Top Ten Simple Warrior Cat Names that Don't Exist

So many people aim for making the creative warrior names. What's wrong with a simple name? Besides, Amethystecho just sounds purely fake.

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1 Hazelfur

I love it. Sounds realistic. Reminds me of Squirrelflight. ThunderClan. I think Hazelfur would be a ginger she-cat with a brown tinge. Very fluffy tail and dark amber eyes. She would be energetic, skilled, negatively funny, sarcastic, fierce, and isn't very patient. As a kit, Hazelkit got her mischievous ways from her older sister, Poppyfall who was from a different litter. No one could keep Poppypaw away from the borders for long. She snuck into other Clan's camps to steal fresh-kill and got away with it every time. When Hazelkit finally got her apprentice name, Hazelpaw, her mentor was Appletail. Pinepelt, Poppyfall's younger brother, had also gotten Appletail as his mentor. Since he was getting close to retirement in the elder's den, Pinepelt reminded Hazelpaw that he would be snappish. With moons of training and Appletail's sharp-tongue, Hazelpaw was named Hazelfur while her siblings were named Mousepelt and Nutstripe. A moon later, Hazelfur became devastated when her sister was ...more

Excuse me, but whoever created this name.



I like Ivypelt better, sorry Hazelfur...pfffttt - BloodFang


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2 Ravenclaw

Extraordinarily smart and intelligent

Is it me or it sound like harrypotter oh wait it is harypotter

I used this name in a fanfiction, lol

He's born in hogwards, looked like a raven, really smart but has feathers, long claws LOL - SilverstarofIceclan

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3 Ivypelt

Pelt color: White pelt with gray patterns, belly and paws with Ivy green eyes! Love it, Can I use?

Ivy! Ivy! Ivy! Called her sister Gya OR SHOULD I SAY IVYPELT! IVYPELT looked startled then it all came back to her she was not Ivy anymore with mama in their cozy house keeper home she was HËRË This cold place and her sister was not Gya she was Darkeye for her dark blue eye that was super different.. but she missed mama bad her deep laugh and she especially missed the humans to both of their were four minis (kids) the 2 that liked her the best were Auderya and Helen and then Gyas were Taylor and Maddie and the tallies (adults) Dad and Mum even the dog that they hated she started to miss was it Cocker? Yes She thought - Bobthechickennugget

4 Flamewing

A dark ginger, somewhat red tom with a dark red mask. One of his ears has the same color as the mask, but the other is a light ginger-fawn color, the lightest part on his body. He has no markings apart from the mask. His fur is pretty short apart from his tail, where it gets a little longer. His legs are a tiny bit taller than average, but his tail is on the shorter side. His eyes are a piercing yellow and his pupils are naturally slitted. He easily gets fired up and is easily irritated or/and angered, but if he is told to do something by someone higher rank than him or that he respects, he WILL get the job done. Despite his explosive personality, he has a weak spot for kits and really loves being around them. He is a cat of Shadowclan and was born there. He has no mate or kits, and the only alive kin of his is his older sister, who is a rogue. Her name was Reddrift before she got kicked out of the clan and changed there name to Peril, she's a solid dark red color with amber eyes. His ...more

What even is dis

So real.

That's one of my OC's! He's a magnificent dark ginger tabby tom with a white flash on his muzzle and amber eyes. His mate is Ravenflight and has 3 children; Stargazer, Branchtalon, and Riverflare. -- Honeysplash

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5 Aspenbranch

( WillowClan is the Clan I made...)

I HAVE THIS OC! He's in my book Rising Flames.anyway…,

Name : aspenbranch
Gender : tom cat
Clan : willow clan
Appearance : muscular grey tabby with black stripes and green eyes
Mate : coldbriar
Kits : silverwish & nightfang

6 Darkheart

Makes me think of Hollyleaf! I also think this is a very nice name.

She would probably be a black she-cat with dark brown Markings and/or eyes, she'd probably have done something bad in her life or multiple things, although she might also just be passionate or overly so. I think this a pretty good name, and I may make an OC with the name Darkheart in the future.

