Top Ten Simple Warrior Cat Names that Don't Exist


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21 Windstorm V 1 Comment
22 Willowmist
23 Diamondpool

A strong she-cat with ice blue eyes, and fur that is light grey with a white chest and paws, RiverClan's deputy, likes to flirt, and LOVES water. also likes kits, and has a mate, Firefly, and one kit, bluemist.


24 Sundrop

A dark yellow she cat with ginger flecked eyes. Her mother is PineDrop a dark brown cat with forest green eyes. DarkEye her father was a black tom with one orange patch over his brown eye.

25 Moonwhisker

Plump, black she-cat, white crescent over her eye

26 Brownclaw

My OC. Used to be a rogue named Claw, but joined FlameClan and became Brownclaw. Simple but nice. I'm this name's creator.
~ Skyheart

This makes sense. Brown. Claws. I don't know, I just like named that somewhat make sense. Like uhh... Tigerclaw. A tiger's claw. Graystripe. A gray stripe. Squirrelflight. A flying squirrel. Sandstorm. A sandstorm. Redtail. A red tail. Anyway, he'd be a shady brown, dark brown, and black tom with brown claws and dark, dark brown, almost black eyes. He is the new deputy of StormClan after Whitefoot died ( lithe, black tom with one white foot). Silverstar, the leader had mourned Whitefoot, one of her oldest friends. He was a normal kit of Hollyfur ( a prickly black she cat with glowing yellow eyes) and Reedsplash ( a brown, red, and black tom with a single red stripe running down his spine). He had one brother named Jayflight. He was chosen to be the StormClan medicine cat after Clawfur killed Sageflower. After a recent attack from FlameClan, the cats were weak and vulnerable to death. Jayflight had finished the last injury for Foxpelt's leg when Clawfur

( he wasn't known to be ...more

27 Morningdew

This would be a she cat of ThunderClan.

Elegant, beautiful, and placid. I just feel like this would be an Ancient name ( like Morning Whisker from Dawn of the Clans ) Anyway, this cat would be a ruffled, cream colored she cat with white paws and dewy green eyes. She'd be calm, asserting, and cool in
" situations " like fires, or floods, or some other natural disaster. She doesn't take a mate quickly and she learned it the hard way. She liked a black and white spotted tom named spiderfoot but he cheated on her with what he called a more pretty she cat named pebblestream ( pale grey with white tipped fur and baby blue eyes ). He said that pebblestream looked way prettier than her so she struck out at him and clawed at his pelt. Spiderfoot clawed back and nearly knocked her into a gorge but a huge tabby tom slammed him in instead and helped her out. He wasn't the most beautiful cat, kinda scruffy and scarred. But Morningdew didn't care at all, she admired him for his bravery and thought he would be a good protector because ...more

28 Mistflower
29 Reedsplash V 1 Comment
30 Dapplefoot
31 Rushpelt
32 Frostwhisperer
33 Moonfrost
34 Buttcreek
35 Heartheart

He is the new deputy of clanclan because clawclaw is dead. starstar says.

36 Stormwing

Fluffy gray she-cat with blue eyes. Lives in FlameClan and is mates with Antnose and has four kits, Squirrelkit, Waterkit, Wavekit, and Lakekit.
P.S. I changed Brownclaw's name to Pricklethorn. Brownclaw joined RainClan instead.
~ Skyheart

37 Bluepool
38 Moonflight
39 Hollyheart
40 Krestelsplash
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