Top Ten Simple Warrior Cat Names that Don't Exist

So many people aim for making the creative warrior names. What's wrong with a simple name? Besides, Amethystecho just sounds purely fake.

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1 Hazelfur

I like this name, I imagine a pale brown tabby she-cat with hazel eyes

One of meh friends names she's a light brown, dark brown, with a white muzzle

Love it! Brown tabby she-cat with blue eyes, white paws
- Skyheart

Simple and creative at the same time! I see a sleek, strong, solid dark chestnut brown she cat with amber eyes. She was absolutely best friends her surviving sister named blue kit because the other ones died when they were born but sand feather, their mother was still really saddened so she was super protective of them. hazelkit was calm and obedient but blue kit was the exact opposite because she was like," bluekit! U bad mouse brain! Get your tail back to the den! "- sandfeather. there was just no way to control her sister except hazel kit she listened to her and followed her around so much they traveled all the way to windclan together and had to be escorted back which was sooo embarrassing for sandfeather as she hopped through the snow' and... ( moons later ) they both became app's-apprentice- her mentor was a stubborn sharp tongued tom named spider foot, and she rlly kinda hated him because he was so mean. blue paw got a calm, loving mentor named cinder Stream but she was to " ...more

2 Ravenclaw

This cat is probably really smart. - AnonymousChick

Yeah, it is a house from Harry Potter's Hogwarts. - Oliveleaf

This is probably would be raven paw's name if he became a warrior. - TealBoyxx


Ravenclaw is a nice name for ANOTHER cat.

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3 Ivypelt
4 Flamewing
5 Hollyfrost
6 Featherheart
7 Grassfur
8 Darkheart
9 Rippleflame
10 Leafheart

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11 Willowmist

This is one of my OC's. She's a gray tabby she-cat with a darker gray tinge and electric blue eyes. She is the sister to Mistypelt, a black she-cat with dark blue eyes. When she becomes a warrior and is mates with Darkheart, a black-and-gray tom from NightClan. She has 4 of his kits but gives them all to him. She then comes back to her own Clan only to by rejected by the leader. She spends the rest of her life as a warrior for NightClan. When the 2 Clans meet in battle, she cannot bring herself to attack any of her formal Clanmates.

A white she cat with cream swirls and pale blue eyes.
When Willowkit's mother gave birth she died and her father died after a rabid fox attack.
Before her father died he had given her to Creamplash a queen with 5 kits, cherrykit, berrykit, bluekit, firekit, and gorsekit. Creamsplash's kits were a bit older
than willowkit. She always felt left out. But creamsplash gave her more and more confidence. She told willowkit that she had been adopted and the youngest when she was a kit too. Willowkit loved to talk alone with creamsplash about her problems.
She also liked to watch Creamsplash hunt. She taught willowkit about how to hunt properly. Because of creamsplash's extra hunting practice Willowkit became an
apprentice quickly. She still went to her mother for advice but started seeing a fellow apprentice named, RowanPaw. He hunted with her
and taught her techniques about protecting her clan. Rowan paw became a warrior when willowpaw became one. Her name was willowmist ...more

12 Yellowlight
13 Dawnshadow

If it was Dawn Shadow, she/he could be related to Tall Shadow and Moon Shadow.

Light yellow tom with white stripes and a mottled black patch over his fur.

Yellow tabby tom, with 3 black stripes on his face, dark blue eyes

14 WhiteHawk

A black she cat with long fur on her back, a white mask, and white tipped fur on her longer hairs. Dull grey eyes and a bobbed tail.