Oh my gosh. This is a cat from one of my stories. - oceanbreezetheawesomewarrior

Darkheart is a Dark Brown tabby she cat with cocoa brown paws and a blackish gray tail tips, she has amber eyes. Her mother is called Brightpelt and she is a pure golden tabby. - SilverstarofIceclan

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7 Bluelake

A blue-gray she-cat with icy blue eyes, a white chest with blue spots. Personality is energetic, skilled fighter, and loyal. - Camaro6

I imagine a cool gray sge-cat with beautiful lake-blue eyes and a cool temper. She doesn't iften show her emotions and speaks in vague phrases. She frustrates many cars wuth her cool temper and loyalty.

8 Featherheart

This name is so gentle, like feathers and heart just says that her heart is also gentle.
Rank:Medicine cat
Description: Silver tabby and white paws, muzzle and tail tip
Parents: Frostflower and Nightfall
Personalities: Gentle, Kind, Loving, Caring, Shy and soft.

I love this name <3 :3

9 Bluemist

Pure blue tabby she cat with pale green eyes, she has a silver tail tip and paws, her voice is nice and gentle and her personallity is: gentle, shy, loving and sometimes stubborn. Her mates name is Clouldfrost. - SilverstarofIceclan

10 Hollyfrost

That is so pretty! I thing of a silver tabby cat with dark blue eyes and black toes

Hollyfrost is a beautiful name! I imagine it as a black she-cat with white tipped ear, white toes and tail tip. She has ice blue eyes and shes medicine cat of Riverclan

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? Runningmist

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11 Bluepool

Omy StarClan! Lol I was already using this before I saw it lol! Great minds think alike though mine was a reincarnation of Bluestar where she lives a happy and carefree life!

12 Crystalmoon


That sounds beautiful!

Do cats even know what a crystal is? - Snowdapple

I have an OC named Crystalpelt, and her sister is Diamondfur. AS for her, I imagine a cream and white she cat witth shining blue eyes and a mate

13 Grassfur

Grasspool is 1 of my characters - Moonwing

I made my own warrior cat that kind of sounds the same:
Sparrowgrass, a quiet and respectful tabby who is also medicine cat and mother.

This isn't bad. I actually like it. Grass is a simple prefix, and fur is a simple suffix, it's a good mix when we are finding things like diamondpool.

He is the most useful cat in his Clan because he can attract mice that will eat the grass off his body

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14 Diamondpool

love it

I am not sure cats know what a diamond is either. - Snowdapple

Starglema's sister

Sounds like Starkit's sister.

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15 Heartheart

It sucks - Moonwing

Leafstar, get off of the computer.

Double Everything!

LOL. I once made up a warrior cat named Leafleaf, but then I looked at it again and went, "Wait a second! " And I laughed so hard that I almost choked. I also thought of WAFFLEHEART.

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16 Echostone

Here is her life: Echokit lie down. Her mother, Sharpheart lay next to her dead brother, Daykit. He was a light blonde tom, she could see now. Her two sisters and her brother lay by him too. Her father was by her mother. He was a dark ginger tom. Her sisters Daisykit, a white she-cat, and Waterkit, a blue-grey she-cat, lay sorrowfully by Daykit and her father, Darksun. Sharpheart was a silvery gray she-cat, with spots of Black. Her fur bristled. "Why hasn't Echokit woken up yet? That stupid badger, it killed Daykit, and must have killed her too! " "Please mom, don't bury her yet..." came a sharp sound from Daisykit. Her white pelt looked alarmed at the thought of saying that. "But she didn't..." she thought, and Daisykit and Waterkit jumped. Her mother stared at them. "Don't jump out of your fur at a mouse, it won't hurt you." their mother mewed affectionately. She got up and pounced on the quick moving brown "mouse." "Echokit? Her eyes are open." Her mother said. They soon became ...more

I really like this name.
Name: Echostone
Gender: she-cat
Looks Like: silver
Eye Color: frosty blue
Father: Rippleflame
Mother: Bluemist
Sister: Willowmist
Brothers: Ravenclaw, Runningfog
Mate: Reedsplash
Kits: Bluelake, Grayscar
Clan: River
Best Friend: Hazelfur
Mentor(s): Ivypelt, Lynxfang
Apprentices: Rainpaw (Raindapple)
Rank: Warrior
Her Life: Echostone was born to Rippleflame and Bluemist. Bluemist and Rippleflame had her (Echokit), Willowkit, Ravenkit, and Runningkit. Echokit was an eager kit and when she learned that Twolegs has put some of there nasty stuff in the Moonpool, she wanted to be a medicine cat! Echopaw trained hard and was always ready to learn. One day Echopaw was out exploring with Ravenpaw and she found a tunnel. She followed it in and found a shimmering silver rock at its center. She tried it out. It worked! She saw Violetcloud, her grandmother. When she got back she told the news to Ivypelt. Ivypelt offered to ...more

