish often involves tiny animals dying. I hate this, it's horrible.

21 Futa

This fetish feels like it's either a joke, or it was created by someone who was very, very confused about their sexuality.

22 Impregnation Fetish

This isn't just a fetish of a woman being pregnant, it's the PROCESS of a woman becoming pregnant, which is too disturbing to look at.

You just want to impregnate but you don't want to look after the subsequent child. How disappointing.

There's nothing more disgusting in my opinion.

I don't mind if a character or OC is a adult being pregnant, but I do mind if a character or OC is a either child or teenager being pregnant.

23 Formicophilia

This is disturbing to most but I have this for mosquito bites and scratching their stings it started when... Once I got bitten by hundreds overnight and full of stings by waking nothing happened to 2 others in the room. When I went to neighbours whole building got to know some sympathized or laughed as I spent the day scratching covered in stings. One jokingly pinched me saying it was mosquito up till few months and asked whether I remember a poor person who got red bitten. So that's how. I also like getting humiliated that way sometimes.

The worst thing about this is that I have a phobia of insects. Being crawled upon or nibbled by insects is my absolute worst nightmare.

The part that always freaks me out is accidentally squishing them, and then you're covered in dead bugs. Plus, I'm a honeypot for skeeters and swell up very badly, so I freak out when I feel them on my skin

The sexual interest in being crawled upon and nibbled by insects.
This one's just plain weird.

24 Blood and Gore

Call me weird and gross if ya want but this is one of my fetishes...

Isn't this similar as Necrophilia?


Actually, my mate, I drew Ysorx not because I am sexually attracted to gore, but being a gore fan. Happy Tree Friends and Mortal Kombat inspired me to twist Rosy The Rascal into something more rock bottom. - Xentrick-The-Creeper

25 Cuckoldry

Love to watch and be humiliated.

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