White tom, black mask, dark brown eyes with a crazy, frenzied tail. I've never seen these names in most of the RPs I have on CatSim. If you want to RP with people, this is what you need. Just saying. Anyway I think he's a sarcastic tom that tries to act really cool

15 Echostone

Pale grey she cat with white and cream swirls on her back.
Father: BlueFire, a dark blue grey tom with dark orange patches and yellow eyes
Mother: StormCloud, a white and grey she cat with electric blue eyes
Sisters: SilverPatch, WhiteFlame, a black she cat with silver blotches on her face, and a white she cat with orange swirls
As a kits, Echokit and her sisters were kept inside since birth. BlueFire and StormCloud wouldn't let the kits out because of what had happened to them in the past. StormCloud's and BlueFire's parents were killed by a wolf and rabid badgers.
Echokit whined. " Please, can we go outside? "
BlueFire guarded the den entrance and StormCloud said, " You know the answer. "
Echokit sighed and laid next to Silverkit and Whitekit. They sighed, wondering if they'd ever see the outside world. " We'll never learn to hunt, Whitekit, or even run faster than the other cats... ", Silverkit said complaining. One dark night, Echokit snuck out of the den with ...more

16 Willowmist

I see a gray tabby she-cat with black stripes and sky blue eyes. Sister to Cloverbreeze, a tortoiseshell-and-black she-cat. She is born into LakeClan from Creekwhisker, a ginger-and-black tom, and Darkwater, a blind white she-cat with one black ear. As an apprentice, she was more than over on the concept of becoming a queen someday, having a liking to Reedpaw, a ginger tabby tom. When they had eventually become mates as warriors; Reedsplash and Willowmist, she found out her sister was mates with a DuskClan tom. When Cloverbreeze had her kit, Wispkit, she immediately let another queen take it, pretending her kits had been still-borns. Willowmist never knew this but was now cautious around other cats because of it. Her kits, Stormkit and Dovekit lived to become warriors and leaders as Stormstar and Dovefeather. Poolpaw only lived to become an apprentice before being drowned by Blackfang, a DuskClan tom and also Cloverbreeze's mate.

17 Bluemist
18 Coldnose

White she-cat with cold blue eyes

19 Mudspots

A spotted tom with a stumpy tail

I agree with the appearance of a dark spotted tom with a torn ear and a short, stumpy tail. So he looks just like Berrystumpytail on Warriors Wikia except for the coloration of a sandy tabby tom. He could have a mate named Morningnose, a ragged, tan tabby she-cat with a white nose and patch of white near it. They would have 2 kits, Brownclaw, who refused to take a leader's name, and Whitewillow, a lean, stunning, sand colored she-cat with dull moss green eyes. Morningnose's father was a tom named Sandstone, a light brown tabby tom with dark green eyes and serveral ginger-and-dark patches. Her father was Suntail, a dark yellow tabby she-cat with a white nose and muzzle. Mudspot's daughter, Whitewillow became deputy and mated with a tom from a different clan named Crowtail, a lean black tom with a dark silver muzzle and green eyes. They had 3 kits named Mothkit ( for Mothtail, the queen who took their kits in ), Cedarkit ( for the cedar tree that Crowtail hid the kits in ), and Gorsekit ...more

This is cool! I see a chestnut brown tom with darker brown spots surrounded by black. He was never really nice as a kit and was as brave as a warrior he showed his siblings greykit, dapple kit, and brown kit how to hunt moderately. He slightly liked showing off to a pretty she kit named echo kit. echo kit was a dark grey she kit with even darker grey spots. he loved her and did everything he could to impress her :} he climbed the highest trees and swam the rapid water of the evenings, he also noticed that she laughed a little when he teased grey and dapple kit. He used the old, " Girls dig scars " technique with her. He jumped off on of the small cliffs near dark clan's territory and landed onto a sharp pointy rock. his whole chest was bleeding from the crash echo kit was like your so brave!
( littleberry, his mother didn't like this at all... ) but he kept on doing it just to make echo kit like him now as an apprentice. so he went over to the twolegplace and thought he could kill ...more

20 Winterpelt

Winter- isn't a Warriors prefix. Cats don't use the word "winter".

A white shecat with gray paws and has a mate named Vinetail she has two kits named Adderkit and Gigglekit

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