Pale grey she cat with white and cream swirls on her back.
Father: BlueFire, a dark blue grey tom with dark orange patches and yellow eyes
Mother: StormCloud, a white and grey she cat with electric blue eyes
Sisters: SilverPatch, WhiteFlame, a black she cat with silver blotches on her face, and a white she cat with orange swirls
As a kits, Echokit and her sisters were kept inside since birth. BlueFire and StormCloud wouldn't let the kits out because of what had happened to them in the past. StormCloud's and BlueFire's parents were killed by a wolf and rabid badgers.
Echokit whined. " Please, can we go outside? "
BlueFire guarded the den entrance and StormCloud said, " You know the answer. "
Echokit sighed and laid next to Silverkit and Whitekit. They sighed, wondering if they'd ever see the outside world. " We'll never learn to hunt, Whitekit, or even run faster than the other cats... ", Silverkit said complaining. One dark night, Echokit snuck out of the den with ...more

17 EchoHaze

A pale grey she cat with white swirls and watery blue eyes.
Father: WildLight, a white tom with ginger splashes on his pelt
Mother: IrisWing: A white she cat with blue/violet eyes
Sisters: WhiteRiver, TwistedLog a blind white she cat with white eyes, and a black and dark brown splotched she cat.
Brothers: GreyWhorl a dark grey tom with cream swirls and dark blue eyes

18 Rippleflame

Pretty, but also refined. Reminds me of Rippletail a bit. I pictured a mostly silver dilute tortoiseshell with darker patches that were sort of orange, and fierce amber eyes.

Golden cat with white outline and gray paws. - SilverstarofIceclan

The oposites make this name so beautiful!

19 Morningdew

She cat with dappled golden white spots and yellow eyes. - SilverstarofIceclan

This name is gorgeous! Oh wait I have it as an oc so cool! Mine is a white she cat with hazel paws and stormy blue eyes with cream ears and my other ocs adopted mother!

I think Morningdew would be a silver tabby with dark green eyes. - rats

Calm, collected, loyal. I think she would be a pretty cream colored she-cat with bluish-green-gray eyes and lilac hints.

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20 Willowmist

Why do I love this name? I imagine Willowmist a loyal grey and white she-cat with dark blue eyes. One day her mother dies, and her mother was the leader of the clan, and Willowmist wants to follow her moms paw steps.
- Nightstream

I think Willowmist would be a silver tabby She-cat with a bushy tail that lives in Thunderclan

This is one of my OC's. She's a gray tabby she-cat with a darker gray tinge and electric blue eyes. She is the sister to Mistypelt, a black she-cat with dark blue eyes. When she becomes a warrior and is mates with Darkheart, a black-and-gray tom from NightClan. She has 4 of his kits but gives them all to him. She then comes back to her own Clan only to by rejected by the leader. She spends the rest of her life as a warrior for NightClan. When the 2 Clans meet in battle, she cannot bring herself to attack any of her formal Clanmates.

A white she cat with cream swirls and pale blue eyes.
When Willowkit's mother gave birth she died and her father died after a rabid fox attack.
Before her father died he had given her to Creamplash a queen with 5 kits, cherrykit, berrykit, bluekit, firekit, and gorsekit. Creamsplash's kits were a bit older
than willowkit. She always felt left out. But creamsplash gave her more and more confidence. She told willowkit that she had been adopted and the youngest when she was a kit too. Willowkit loved to talk alone with creamsplash about her problems.
She also liked to watch Creamsplash hunt. She taught willowkit about how to hunt properly. Because of creamsplash's extra hunting practice Willowkit became an
apprentice quickly. She still went to her mother for advice but started seeing a fellow apprentice named, RowanPaw. He hunted with her
and taught her techniques about protecting her clan. Rowan paw became a warrior when willowpaw became one. Her name was willowmist ...more

21 Yellowlight

Yellowlight is a soft brown, white flecked she cat with pale golden eyes. She is a warrior of Thunderclan. Her mother was a rogue named Pepper (cream she cat; dark yellow eyes) while her father was a warrior named Whitespot (dark brown tom, flecked with white; green eyes).
Once Yellowlight and her siblings were born, Pepper decided that she would raise them alone. Whitespot didn’t like approve of her decision, saying that he would rather raise them as noble warriors. Pepper was furious that they couldn’t agree on a plan.
Pepper felt her fur bristle.
“These kits need their mother! ”
“A father loves his kits too! ” Whitespot spat, feeling his hackles rise.
Pepper hissed. She glanced at the three kits. Ever since these kits were born, their relationship had changed. Always fighting...
I hate it! I hate him so much! Pepper thought angrily.
“I don’t care, Whitespot! These kits will be raised in the barn area and nothing you will do will change my mind! ...more

22 Dawnshadow

A jet-black she-cat with a white belly, paws and a white-tipped tail with orange-yellow eyes. Warm-hearted, talkative, easily suspicious of a cat and sly in battle. A proud ThunderClan warrior who often causes bordor skirmishes due to her always thinking some cat has crossed the bordor. She got her name, Dawnshadow for her ability to stalk as silently as a shadow, almost like a ShadowClan warrior. What she doesn't know, is that her Mother is a jet-black she-cat, like her, from ShadowClan who had died from a border fight between ThunderClan and ShadowClan and her Father, is ThunderClan's current deputy: Mudspots, a brown-and-white tom with orange eyes. Dawnshadow had accidentally killed her mother unknowingly in that very border fight.

Golden tabby she-cat with black paws, ears and tail tip. Green eyes. Fierce, powerful, loyal, and smart. Sometimes overprotective.

If it was Dawn Shadow, she/he could be related to Tall Shadow and Moon Shadow.

Light yellow tom with white stripes and a mottled black patch over his fur.

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23 Mudspots


A spotted tom with a stumpy tail

Dis one I think would be a cute person, definitely an adorable personality

Mottled dark brown tom with lighter colored paws. He would have very dark green eyes and has a stubborn, vengeful personality. Also easily annoyed with kits and queens. Um... WindClan cat. He would go to StarClan as an elder from old age. ~Mistyrain

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24 Leafheart

I think it's great. I imagine a gray she-cat elder with a torn ear, and a kind heart, amused and loves kits!

25 Windstorm

I imagine a lithe, light grey she cat that is fierce, loyal, and intelligent

Sound's like Whitestorm. - SilverstarofIceclan

Cats DO use the word winter. A thunderclan elder at one point called LEAFBARE WINTER.

Good - vx

26 Raindapple

SO PRETTY! Beautiful light gray she cat with delicate dapples and gorgeous blue eyes. She has a sister named Frostfern who is a white she with green eyes, but Raindapple is prettier and more popular!

I have an oc who is named Dappledrain so it's funny

In my mind, she would be a small gray cat. Darker spots. Bright blue eyes. She would be crawling beneath the brambles of the entrance of the camp, the rain shimmering on her pelt. She would be ambitious and fiercely loyal, though very curt when it came to kittypets. Later, after the storm, she was named Raindapple for her splotchy pelt. When a few moons had passed, she began getting angry that the Clan leader wouldn't give her an apprentice. Cinderpaw had gotten Birchheart, Snakepaw had gotten Gingerpelt, and Dawnpaw had gotten Snowmist! Still holding back aggression, she couldn't bring herself to attack any of her Clanmates, no matter how much she wanted to be a fearless warrior.

Beautiful! My rating is 10/10. I picture a speckled gray she-cat with dark gray dapples. Bright blue eyes. A long, silver-and-gray dappled tail and short fur. Daughter to Stormwing and Dewpelt of ThunderClan, Rainkit had one brother named Goosekit. Carefree, innocent, and very playful all throughout her life. Also very bossy. As a queen, Dewpelt noticed Rainkit played with Brackenkit, Snakekit, and Stormkit, Poppyfoot's kits, more than Goosekit, who almost never left the nursery. Though she tried to include him in their daily games, Rainkit usually had more fun playing the usual game of mouse or hide-and-seek. At 6 moons, Rainkit was so excited to become an apprentice with Poppyfoot's kits that she didn't wait for Dewpelt to groom her ruffled fur. Rainpaw received Addertooth as her mentor while Brackenpaw had gotten Stormwing, Snakepaw got Tumblefoot, Stormpaw got Pinewhisker, and Goosepaw got Cloudleap. Rainpaw knew Addertooth would treat her almost exactly like a warrior with his ...more

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27 Winterpelt

Winter- isn't a Warriors prefix. Cats don't use the word "winter".

Formerly a kittypet, Winterpelt is a very light gray she-cat with white paws, tail-tip, and a snow-white underbelly. She worked hard to become a member of SkyClan, and when Leafstar began to run out of name ideas, wise Winterpaw suggested something simple, like -fur or -pelt or -heart. Thus, she was deemed a smart cat. Winterpelt doesn't trust easily, and has many ideas. She can be cold at times, and is not your typical queen or warrior. When she grows a little bit older, she will have a mate, Duskcloud, and four kits: Springkit, named for the way he always seems to jump, Summerkit, named after her sibling who is still a kittypet, Autumnkit, likewise, and Cloudkit, named for his father and his white fur.
And, though she will never regret the day she joined SkyClan, she sometimes ponders about her days as Winter the kittypet.

A white shecat with gray paws and has a mate named Vinetail she has two kits named Adderkit and Gigglekit

28 WhiteHawk

A black she cat with long fur on her back, a white mask, and white tipped fur on her longer hairs. Dull grey eyes and a bobbed tail.

Whitehawk is a great name! I think Whitehawk is a ginger and white tom.
Mom and Dad: Frostwhisperer and Sundrop
Littermate: Moonfilght
Mate: Raindapple
Kits: Echostone, Oakleap, Nettlewhisker, Kestrelsplash, Ambershine
Clan: SkyClan
Whitehawk would be a great father, mate, and warrior.

White tom, black mask, dark brown eyes with a crazy, frenzied tail. I've never seen these names in most of the RPs I have on CatSim. If you want to RP with people, this is what you need. Just saying. Anyway I think he's a sarcastic tom that tries to act really cool

29 Brownfur

Wow - Moonwing

30 Willowmist

She cat with crazy long hair and gray paws with pale blue eyes. - SilverstarofIceclan

I love this name! I think she would be a member of Windclan but her dad was Riverclan. She would be a small pale Gray she-cat with white paws and big blue eyes.
Mom: Swiftfoot
Dad: Grayfoot
Sister: Heatherfoot
Brothers: Ashheart, Mosscloud
Personality: quiet and loving, wanted to be a warrior but due to injury had to be a medicine cat.
Maybe names after Willowbreeze.

Hey, this name is already on the list, and it’s only a few ranks higher! (Wolfhowl)

I see a gray tabby she-cat with black stripes and sky blue eyes. Sister to Cloverbreeze, a tortoiseshell-and-black she-cat. She is born into LakeClan from Creekwhisker, a ginger-and-black tom, and Darkwater, a blind white she-cat with one black ear. As an apprentice, she was more than over on the concept of becoming a queen someday, having a liking to Reedpaw, a ginger tabby tom. When they had eventually become mates as warriors; Reedsplash and Willowmist, she found out her sister was mates with a DuskClan tom. When Cloverbreeze had her kit, Wispkit, she immediately let another queen take it, pretending her kits had been still-borns. Willowmist never knew this but was now cautious around other cats because of it. Her kits, Stormkit and Dovekit lived to become warriors and leaders as Stormstar and Dovefeather. Poolpaw only lived to become an apprentice before being drowned by Blackfang, a DuskClan tom and also Cloverbreeze's mate.

31 Coldnose

This one's so cute. I imagine a pure with she-cat with a light pink nose. She has brilliant dark blue eyes and soft, short fur.
Name: Coldnose
Gender: She-cat
Mate: Brightwhiskee
Kits: Beekit, Bouncekit, and EVILKIT!

White she-cat with cold blue eyes

32 Moonflight

I would say this wouldn't be a real name. I don't know why but anyway... I do like it. It sounds confident and strong. Moonflight would have Moth Flight's coloration and Bluestar's wisdom. ~Mistyrain

Yes! I love this name! I know cats can’t have the prefix ‘moon’ but the authors broke that rule with moonflower, so I doint really care.

Name: Moonflight

Gender: she-cat

Pelt: fluffy silver pelt with white feet and chest


Father: Reedstar (Mistystar’s son, Reedwhisker)

Brothers: Treeheart, Crowshine (med cat)

Mate: Milkeye (born with one blind eye)

Kits: Foghaze, Flutterstorm, Logfoot, Splashfin, Carpclaw.

33 Mistflower

Love the name its awesome I think of it as mistystar

34 Braveheart

Bramblestar: " From this moment on, you will be known as Braveheart because I think you are brave. StarClan honors your bravery and you being brave and welcome you as a full warrior of ThunderClan! "
*Braveheart kills Bramblestar because he is brave* ~Mistyrain

Braveheart actually exists. His mate is Shiningheart and his daughter is Brightspirit. They were dedicated to the memory of Jimmy, Emmy, and Dana Cherry.

35 Stormwhisker

I like this one - Lavamoon

How has no one commented yet? Like I imagine a Light sliver and whit cat with a dark gray tail. They could be given the name Stormkit as they where born during a storm. As they become a warrior they get Whisker.

I love this name I imagine a beautiful dark grey she-cat with lighter tabby stripes and dark blue eyes, she has a mate named shadowpelt(a black tom with amber eyes) and two kits named dangercloud(grey tabby she-cat with white patches and amber eyes) and wildbreeze (brown tabby she-cat with white legs and a white mask)
she lost her mother steelwing and farther floodclaw in a storm that lasted from 2 nights just after she was born so she was renamed stormkit from forestkit and her sister nightkit from ravenkit

36 Ferndew

What an amazing Name!

37 Mintwillow

So, pretty!

I think that Mintwillow would be a silver she-cat with green eyes. Born in RiverClan then, got stolen to ShadowClan. One day, Mintwillow found out that her brother, Wolfclaw was the deputy of RiverClan! Wolfclaw and Mintwillow talked and at midnight Mintwillow went back to RiverClan. Wolfclaw became Wolfstar, when the RivverClan's leader after their leader died in a battle with ShadowClan. Mintwillow met a tom called Ashfame and they became mates. Her kits were Emberkit(gray tabby tomkit) and Lakekit(sliver she-kit with white paws). Sadly, she died during the kitting.

38 Dapplefoot

This one isn't my favorite, but it's simple and sounds like a clan name unlike those 'unique' ones like Pinkdusk and others that sound terrible. To me, he is a tortoiseshell tom with dappled feet and amber eyes.
Father: Brownclaw
Mother: Ginger (kittypet)
Sisters: Olivedapple, Mallowfeather,
Younger half sister- Bluepool
Mate: Reedsplash
Daughter: Stormwing

All Dapplepaw's clanmates teased him and his sisters because they were half-kittypet. The only one that didn't was their foster mother, Hollyheart. One day, he decided to go alone to twolegplace to find out who his mother was. He snuck out of camp and wandered around den after den. He asked one kittypet named Pearl if she knew a cat that had beautiful blue eyes, and a sandy colored pelt, Brownclaw had told him that much. "That would be Ginger. She lives in that den with all the flowers in the front and a pool of water in the back. She stays outside sometimes, but now days, she's busy with her new litter of ...more

39 Moonfrost

Black she-cat with white-tipped fur and blue eyes. - Bluefang of DawnClan

40 Mallowfeather

This is great

41 Olivedapple

In my mind, I see a tortoiseshell cat with brown eyes. She would be strangely hot-tempered but not so loyal. She is kind to young cats but inside secretly desires love. She thought Fernsong would have been a sweet, caring mate but she backed off when he overheard him talking to Ivypool, " Why not? Apart from food, all kits need is love and some cat to play with. I can't think of a better way to spend my days. " But still, she couldn't give up! It seemed like every cat in ThunderClan had a mate! Bramblestar had Squirrelflight, Lionblaze had Cinderheart, Graystripe had Millie; she even noticed Dovewing and Tigerheart's connection. Would she find someone in ShadowClan instead? She went off to ShadowClan one night, only to see a white tom with a black tail. Back in the camp, she was surprised to see Twigpaw leading a group of cats back to camp! She immediately hissed, thinking that if ThunderClan held any more cats, they would have to move to the abandoned Twolegplace. Later being told it ...more

I like this name! I'd see a ginger she-cat with light brown spots with amber eyes. Olivekit was born to Hollyheart, a queen who didn't really like the nursery, loved being outside. Her father, Oakfang, had left the Clan (ThunderClan) and had joined WindClan to be with Sundrop, his new mate. Oilvekit and her brother Icekit were often times teased about going to WindClan, like there father. When they became apprentices, Olivepaw was excited to go, like most apprentices, but was angry when she found out that Sundrop had two kits Yellowkit and Falconkit. Her mentor, Beechfang, was kind and listened to her. Even when she became a warrior, Oilvedapple, hung out with Beechfang. When he went out on a dawn patrol, so did she. Olivedapple was sure that Beechfang was her mate. Until a new Clan joined the lake. Iceblaze told her first. The leader, Fallenstar of SkyClan and Kinkstar of ThunderClan and Chivestar of ShadowClan shifted the border so SkyClan could fit in. Beechfang and her went on ...more

42 Chloeheart

Chloeheart is a beautiful ginger tabby she-cat with a white heart-shapped spot on her flank. This is cute but not really warrior cats type. Maybe if Leafstar named her and if she was a kittypet named Chloe - Hawkfrost

43 Moonwater

I think this name has a gentle yet fierce tone to it, because of the "water." - RowanFlame352

44 Dabyeet

He is the one of the most popular, but also hated cat in the clan - RoseWeasley

What a hot name

I LOVE THIS NAME! Lollololol it's so funny!

Dabyeet is the most popular tom in the clan. Every she-cat wants to be his mate because he is the most swaggy swag cat ever. All cats beg him to be leader but he doesn't want to because that would mean responsibility. Dabyeet is very fat because he just sits and all of givemelikesclan brings him fresh kill.

45 Reedsplash

Name: Reedsplash
Gender: Tom
Looks Like: silver-gray
Mother: Moonshimmer
Father: Whiteoak
Clan: River
Mate: Dapplefoot
Kits: Oilvedapple, Graybird, Mistyface, Oakleap

I have her as a fanfiction
Clan: Riverclan
Mate: Cloudfur
Kits: Willowleaf, Minnowstream, and Rainsplash
Sisters: Dewfeather and Minnowleaf

46 Rushpelt

"Let all cats of RiverClan join beneath the Mossrock for a clan meeting! "
All the cats walked out of what they were doing, settling down to listen to today's meeting. One rushed out.
"I, Rosestar, leader or RiverClan, call upon my ancestors to name the warrior name of a current apprentice." She beckoned her tail to a reddish-brown tom. "Come onto the Mossrock."
The tom rushed on. "From this day forward you will be known as Rushpelt, because you always rush through things and break your pelt as you do. StarClan honors you for your rush to rush to rush and break a pelt..."

47 Frostwhisperer

Sounds elegant, but I think 'Frostwhisperer' is fine without the 'er'. Just as Frostwhisper. I imagine a snowy-white tom with brilliant, cold-blue eyes. Mmm... Maybe ShadowClan...? Very quiet, calm, and solemn as an apprentice. Many cats didn't talk with him because he hardly ever spoke and was awkward with older warriors. When he finished training with his mentor, Brownclaw, he received the name Frostwhisper. Frost- for his pure-white fur and -whisper for his lack of speaking. After this, many cats came to him for advice and started to respect him. ~Mistyrain

48 Sundrop

Sundrop better not become a leader. Sunstar? Sounds nice, but no thank you. - Snowdapple

A dark yellow she cat with ginger flecked eyes. Her mother is PineDrop a dark brown cat with forest green eyes. DarkEye her father was a black tom with one orange patch over his brown eye.

49 Moonwhisker

Plump, black she-cat, white crescent over her eye

50 Brownclaw

My OC. Used to be a rogue named Claw, but joined FlameClan and became Brownclaw. Simple but nice. I'm this name's creator.
~ Skyheart

This makes sense. Brown. Claws. I don't know, I just like named that somewhat make sense. Like uhh... Tigerclaw. A tiger's claw. Graystripe. A gray stripe. Squirrelflight. A flying squirrel. Sandstorm. A sandstorm. Redtail. A red tail. Anyway, he'd be a shady brown, dark brown, and black tom with brown claws and dark, dark brown, almost black eyes. He is the new deputy of StormClan after Whitefoot died ( lithe, black tom with one white foot). Silverstar, the leader had mourned Whitefoot, one of her oldest friends. He was a normal kit of Hollyfur ( a prickly black she cat with glowing yellow eyes) and Reedsplash ( a brown, red, and black tom with a single red stripe running down his spine). He had one brother named Jayflight. He was chosen to be the StormClan medicine cat after Clawfur killed Sageflower. After a recent attack from FlameClan, the cats were weak and vulnerable to death. Jayflight had finished the last injury for Foxpelt's leg when Clawfur

( he wasn't known to be ...more

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